Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program Management

IKE Transportation Partners (ITP), a joint venture of Garver and Burns & McDonnell, is the program management consultant for the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) Eisenhower Legacy Transportation (IKE) Program.

This program was created to maintain and modernize the state’s transportation infrastructure through 2030, focusing on flexible and responsive investments to meet the shifting needs of residents and travelers across the state. The program and associated projects will improve lives by making travel safer, reduce transportation costs for people and goods, and innovate the state’s infrastructure to strengthen communities now and in the future.

ITP will assist in managing all projects in the $9.9 billion program — including significant projects like an electric vehicle (EV) program — through assistance with project planning, program review and support, industry engagement, and public involvement. Our team is helping deliver faster, safer and more cost-efficient projects.

On more than $1 billion of projects, ITP provides project-level support activities, such as design oversight, environmental studies, construction engineering, right-of-way acquisition and timely utility coordination. This includes KDOT’s first ever progressive design-build project.

KDOT also leverages specific technical skills within ITP to assist with organizational and institutional improvements focused on integration of new technology, as well as process improvements in three areas: project delivery, asset management and resource planning. Assisting KDOT in automating processes, integrating workflow forecasting, and performing data visualization improves project transparency and responsiveness. With this support, KDOT will continue to meet federal requirements and increase the achievement of performance measures.

Also supporting KDOT’s dedicated transportation safety bureau, ITP is working to innovate and improve operations, processes and programming with new technology that improves standardization and safety measure implementation. The partners are assessing the safety-focused programs and making recommendations, including writing new policies that will improve project selection, prioritization and optimization.

This broad supplementation of KDOT staff is structured to allow the department to deliver on the commitments of the IKE program legislation and strengthen the agency to deliver future programs.

The IKE program was a 2021 AASHTO TransComm Award Winner (website division).


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