The energy world has changed. Renewable power sources provide alternative generation but also require changes to the power grid to accommodate unpredictability and remote sources. Our energy solutions will help you stay in step with a changing world.

Clean Power, Clean Fuels, Clean Solutions

Increasing availability and cost competitiveness of technologies using clean resources and environmental constraints of traditional energy sources are driving interest in renewable energy.

You can turn to us for the full range of renewable power project needs:

  • Project delivery: We provide the approach that’s best for you, including design-bid-build, engineer-procure-construct (EPC), design-build or program management.
  • Owner's engineer: Our team can be your representative on a project.
  • Financing and independent engineering: Experience and perspective to address risk.
  • Environmental permitting: Regulatory knowledge to address challenges.
  • Generation: We have dedicated teams that specialize in solar and wind electric generation projects.
  • Grid planning: We help you find the right configuration to address intermittent sources.
  • Energy storage: Find ways to balance your loads to make renewables a more effective portfolio option.
  • Microgrids: We can integrate your renewable generation into an on-site power network that can build in redundancy and increase reliability.
  • Water-energy nexus: Innovation can help renewables address the strain on valuable water and power resources.


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