We know the challenges of working with as-built drawings that are not accurate — and the overall impact they can have on a project. Efficient and proven laser scanning technology helps solve these problems. Laser scanning accurately and safely maps each machine, system and corridor — in an interactive, 3-D format — to improve workflows, drive efficiencies, heighten safety and mitigate risk for each project.

Our specialists implement this technology to capture point data that can reveal the possibilities of what could or should come next — through overhauls, replacements or expansions. A laser scanner's ability to capture millions of points in a matter of minutes provides a safe and extremely accurate method to collect data with minimal impact on existing operations, all while providing a lower design fee compared to traditional methods.

Benefits of Laser Scanning

Cost savings: Because laser scanning delivers more accurate designs, it reduces the need for rework and decreases the number of site visits. Additional benefits reduce change orders and will lead to projects that fit right the first time.

Speed: Thanks to extremely accurate measurements, design cycles are shorter, enabling quicker project planning and faster turnaround on 3-D models.

Safety and risk mitigation: More accurate designs translate to fewer errors and less time spent on-site. The more streamlined process provides fewer opportunities for problems to arise. The lasers used for scanning applications by Burns & McDonnell are all categorized as ANSI Z136.1 Class 1, which is considered safe under all conditions of normal use.

Flexibility: Laser scanning requires a small, unobtrusive footprint and collects a tremendous amount of data, even in the most complex of environments.


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