People claiming to be Burns & McDonnell employees or representatives are extending false employment offers to job seekers, attempting to steal money and personal information. The scams use legitimate job search platforms and social media sites and often use a Burns & McDonnell logo, employee name and title.

The job offers often come via email, sometimes involve international relocation and request payments for a range of tasks, including processing visa or work permit applications. They also may send the job seeker a check to cover work-from-home setup expenses. When deposited, they gain access to the depositor’s bank account.

We take this fraudulent action seriously and encourage you to:

  • Immediately cease communications with anyone who appears to be making fraudulent offers.
  • Verify the legitimacy of a position at
  • Report any job offer or other communications without alterations to us via the form below. Be as detailed as possible.
  • Contact the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (iC3) and provide any details.

To protect yourself and evaluate whether any communications are legitimate, please consider:

  • We do not solicit or make payments as part of the offer process.
  • All legitimate recruitment communications will come from an official email address, not a free email service (Gmail, Outlook, Live, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).
  • We do not conduct interviews over an instant messaging application, text or social platform. We also do not extend offers without direct conversation with our recruiting team.
  • The contact requests bogus documentation, including application forms, terms and conditions of employment or visa forms. These forms may even include our name or logo. They may also request personal information very early in the process, including social security number, address, birthdate, copy of a driver’s license or passport details.
  • Third-party companies or individuals are connected — lawyers, bank officials, travel agencies, couriers or immigration processors.
  • The contact’s phone number is a mobile or landline number beginning with 44(0)70 instead of an official company number.

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