How it feels to be an owner.

When Burns & McDonnell became an employee-owned firm in 1986, it kicked off a cultural renaissance and an era of significant expansion that continues today. That’s because every day, everyone here feels the rewards of employee ownership — a difference-maker that goes beyond financial benefit.

When the company is yours, you approach your job differently. Our hard work leads to our clients’ success, which leads to our company’s success. It’s a beneficial cycle that comes back to you financially, now and in the future. It’s invigorating to do great work in an above-and-beyond environment. It’s humbling to be surrounded by people you trust — in a place where you’ll push yourself, knowing you always have the support you need.

What is an ESOP?

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) turns employees into owners who, as stockholders, participate directly in the company’s profitability. Our ESOP is special — only a small percentage of firms nationwide are 100 percent employee-owned, and even fewer have enjoyed that status for more than 25 years.

Enrollment in our ESOP is automatic and costs nothing. At year-end, our company makes a cash contribution to the ESOP, which is allocated to eligible employee-owners. The cash in your account purchases shares at the current fair market value. Throughout your career with Burns & McDonnell, your account can grow with annual contributions, stock appreciation and dividend payments at no personal cost. It’s a high-impact benefit that rewards loyalty and success. And the retirement rewards can be significant.