A project's environmental impacts can be daunting and complex. Navigate permitting compliance, remediation, studies, design and construction challenges with confidence.

What We Do


What We Do


  • Power Plant Carbon Storage

    Front-end engineering design (FEED) services for a carbon storage initiative at a coal-fired power plant.

  • Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hub

    Phased development and FEED services for a direct air capture (DAC) hub in Louisiana.

  • Class VI Injection Well Permitting

    Support for a Class VI Underground Injection Control (UIC) program for a multiwell carbon dioxide (CO2) injection facility for permanent geologic storage.

  • Moosa Creek Riparian Restoration Project

    Environmental restoration services to expand habitat near endangered species environments, providing a mosaic of habitats to support regional wildlife.

  • CCS Geological Siting Study

    Feasibility evaluation for capture and injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from biofuel production into geologic formations for long-term sequestration.

  • Airport Fuel Facility Decommissioning

    Decommissioning services for an airport fuel storage facility, including project management, removal action management, permitting, and SWPPP and AAMP tasks.

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