Lunar Production & Operations Center

Intuitive Machines, a diversified space exploration, infrastructure and services company, in partnership with the Houston Airport System and City of Houston economic development team, launched a new 12.5-acre Lunar Production and Operations Center.

The company became the first American commercial company to land a spacecraft on the moon in 2024. Its lunar program was the first to transmit engineering and science payload data for NASA from the lunar surface since Apollo 17 in 1972. The company is one of three anchor tenants at the Houston Spaceport.

We are the design-builder for the 105,572-square-foot headquarters, which opened in September 2023. We partnered with Intuitive Machines provide the program room needed for personnel from multiple previous sites to build, command and communicate with lunar vehicles and other technology in space. The first-of-its-kind concept incorporates state-of-the-art features that elevate operational efficiency and seamlessly integrated workspaces, production laboratories and testing facilities, establishing an environment to foster collaboration and accelerate research and development processes.


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The project offers a remarkable return on investment. The strategic integration of cutting-edge technologies, energy-efficient solutions and streamlined construction processes resulted in cost and time savings for the client, creating a model for future projects to follow.

The building includes offices, meeting areas, conference rooms and other amenities for both Intuitive Machines and its partners/tenants.

The office area incorporates:

  • Advanced manufacturing and production spaces
  • 3D printing areas
  • Machine shops
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Large-scale space assembly areas

Specialty Purpose: Flame Range Facility

The flame range facility is instrumental in testing Intuitive Machines' propulsion systems, focusing on safety and advancing aerospace technology. The facility is unique; its 3,800-square-foot reinforced concrete structure and 6,500-square-foot yard are surrounded by a perimeter wall 25 feet tall, together delivering multiple advantages for Intuitive Machines. To be considered safe and ready for use, propulsion systems must meet stringent performance requirements, verified by a multitude of testing protocols.

The facility's design exceeded expectations, providing a conducive environment for innovation and experimentation. The proximity of the testing facility to manufacturing operations offers benefits, beginning with significant savings in testing setup costs and streamlined logistics.

This placement also allows Intuitive Machines to adjust quickly, utilizing all its manufacturing capabilities. Adding to their ability to produce engine prototypes and parts on demand, engineers can now conduct tests on even small, incremental changes in engine design. 

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