How will you respond to the convergence of information and operational technology?

What Is the Smart Grid?

The smart grid is the convergence of information and operational technology applied to the electric grid allowing sustainable options to customers and improved security, reliability and efficiency to utilities.

Your Smart Grid Partner

A smart grid deployment requires a robust business case where stakeholders and decision makers have agreed on the expected benefits and costs for a smart grid implementation plan. A well-developed smart grid deployment plan can allow a utility to transition to new technologies that will be accepted by customers and regulators.

Our multidisciplined, experienced staff can successfully guide you on your path to the smart grid.

How Does Smart Grid Benefit You?

Smart grid builds on the electrical infrastructure in use today but adds communication and control capabilities that allow the operation of the electric grid in a more efficient, optimized and reliable manner. Smart grid takes advantage of advanced technologies such as two-way communication, smart metering, distribution automation and various forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar. The smart grid represents an unprecedented opportunity to move the energy industry into a new era of reliability, availability and efficiency, thus contributing to both the economic and the environmental well-being of our nation.

The smart grid is more than the implementation of any one technology. The transition from today's grid to the grid of tomorrow will be profound, with the transformation taking place significantly faster than what has been experienced in the utility industry thus far.

In order to implement the smart grid, utilities will need to address challenges such as:

  • Implementing and/or integrating a high-speed, low-latency telecommunications infrastructure that can process large-scale data securely across a myriad of network components
  • Implementing advanced sensing mechanisms capable of providing real-time information about a grid's condition
  • Processing and analyzing billions of data points received in near real-time from a multitude of remote sensors and field devices
  • Implementing new technologies within an existing framework to facilitate the ease of integration across a deployed network

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