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Delivering products to create shareholder value is your ultimate goal — and biggest challenge. By balancing innovative and sustainable energy and chemical solutions with dependable project delivery, you can optimize profit potential as you navigate the transformational changes in the oil, gas and chemical industry.

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renewable fuels and chemicals projects in 25 years


in Refineries and Petrochemical Plants (ENR)

A World Fueled by Innovation

What We Do


The chemistry behind supporting global demand

Safe, sustainable and affordable bio-based feedstock and petrochemicals are integral to an evolving global landscape. But it’s more than simply meeting the demand. It’s about delivering solutions that advance a circular economy.

Chemicals: The chemistry behind supporting global demand


Recycling Batteries Sparks New Market Opportunities

Midstream & Logistics

Building the assets for energy security

Meet market demand for the safe, efficient processing and storage of oil, natural gas and LPGs. Our engineering and construction solutions can support your operations from the plant to the terminal, lowering capital expenditures and your carbon footprint.

Midstream & Logistics: Building the assets for energy security


Reduce Terminal Storage Project Risk With EPC Partnerships

Dividing Wall Columns: Innovation to Boost ESG Scores


Innovative solutions for a sustainable energy future

While striving to meet sustainability goals — the refining industry is tackling new challenges with the same creativity and commitment they've demonstrated for decades. We apply innovative solutions to help you secure a sustainable energy future.

Refining: Innovative solutions for a sustainable energy future

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Accounting for Carbon: Biofuel Projects Require a Different Economic Model

Renewable Fuels & Chemicals

Be ready for the now and the next

Diversifying your portfolio with renewable solutions like biofuels, hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) reaps financial and environmental benefits. You can capitalize on incentives by lowering carbon intensity at every step. When speed to market matters, integrated engineer-procure-construct (EPC) streamlines your path forward.

Renewable Fuels: Be ready for the now and the next

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Converting a Petroleum Diesel Refinery for Renewable Diesel


What We Do


  • Renewable Diesel Refinery Conversion

    Planning, design, procurement, environmental consulting, field engineering and construction services for conversion of a crude oil refinery into a renewable ...

  • Grassroots Renewable Diesel

    Engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for development of a renewable diesel facility on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

  • Alkylation Unit

    Grassroots design, procurement and construction management for the implementation of a new Lummus CDAlky unit for a confidential client in Louisiana.

  • Integrated Plastics Facility

    Design and construction services for the outside battery limits (OSBL) utilities systems and related infrastructure for an ethylene and plastics complex.

  • CO2 Recovery for Biofuels Production

    Design and construction of a carbon capture and amine regeneration unit to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from hydrogen for the production of renewable diesel.

  • Post-Combustion Carbon Capture for Natural Gas Compressor Stations

    Front-end engineering services evaluating installation of carbon capture cloned design systems at natural gas compressor stations.

  • Multisite Cogeneration Carbon Capture

    Front-end engineering to evaluate post-combustion amine technology capture units for permanent CO2 storage at multiple cogeneration sites in Canada.

  • CO2 Recovery & Purification for Gas Processing Facilities

    Front-end engineering for development of a standard CO2 capture design package to be used at multiple gas processing sites along the Gulf Coast.

  • Multisite Ethanol CO2 Capture

    EPC services for implementation of a standard clone design at multiple ethanol production sites for recovery, compression and dehydration of the CO2 vapor ...

  • Class VI Injection Well Permitting

    Support for a Class VI Underground Injection Control (UIC) program for a multiwell carbon dioxide (CO2) injection facility for permanent geologic storage.

  • CCS Geological Siting Study

    Feasibility evaluation for capture and injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from biofuel production into geologic formations for long-term sequestration.

  • Condensate Fractionator

  • Lignosulphonates Plant

    Engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for a lignosulfonate plant, including front-end planning, detailed design, procurement and construction.

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