CHAMP Pilot HVAC Renovation

Our team provided comprehensive A/E design-build services for the 719-H building outside of the Tritium production facility on the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site complex.

The project was part of the Cooling and Heating Asset Management Program (CHAMP) pilot HVAC renovation.

The building included administrative offices, a telecom room, mechanical and electrical rooms, a breakroom, restrooms, a printing area and a conference room. The building footprint was approximately 4,800 square feet. The new office space houses 20 full-time staff. Design included reselection of a new air handling unit to serve the entire building, redistribution of airflow through the existing ductwork with some redesign, new restroom/janitor exhaust system, demand control ventilation, occupancy sensors, new electrical exterior lighting timer switch, and a new building automation system.

Construction oversight and coordination was provided throughout the project. Commissioning services were conducted on all HVAC equipment and control systems.


Savannah River Site (SRS) - Tritium


Aiken, South Carolina


National Nuclear Security Administration


Government, Military & Municipal