Our solid waste professionals understand the challenges of managing waste and resource recovery from residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sources — and see resource opportunities for energy generation, recycling and composting.

Developing Progressive Resource Recovery Strategies 

Our team combines technical, planning and financial experience to find forward-thinking and innovative strategies that fit your community’s needs. We combine our experience in solid waste and recycling with capabilities across many sectors: energy, environmental permitting, financial consulting, public-private partnerships and design-build approaches. We work for government and private industries on projects that fulfill immediate needs as well as long-term strategic and business planning, including landfill gas-to-energy projects, composting strategies and recycling programs and centers.

Solid Waste and Landfill Management Systems and Facilities

We plan and design systems and facilities for collection, handling, treatment and disposal of both nonhazardous and hazardous waste — ranging from municipal solid waste to industrial and hazardous waste. Our teams have experience across a range of project types, from conceptual planning and permitting through detailed design and construction. We can provide studies, analysis, recommendations and remediation to address landfill closure, including solutions for ongoing issues and resolution of future challenges.

Experience with Emerging Leachate Management Technologies

Our team includes on-staff geologists, hydrogeologists and geochemists who examine conditions that control contamination transport, site cleanup and construction to save you money and get the job done. These technical specialists support our ability to apply emerging solid waste management technologies such as leachate recirculation, gasification and anaerobic digestion. We design our reports and presentations to satisfy regulators, the public and, when necessary, legal counsel with understandable language, scientific background and necessary explanations.


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