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Alta Resources, a leading company in global outsourcing, challenged our team to examine how workplace design could help motivate teams and increase retention rates among its staff.

While the original “ask” of our team was to re-create the building footprint and program of the company’s existing headquarters, our architects challenged the notion that a rinse-and-repeat strategy would meet their lofty, innovative goals for the future.

As such, we utilized our extensive design-build and workplace experience to envision a new three-story, 98,000-square-foot, amenity-rich contact center that would exceed expectations and stand out from the competition.



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Amenity-rich and enviable space.

While maintaining the facilities for critical operational aspects of the business — office space, conference rooms and coaching rooms — our architects used the central spine of the building to inject spaces where people can connect and unwind. Warming kitchens and vending areas on each floor draw employees in for coffee breaks. A soft seating lounge and game room provide opportunities to relax and catch up. An on-site, landscaped walking trail opens up opportunities for fresh air and sunshine.

Reflecting company values.

Interior finishes are simple, humble and honest, a direct reflection of the Alta leadership and a tribute to their honesty and transparency within their community. White walls throughout offer a blank canvas for vibrant branding, while natural Baltic birch plywood cladding in select areas provides warmth and comfort. Other materials — hot-rolled steel and painted aluminum accents, juxtaposed with raw concrete floors and bright pops of color — complete a material palette that evokes simplicity with a touch of creative edginess.

Structure built for speed and economy.

In addition to creating an amenity-driven workplace, the project had to fit within an economical budget and aggressive construction schedule. Utilizing concrete tilt-wall construction, a technique commonly found in southwest Florida, our architects worked in close collaboration with Alta Resources to deliver a building mirrored along its diagonal, in which wall panels and window penetrations are simplified and replicated. The result is a simple, elegant yet modest building form that was not only economical and fast to construct but also oozes with character representative of the client’s brand.

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