Security and managing critical infrastructure requires balanced skills in driving human performance while delivering reliability of equipment, systems and output. In the background, a shifting regulatory landscape and increasing compliance demands add complexity and challenge a previously staid and changeless industry.

Our team of security and operational professionals understand the needs of critical infrastructure stakeholders like you. Our regulatory, operations and planning consultants are prepared to advise you on the best route for implementing change, driving performance and managing your regulatory risk.

Critical infrastructure is prone to complexity. Management processes, though, can be distilled into simpler concepts: cost, excellence, risk and reliability. These four aspects of managing critical infrastructure are the pillars of our security and operations management services.

Cost Is a Primary Factor for Operating Critical Infrastructure

In the past, cost was secondary. Upheaval in energy markets, challenges to tariffs and rates, and near zero tolerance for cost increases to end-users, drives a need to protect overall project profitability and company financial performance. Operational strategies now consider cost as a core component.

Striving for Excellence Supports Cost and Risk Management

Continuous improvement though measurement, analysis, process re-engineering and control drives the search for excellence. Planning for and operating critical infrastructure must proceed from a tenacious need to optimize daily. Process improvement, asset optimization and performance excellence are not static or limited projects performed occasionally, but rather are central initiatives. By helping you keep an eye on excellence, our team enables your cost management programs, setting the stage for risk management.

Risk Management Relies on Understanding of Financial Models

Managing risk has become key in critical infrastructure industries. Without a firm understanding of the financial models that drive asset performance and the processes contained with a robust excellence program, risk management will fail to meet your desired level of assurance.

Reliability Combined with Risk Is Balanced with Cost and Excellence

The combined effects of mitigating risk and maintaining reliability help create a counter-balance to initiatives of cost and excellence. Equipment, processes and people must demonstrate a level of reliability that achieves virtual perfection.


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