Selene Renes

Structural Engineer

For Selene Renes, the coolest part of her job is seeing projects go from start to finish and knowing the role she’s played in the process. Having ushered projects from design through construction, she embraces the incomparable feeling of seeing her drawings and visions come together in the field.

Selene works on projects in the energy sector, and her experience includes a combustion turbine project in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She’s excited to see the organization’s continued growth as a construction company, knowing that using the same team from design through build can increase safety and quality. Construction also opens doors for herself and other engineers to gain experience in other areas, such as project management. An avid traveler, she’d love to be multilingual to connect with local cultures without a language barrier.

What inspired you to pursue your career?

My father owned a construction company, which meant I spent Saturdays “in the field,” learning how things worked from him. When I discovered I loved math and science, as well as had a passion for the construction industry, I knew engineering was the place for me.

How do you and your team make the world a better place?

Energy is in a transition period and our company is proving to be a leader in that transition. We are helping our clients determine what is best for their future by providing multiple solutions in green energy. There are a variety of unknowns, and instead of seeing that as a hurdle, our teams see it as an opportunity to try something new and learn from it.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. We are incredibly capable of doing hard things, learning is a slow process, and we are rarely perfect on our first try. Keep trying!

What superpower would you choose and why?

I would choose the ability to slow down time so I could better cherish my favorite memories and moments.

What has been an especially memorable career experience for you?

My first year here I participated in an internal business competition, Ignite. My team of six people from the Energy Group came up with a business plan on how to utilize new solar technologies for power generation. I had the opportunity to present our business plan in front of top leaders. It helped me gain experience in business management, something you don't learn in engineering school.