Our experience with threatened and endangered species reaches throughout the United States. Our presence/absence surveys of numerous state and federally protected species have cataloged bats, birds, reptiles, mammals, insects and plants. We provide general species habitat assessments and prepare biological assessments, habitat conservation plans, vegetation studies and endangered species permits to comply with Section 7 and Section 10 of the Endangered Species Act.

Aquatic Species

Our team of aquatic ecologists, fisheries biologists, environmental permitting specialists, hydrologists, wetland scientists and civil and mechanical engineers is experienced with Section 316 of the Clean Water Act and has worked together on electrical generating and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. We have provided Section 316(a) and (b) services for 47 clients at 110 facilities in 31 states and on 59 different fresh, estuarine and marine water bodies.

We work closely with federal and state agency staff to negotiate study parameters, project agreements and mitigation requirements. We also perform project-specific studies to assess water quality, habitat, fisheries, water flow and other factors that often come into play during the permitting process. From desktop analysis to requiring species-specific collector’s permits, we have you covered.

Avian Protection

Avian protection issues vary depending on a project site’s location and potential interactions with sensitive species in the area. We have developed avian protection plans in diverse situations and will assess your unique needs and develop a comprehensive avian protection plan specifically for the challenges you face.

As you initiate programs to reduce your exposure to possible violations of state and federal laws protecting native birds, including the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, our teams can help you develop and maintain those programs. Our staff includes both engineers and biologists, all able to help you address technical project needs and best practices for avian protection programs. For electrical infrastructure, our teams have contributed to industry best practices for the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee.


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