Manchester Tank Farm Improvements

Project Summary

Our team provided design plans and specifications for the three-phase Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Military Construction (MILCON) Manchester Tank Farm Improvements at Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound (FLCPS). The Phase 1 initiative provides two new aboveground storage tanks within a secondary containment area. The tanks will store 125,000 barrels (bbls) each and will be connected to the JP-5 and F-76 piping systems.

The site is within the Seattle Fault zone, with 12 acres of Total Land Disturbance for Phase 1. New studies and plans or review of previous studies for incorporation into the project design included preliminary geotechnical site investigation to evaluate soil and petroleum hydrocarbon contamination; stormwater management plan; electrical load analysis; short circuit analysis; hazardous material survey; asbestos and lead testing and abatement plan; environmental management plan; grading plan; and erosion and sediment control plan as part of the stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP).

Secondary containment for the aboveground storage tanks will primarily be by means of a remote impoundment. The remote impoundment area to be constructed in Phase 1 will serve as the sized secondary containment for all tanks in Phases 1, 2, and 3. It will be sized to contain, at a minimum, greater than the largest tank volume located within the area of drainage or the flow of water from firefighting activities on neighboring storage tanks. All aboveground storage tanks will also be constructed with an intermediate berm system to contain small spills/leaks from individual tanks. Each tank containment area will have containment drains/piping that are controlled by a containment drain valve located outside of the perimeter concrete dike wall.  

Initial demolition for Phase 1 work will consist of vegetation clearing, and grubbing tanks will be approximately 146 feet in diameter with a shell height of approximately 60 feet and sized to provide proper freeboard height for liquid sloshing due to seismic events. New 18-inch diameter F-76 and JP-5 aboveground issue/receipt pipelines will tie into existing distribution piping in Pumphouse 12 and traverse the site aboveground to manifolds located within the containment area for each tank. The tanks will be capable of storing either F-76 or JP-5 fuel. Each tank will be connected to five pipe headers via a four-valve, dual-product manifold located within the containment area for each tank.

Electrical power for the new tanks and supporting equipment will extend from the existing overhead 12.47-kV power system. An electrical equipment enclosure will be provided in a centralized location for a 480/208-V three-phase electrical distribution system.


U.S. Navy


Fleet Logistics Center Puget Sound (FLCPS), Washington

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