T&D Infrastructure Investment Program

Our team is working with Public Service Co. of New Mexico (PNM) on its two-phase electrical transmission and distribution (T&D) Infrastructure Investment Program. Phase one is portfolio management.

The program consists of asset studies, long-term portfolio planning and subsequent execution of projects to meet annual objectives and targets. Projects range from 4 kV to 345 kV voltage classes, and include transmission lines, substations, distribution lines, underground, protection and controls, and telecommunications.

In the asset study scope, we established an asset management plan to help PNM prioritize investments within its T&D system. This plan prioritizes projects that will maximize customer reliability, system resilience, increased capacities and preparedness for carbon-free operations, as well as grid modernization. In addition, our team is providing support for economic development requests, documentation, a portfolio plan, project management, development of bid documents, recommendations for tools and software, and a plan for grid modernization.

The program management scope consists of executing the identified projects within the long-term portfolio plans. This includes detailed project scoping, project management, project scheduling and cost management, cost estimating, engineering design, material and service bidding, project execution, construction management, field inspections, public affairs, permitting, and project closeout. Throughout, PNM and our team have worked collaboratively to identify areas needing increased support, staffing and services to achieve goals under the annual and long-term portfolio plans. We have staffed up to 115 full-time people supporting PNM in various scopes of work and roles.

Locally, we have a team of stakeholder management professionals leading the public involvement efforts for the portfolio of transmission projects, distribution projects and substations across PNM’s territories. This team meets with stakeholders and members of the public who have an interest in the projects or are affected in some way. Our team is developing necessary project collateral, including handouts, letters, notifications, and informative displays used at public open houses and stakeholder meetings. This public involvement team works across multiple client disciplines — including permitting, corporate communications, government and community affairs, and tribal affairs — to manage public impacts.


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“Working with Burns & McDonnell has been a great experience. The collaboration between PNM and Burns & McDonnell has made it possible for us to take on unprecedented levels of new projects, initiatives, and changes for the better. With this partnership we are all driving toward providing our customers with increasingly reliable and safe power.”

Michael Moyer

Director, Distribution Engineering | Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM)

Replacing Aging and Overloaded Infrastructure

The PIIP program portfolio is driven by goals to enhance customer satisfaction by improving reliability, delivering clean energy, integrating new generation sources and increasing resiliency. The projects include building new transmission lines, removal and replacement of existing transmission and distribution lines, site expansions, substation rebuilds, and relay replacements.

As the program has evolved, PNM groups — including project management, project controls, engineering, environmental and planning — have applied our industry-leading methods and practices to drive results. We implemented proprietary tools to analyze, quantify and rank PNM’s assets within the 10-year portfolio of projects. Outage planning, permitting, community outreach and stakeholder engagement became vital pieces of the puzzle. The distribution component of this program became the lever many looked to for an immediate ramp-up toward maximizing construction goals.

Planning is critical to electric infrastructure upgrades. Our team of protection engineers conducted protection coordination studies and fuse sizing calculations, as well as determined ampacity ratings of existing and upgraded electric facilities. These specialized services integrate industry-standard practices with client-specific philosophies to make data-driven decisions that set the design basis for necessary upgrades.

Critical Areas of Impact

Our team in collaboration with PNM’s various groups in New Service Delivery were able to tackle a backlog of connection projects and complete more than 5,000 as-builts, process documents, training videos, and design tools. Our team has executed more than 10,000 customer applications across three service territories, while working directly with PNM’s residential/commercial customers, contractors, land developers, and other various stakeholders.

Along with customer connections, we have a team of 35 engineers, designers and other professionals tackling distribution system improvements of various types. To date, the team has designed more than 300 miles of system reliability projects to improve system reliability; hundreds more are planned in various execution stages. Standards updates, design process documents, reference guides and local engagement of key leadership helped increase design efficiency and provide consistent deliverables. Whether transformer upgrades, fleet electrification or cable replacements, our team worked with PNM and subcontractors to successfully complete these critical projects.