Connecting the possible to the powerful.

We’re big on the ampersand around here. (You’ll see them everywhere at all our offices!) But it’s more than just a symbol. It’s a promise that connects the possible to the powerful. People & partners. Safety & security. Big thinking & relentless execution. Projects & potential. Collaboration & community. When you’re focused on the “and,” opportunities are limitless.




MacCulture is hard to define until you experience it, but these principles give you a hint.

They’re what drive all 14,000 of us to design, build and deliver the critical infrastructure that keeps communities moving. We’re one team, with one mission and a whole lot of ambition. We’re one Burns & McDonnell.

Safety Is First

A powerful commitment to safety and health is hardwired into each of us. We’re all personally accountable — to our colleagues, clients, families, communities and ourselves.

Client Service Drives Our Success

Our clients are partners and friends; our responsiveness to their needs never falters. We’re relentless in our dedication. We strive to be the type of people they’d want on their teams.

What We Do Matters

We tackle some of the world’s most challenging and complex problems. We never forget about the enormous responsibility — and opportunity — to collaborate with clients so we can improve the global quality of life.

We Boldly Go

We look to the daring and caring example of our entrepreneurial founders who pursued their dream of the future with vision, courage and precision. Advancing their journey, we’re always moving forward, for the benefit of all.

We Are All Employee-Owners

Employee ownership is the common thread that unites us all to deliver remarkable projects. As partners, we are accountable to each other — so we work harder and think bigger for collective success.

We Make This Place Great

We get to shape and inform how our company operates because we're owners. This business decision makes us a great place to work for all and a remarkable place to build a career.

We Invest for a Better World

Giving back is an inherent value — as a company and individually. We give back because we see a need and want to make it right, because we care about our communities and are uniquely positioned to help.

One Burns & McDonnell

Great things happen when we prioritize the good we can do together over the things we can accomplish alone. We respect all, are accountable to all and trust in all. 

“Competitiveness is one of our biggest assets, but we’re not competing among colleagues. We’re encouraging each other to provide better ideas and service to the client. We never stop — and we always deliver.”

Taylor Sibala

Project Manager

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