You have many options for the clean, reliable, cost-effective power you supply to your customers. Whether you go with a self-build option or purchase, we can help you evaluate the alternatives and choose the one that best allows you to meet your power supply planning needs.

Our team has helped electric cooperatives, municipal utilities, investor-owned utilities, developers, renewable energy companies and independent power producers nationwide weigh their options and complete power supply request for proposal (RFP) processes. We serve as an independent, third-party RFP consultant, complying with the principles of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Edgar Standards. From 20 megawatts (MW) to 2,000 MW, we have assisted with all aspects of the RFP process, including:

  • Developing RFP documents, issuing the RFP, advertising, Q&A
  • Evaluation of bids, including production cost modeling and a qualitative risk assessment of various features 
  • Recommendations for short lists and ultimate awards
  • Assistance with power purchase agreement (PPA) contract negotiations and ongoing economic analyses
  • Documentation of the RFP process
  • Assistance with regulatory filings, including regulatory responses and testimony

In addition to supporting power purchasers, we also support sellers by preparing responses to other power supply RFPs. Our team has managed nearly 50 individual RFPs for more than 20,000 MW, ranging from traditional fossil-fired resources to renewables and energy storage.


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