Megan Reusser

Senior Development Engineer

While the demand for energy around the world continues to increase, so does the need for cleaner, low-carbon sources. Megan Reusser is helping the power industry successfully evolve by reducing energy consumption, implementing emerging technologies focused on decarbonization and energy storage, and designing and building cost-effective solutions.

With over a decade of diverse technical and commercial process engineering experience, Megan is making her mark on the industry through the decarbonization projects she’s helping design and build throughout the U.S. As a senior development engineer, she provides clients with technical solutions that optimize process design, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and decrease overall costs with a focus on emerging technologies. She specializes in solutions for green hydrogen production, carbon capture and liquefied natural gas

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Before life became totally chaotic with chasing after two small children, I operated a small business called “The Cookie Coop.” I made custom-decorated sugar cookies — with eggs from my backyard chickens — and sold them for special occasions.

What inspired you to pursue your career?

I went to high school in a very small, rural town in Kansas. I honestly did not know what an engineer was — something to do with trains, maybe? — let alone that one day I would be one. But I had always excelled in math and science courses. My senior year I took a physics class that was taught by a retired engineer. One day he casually mentioned, “Hey, you are pretty good at this. You should be an engineer!” That was all it took to inspire me to learn more about what that meant. Something so simple as one sentence has completely changed my life. If I could inspire even just one person to pursue a career in STEM to make the world a better place, I would consider that a success.

How do you and your team make the world a better place?

As a chemical engineer, I have more than a decade of experience designing critical infrastructure and “creating amazing” for the world around us. Recently, a large emphasis has been placed on reducing global carbon emissions. I am supporting a variety of decarbonization projects with a focus on hydrogen utilization. When combusted, hydrogen (H2) doesn’t generate carbon dioxide emissions, making it a prime candidate for replacing traditional fossil fuels.

What’s the coolest part of your job?

Being involved with truly groundbreaking projects — like the development of one of the first programs in the U.S. to temporarily burn H2 in an existing power generation facility. This project is unique as the first test of blending hydrogen into the fuel system of an existing reciprocating engine. Although the concept seems simple, the fact that the engine is already installed within an operating facility presents many technical and safety challenges.

What excites you most when you look at the future of infrastructure? The industries we support? Our company?

With such an emphasis on decarbonization efforts on a global scale, it will truly touch every industry that our company supports. There will be so many opportunities to get involved with new, innovative and first-of-a-kind projects as all these industries begin to merge towards a common goal.


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