MCO MRO Hangar Complex

We are the design-build contractor for a heavy maintenance complex for United Airlines at Orlando International Airport (MCO). Preliminary design was finished in August 2023.

The facility can host five narrowbody aircraft for maintenance operations, and two of the bays can also fit a widebody aircraft. The project aims to upgrade and consolidate the space to support the United Next program, which is the airline’s strategic plan for growth and change.

Sitework: Reconstructing Pavements

The project involves reconstructing the existing pavements for taxiway and taxilane operations on the airside. On the landside, a new vehicle parking area with about 600 spaces will be built. The project will also provide new utility services, such as a fire protection loop, domestic water, sewer and special waste handling areas for aircraft gear washing.

A loading dock will be built with a separate truck access to avoid delivery trucks crossing parking areas. A new Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) fence will divide the landside parking and circulation areas from the airfield apron with two SIDA gates for airside access. The project will be phased to minimize disruption to the existing facilities.

Building: Fulfilling 3 Functions

The new complex will provide space for three functions: a heavy maintenance facility, a line maintenance facility, and a warehouse. All three functions will be included in one building to consolidate core functions and allow operational efficiencies. The new hangar facility will replace two buildings United currently operates at the airport.

The facility has four maintenance bays for different types of aircraft. The first three bays can fit three narrowbody aircraft each, such as the Airbus A321-NEO or the Boeing 737-10 MAX. The dimensions of these bays are based on the largest narrowbody models. The fourth bay is a line maintenance bay that can fit either two narrowbody aircraft or one Boeing 777-9. This bay has a higher door to accommodate the B777-9. The facility provides lifts, fall protection systems and utility pits for each aircraft in the maintenance bays.

The hangar bays are supplemented with shops for seat, lavatory/galley, composite and sheet metal work. The facility can accommodate more than 900 employees with storage, offices, cafeteria, locker rooms and other support space. A warehouse is provided for storing parts and equipment on-site.


United Airlines


Orlando, Florida (MCO)