Zero Waste Plan

Our team assisted the City of Minneapolis’ Mayor’s Office and the Solid Waste and Recycling Department with the development of a zero waste plan.

The final plan addresses all city sectors (residents, business, industry, schools, sports venues, parks and city facilities) and identifies and prioritizes strategies to increase recycled and composted material quantities. These strategies include a combination of public policy, financial and technical components. The plan includes consideration of the city’s voucher program and the role of its south transfer station to foster additional materials recovery. 

We worked closely with the city staff throughout the five-month project timeframe, meeting weekly with a steering committee composed of representatives from the Mayor’s Office, City Council, Solid Waste and Recycling Department and other departments. Additionally, our team gathered input from stakeholder interests through several engagement meetings as part of the planning process. The zero waste plan was completed on time, and the City Council unanimously approved it. Implementation of select strategies began in 2018.


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