Your water and wastewater infrastructure is complex and can be expensive to own and operate. Its critical nature emphasizes the need for experienced design and construction teams to successfully deliver projects on budget and on time.

Our design-build — or engineer-procure-construct (EPC) — delivery approach leverages our extensive history with water and wastewater systems and other complex infrastructure.

As the single point of contact and accountability on your project, we provide earlier known costs and price certainty that exceeds other delivery methods. Our progressive design-build approach yields projects that deliver enhanced quality and fewer change orders because both designers and builders are integrated into early project reviews and stay engaged throughout the life of the project. The speed of progressive design-build processes allows you to take advantage of early cost certainty to lock in financing. Moving quickly maximizes your ability to ward off increases in labor and material prices.

Our perspective includes experience as designer, builder and project owner. We incorporate an owner viewpoint in every recommendation we make. And we do it all with a focus on safety that leads the construction industry.

We’ve done more water and wastewater design-build projects than anyone in the industry. Our experience helps you stretch your resources by consolidating responsibility and enabling you to do more with tighter budgets. We bring our construction resources — either in-house or through proven partnerships — to the table during design, uncovering potential challenges early, when the costs to correct are lower.


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