Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Program

Project Summary

We provided A/E services for the ongoing ChargeReady program for Southern California Edison. The purpose of ChargeReady is to provide make-ready EV infrastructure for SCE customers in order to align with California’s ambitious electrification goals.

The ChargeReady program encompasses initiatives in a wide range of industries, including light-duty, medium/heavy-duty transport, transit and seaport electrification. For all programs, we're tasked with identifying technical and financial feasibility of the sites upfront, and once a site is qualified, designing the electrical infrastructure from customer meter to each electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) hookup.

As with any large utility program, deployment of the SCE ChargeReady program has come with challenges. These include variance in site feasibility, AHJ requirements, geographic limitations, customer needs and existing infrastructure capacity. Our team balances requirements from multiple stakeholders during the design process, including customer preferences, available SCE service locations, local AHJ requirements and geographic limitations.

Due to SCE's large service area, we've quickly developed an understanding of the requirements of multiple AHJs. Additionally, some multi-unit dwelling (MUD) sites have specific ADA requirements that introduce further complexity to the scope and delivery of each site. Ensuring that the electrical design can support a diverse array of EVCS units ahead of time, as well as allow for future expansion in some cases, is a unique and important aspect of this project and is key to both SCE and customer satisfaction.

Statewide Goals

  • 7 million+ EVs by 2030
  • 200,000 + electric trucks and buses in service by 2030

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