A successful remediation plan, design or execution demands detailed consideration and site-specific determinations. Burns & McDonnell remediation teams manage all aspects of your remediation work, from sediment studies and soil-vapor extractions to enhanced biodegradation and other sustainable solutions.

Risk Assessments to Enable Informed Decisions

Our team can deliver the full range of remediation needs, from identifying vapor intrusion to devising a closure strategy. Our detailed, appropriate and effective risk assessments include Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) human health and ecological risk assessments to state-defined risk assessments, RBCA evaluations, ecological surveys and environmental assessments. We develop innovative risk-based strategies for determining cleanup levels and have written regulatory documents that address ITRC risk assessment and vapor intrusion guidance. We also conduct vapor intrusion investigations, from sampling and screening data to installing and maintaining mitigation systems. 

Risk Transfer Strategy Eases Financial Uncertainty

With the potential for EPA and other governmental fines and penalties at an all-time high, we can ease your financial uncertainty by employing our Risk Transfer Strategy (RTS). By proactively managing environmental cleanup liabilities through an RTS contract, we can help you meet your closure obligations and protect your company in the face of post-Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. 

Managing Risks Associated with MGP Remediation

Owners of former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites need a risk management approach to address and resolve environmental impacts while controlling costs and meeting expectations for site rehabilitation. Our teams deliver creative MGP remedial design solutions that are recognized nationally, covering every component from initial studies to design-build site reclamation and redevelopment. Our in-house professionals integrate solutions to delivery closure efficiently, effectively and safely.

Decommissioning, Demolition for Redevelopment or Greenfield Conversion

Our team can deliver the full range of services to transform an existing facility into a site for redevelopment or greenfield status. From economic planning to demolition and cleanup, we have engineers, cost estimators, construction managers and other project control specialists to provide comprehensive environmental support of all aspects of plant decommissioning and demolition projects, including asbestos and lead-based paint abatement. We provide demolition and site redevelopment services including: owner’s engineer, bid documents, preparations regulated materials survey, site assessments, remediation, closure, regulatory negotiation, site end-use evaluation, site restoration and reuse design, on-site project management, program management, project controls, and turnkey demolition/remediation.

Design and Fabrication of Customized Remediation Equipment 

Because we design and fabricate remediation equipment, we are able to customize systems to fit your project’s needs. With direct knowledge of the systems, our experienced personnel can boost efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen reliability and cut downtime.

Emergency Response Services to Manage the Unexpected

A pipeline, storage tank, tanker truck, rail car or well site accident necessitates a response that is quick, reliable, efficient and safe. Our experienced personnel work to limit damage and support prompt recovery. We have mobilized emergency response teams for releases of refined petroleum hydrocarbons, liquefied petroleum gas, fertilizers, ammonia, brine and many other chemicals. We promptly handle reporting, helping you avoid fines.


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