The electric power market is evolving worldwide. Power producers must consider a wide range of factors when developing new sources and maintaining existing ones.

Burns & McDonnell plans, develops, designs, builds, expands and improves power generation facilities for clients worldwide. We know the issues and trends, because we have worked in the power market since the late 1800s:

  • Natural gas: The most affordable fuel supply today, it was 33 percent of U.S. generation in 2015.
  • Coal: Although not as large a part of portfolios, coal still comprises 33 percent of U.S. generation — more worldwide. We’re actively working with utilities to maintain their coal fleets, increasing reliability, efficiency and environmental performance.
  • Renewables: As a group, renewables now account for more than 20 percent of current U.S. electricity generation. Incorporating these sources into your portfolio — whether solar, wind, hydroelectric, biogas, geothermal or biomass — requires a delicate balancing of their diverse benefits and the challenges it brings to grid stability. Burns & McDonnell’s renewable experts work throughout North and South America to meet your clean electric generation needs. Our experience also includes grid planning, microgrids, energy storage and other solutions to make renewables work for you.
  • Nuclear: The sector provides 19 percent of the U.S. energy portfolio and 62 percent of U.S. carbon-free energy. It's also a necessary part of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and preventing climate change. We work with nuclear plants to design plant improvements and streamline costs to fulfill the nuclear promise.
  • Regulatory uncertainty: The Clean Power Plan and regulatory initiatives keep the power industry on edge. Our extensive background in air quality control and other plant upgrades helps power producers make practical and effective compliance decisions.
  • Grid and plant improvements: As technology evolves, power generation — whether from nuclear, fossil or renewable sources — can gain efficiency, increase effectiveness, decrease waste. We work with producers in every sector to plan for the future needs of the communities they serve, through load planning, new generation and updated existing generation.

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