Alkylation Unit

Our team implemented a new Lummus CDAlky unit with feed fractionation and selective hydrogenation technology to process olefins.

Part of a strategic program, the project capitalized on changes to a refinery that increased the availability of fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) olefins.

Our team designed this first-of-a-kind unit to address specific client needs. The CDAlky technology had not been used previously in a United States refinery.

We were responsible for the grassroots unit design, including the feed treatment and associated fractionation, reaction and compression areas, as well as procurement and construction management. Specific design modifications to the licensor package were made to reduce capital costs and unit footprint, including the use of modules. A small revamp of the refinery’s existing alkylation unit was also completed, featuring new acid transfer pumps and interconnecting infrastructure between the existing and new alkylation units.

The grassroots unit will produce 18,000 barrels per day (BPD) of alkylate. A mixed C5/C6 light FCC naphtha is fractionated and treated in a CDHydro tower. The resulting amylene and isobutane are fed from the CDAlky reaction with a sulfuric acid catalyst. An existing DuPont/Stratco butylene sulfuric acid catalyzed unit was optimized to avoid revamps without significant modifications. Intermediate streams are transferred between the grassroots and revamped units.

The project success was highlighted by the refinery owner’s management in a quarterly conference call with analysts. “Despite the pandemic-imposed challenges and several hurricanes, we completed and continued to make progress on several strategic growth projects, including the … alkylation unit, which was brought online in the fourth quarter, on schedule and under budget.”








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