Centralized Deicing Facility/Glycol Distribution System

Our team planned and designed the glycol storage, distribution and dispensing components of a new centralized deicing facility at Memphis International Airport.

The initiative includes a central deicing facility at the south end of the airport between the two primary runways.

As a subconsultant, we completed the study for the system, including a detailed narrative describing and evaluating the glycol portion of the program. The glycol system includes glycol unloading positions, storage facilities, a distribution system, glycol dispensing stations and electrical controls. We provided construction services in reviewing submittals and requests for information, and our team helped remedy challenges in the field.

The facility is one of the largest and most advanced central deicing facilities in North America. It has two aircraft aprons to accommodate 11 Group V and one Group VI aircraft positions; two taxiway bridges; a service vehicle bridge; connecting taxiways; a glycol storage and distribution facility; a spent-glycol collection and storage facility; a deicing pad control tower; a glycol truck maintenance facility; and employee parking and other supporting features. The 12 deicing bays cover 3.3 million square feet. Each bay has two deicing blending pads that allow trucks to reload type I anti-icing fluid and type IV deicing fluid to apply to aircraft. The system has over 45,000 linear feet of distribution piping served by 44 pumps totaling 900 horsepower. There is above-ground storage for 500,000 gallons of deicing/anti-icing fluid.

The airport — a hub for Delta, United and FedEx — averages 590 flights per day. Previously, deicing took place at several locations. Now, the glycol load stands and blending cubes allow deicing trucks to refill without crossing active taxiways, saving time and improving safety.


Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc., for Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority


Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee


Deicing & Glycol Recycling