Commercial Headquarters Renovation

Making the world dramatically more accessible is the mission of Boom Supersonic. We worked with the aerospace company, a long-standing client, to create an immersive and inspiring headquarters to host partners and attract and retain top talent in this competitive industry.

Our team embarked on a comprehensive journey to source, evaluate and design their new campus by delivering conceptual test fits and conducting meticulous assessments for multiple expansive commercial office spaces. Once the ideal site was selected, we began designing a headquarters that embodied the company’s mission.

In creating this experience, we were inspired by design elements from the interior of Boom’s supersonic airliner, Overture. Subtle design nods throughout the headquarters space capture the company’s inspirational vision for commercial supersonic travel. The goal was to make sure employees and visitors alike are immersed in the company’s mission and values from the moment of entry, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Our work focused on the key culture-building areas of the campus, including the high-impact areas of the lobby, an all-hands space and the executive wing. The Boom Supersonic team wanted visitors to feel as if they were transported when they entered the building. The design, music, views, branding, furniture and materials all reflect the brand. The final marriage of this branded hospitality experience came together after months of design-intensive meetings and brainstorming, a true partnership.

In meeting the diverse project requirements, we addressed unique challenges, such as creating space for the installation of a to-scale aircraft cabin and creating an exceptional customer experience from initial entry into the lobby. We also provided comprehensive design guidelines for the portions of the campus not being renovated, building a seamless integration with the revitalized spaces.

The completed spaces are working as a launchpad for the growing company’s brand, business and engagement with customers, partners and employees.


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The Lobby: The "Wow" Space

The initial “wow” space of the campus functions simultaneously as a reception space, a visual and physical immersive brand experience, a hospitality space for guests, and an “airport gate to cabin” experience with offices beyond. Existing windows were transformed into airplane window seats, offering a playful yet aesthetically pleasing environment. A small kitchenette and modular furniture support multifunctional needs — guest events, workshops, digital experiences and more. This infusion of modern sleek design and inspiration created a space that embodied Boom Supersonic’s innovative approach to aviation.

All-Hands Space: All-In

All-Hands Space: As the heart of the campus, this 8,000-square-foot multiuse space accommodates team meetings, quiet work, employee breaks and large all-hands meetings. It is the site of a monthly gathering for all employees that promotes team updates, recognitions and culture building. A stage with a large screen on one side and a pantry on the other allows for meal service. We also created various flexible work points for employees. The space can adjust to the needed flow from morning into the evening, supporting company functions year-round. Plans call for future accommodation of 400 people, with the potential for outdoor access.

Executive Suite: Branded Updates

The executive wing was updated with a new boardroom, executive offices, “zoom room” and support pantry. The great condition of the remaining space supported a thoughtful yet economical branded update to match the rest of the campus. A large wall of wood millwork and a credenza warm the space and remind visitors that air travel isn’t devoid of nature.