Berkley Riverfront Connectivity Study

Our team partnered with Port KC to develop the Berkley Riverfront Connectivity Study, which provided detailed strategies to reimagine and redevelop the riverfront into a vibrant, walkable neighborhood connecting Kansas City to its river heritage.

The 17-acre Riverfront Park on the south bank of the Missouri River hosts cultural events and offers amenities such as the 15-mile Riverfront Heritage Trail, sand volleyball courts and 4.7 acres of wetland restoration. The park is adjacent to approximately 85 acres of developed or developable land managed by Port KC, with sweeping views of the downtown Kansas City skyline and the Missouri River.

Prior to this connectivity study, the riverfront area was isolated from surrounding neighborhoods due to active rail lines, Interstate 35, the Heart of America Bridge, and topography that, together, challenged the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and other micro-mobility users. The opening of the nearby CPKC Stadium, which has the capacity to host over 11,500 fans for games, concerts and events, further increases the need to remove these connectivity and safety challenges and make the Berkley Riverfront an accessible area for all.

The study included a detailed route choice analysis and data collection on anticipated pedestrian and cyclist routes. Our team also conducted extensive community engagement to build consensus on improvement strategies by facilitating walking audits, interactive online mapping, pop-up events and an advisory committee. 


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The recommendations include a new grade-separated bike/pedestrian crossing at the railroad tracks, improved connections to adjacent neighborhoods, and new trail connections. The study also included traffic calming, safety, and funding policy recommendations to support a dynamic, walkable neighborhood.

Additional multimodal transportation choices are becoming available to the riverfront area, spurred by increased demand from residents of recent housing developments. The KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension project, also led by the Burns & McDonnell team, has broken ground and will serve as an additional mode to connect the riverfront to the nearby River Market.

During development of the plan, Port KC was awarded a Rail Crossing Elimination (RCE) Grant. Our team wrote the RCE grant application on behalf of Port KC before beginning the Berkley Riverfront Connectivity Study. This $2 million award will support additional detailed planning for the elimination of an at-grade street crossing on the east side of the study area.