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Renewable Energy’s End-of-Life Challenge: Identifying Recycling Options for Batteries, Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Renewable energy technologies are revolutionizing energy production and storage, but the associated assets have limited end-of-life potential. By 2050, these assets are expected to generate significant amounts of waste. While recycling methods currently exist, scientists are exploring new materials...

Q&A: Frederic Dubois on Adding an Edge to Intelligence

Edge intelligence is data analysis combined with the deployment of solutions that increase real-time response and visibility. Frederic Dubois lays out pros and cons.

Capitalizing on Existing Transmission Assets for West Coast Offshore Wind Power

New offshore wind power projects along the West Coast create demands for upgrading the electric grid. Investor-owned utilities (IOUs), public utility commissions (PUCs), independent system operators (ISOs) and regional coordinating authorities can support enhancing the reliability and safety of...

Environmental Milestone Achieved With Startup of World’s First Low Content Evaporator, at Syracuse Hancock International Airport’s New Glycol Recycling Facility

SYRACUSE, New York — Earlier this year the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) in partnership with Aeromag, which selected Burns & McDonnell to provide design-build services, broke ground on a new glycol recycling facility at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (SYR). A significant...

A Sustainable Solution: Transforming Organics to Renewable Natural Gas

Transforming organics to renewable natural gas (RNG) has the potential to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. RNG can be a sustainable energy source.

Raising the Bar for Highway Bridge Renovation

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) was losing a significant volume of truck traffic due to dozens of bridges that were too low to accommodate oversized loads. Now, thanks to an innovative bridge raising program that kicked off in 2016, most of the KTA bridges that needed to be addressed first have...

Burns & McDonnell Opens Student Success Center at Kansas State University

MANHATTAN, Kansas — Burns & McDonnell has opened a Student Success Center at Kansas State University. Located at the Kansas State University Office Park in Manhattan, the space represents a significant step in nurturing the next generation of talent while supporting our commitment to education and...

Coordinating Successful Utility GIS Projects

Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains Exhibit Riveting Robots Opens at Science City to Educate Guests About Programming, Coding and Problem-Solving

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Nearly 40 Raytown students and their teachers helped unveil Riveting Robots, the newest $1 million exhibit at Science City at Union Station. Riveting Robots, the Raytown Challenge Gifted Program’s robotics-themed proposal, won the Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains...

Skyrocketing Demand for Renewable Energy Is Transforming Site Selection

The availability and dependability of power have rarely been determining factors when choosing the site for a new industrial facility, but that is changing. The push for carbon neutrality, coupled with increased anticipated power demand and higher penetration of renewables, has made power...

The Evolution of Engineering: Path to a Better World

The engineering discipline’s evolution and impact on improving how things work makes it an exciting career profession.

Get Ready for a New Era of Carbon Capture at Power Plants

The New Source Performance Standards for thermal power generating units aim to accelerate momentum toward carbon capture and other emissions reduction pathways.

5 Contract Terms That Could Become Costly

Anyone can make the mistake of assuming that contracts are written innocuously, and that the fine print really never applies. But in a litigious society, words have meaning, and seemingly subtle phrases in a standard contract can have huge impacts, often well beyond the intent of the work being...

Essentials of an Industrial Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Program

AssetLens from 1898 & Co. Receives Strong Validation for Market Innovation from Leading Independent Research Firm

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Independent research firm Verdantix has rated AssetLens from 1898 & Co. as a market innovator in a comprehensive review of vendors providing asset investment planning (AIP) software solutions.

In its Green Quadrant: Asset Investment Planning Software 2023 report, AssetLens...

EPA Releases Guidance for Lithium-Ion Battery Disposal

The EPA guidelines on the disposal of lithium-ion batteries have implications for both waste generators and recyclers.

Data-Driven Airport Operations Increasingly Tied to Continuous Commissioning

We are in an era where the built space must be looked at differently. Aviation stakeholders — airlines and airports alike — are demanding increases in productivity and reductions in costs from facility managers, while at the same time establishing sustainable approaches to their operations.

Collaboration Is Key in a Supply-Constrained World

The aviation industry faces challenges when establishing budgets for facility upgrades and renovations due to fluctuating material costs, labor shortages and slow permitting processes. To mitigate these issues, collaboration between engineering firms and aviation clients is crucial. The...

Achieving Balance: Managing Projects Amid Staffing Shortages

In this era of staffing shortages, airport operators must be smart and right-size their outsourced program management teams to minimize inefficiencies as they work to meet capital improvement goals.

Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Safety Management Systems

Airports are known for placing a high value on safety. Under new FAA rules governing airport operation, many will soon add a more formal structure to their efforts.

Can Your Airport Operations Take a Punch? New Ways to Think About Airport Resiliency

If it seems like the risk of aviation system disruption is growing, it’s not your imagination.

How Being ‘Smarter, Bolder, Leaner, Faster’ Can Help Achieve Net Zero

Getting to clean energy targets will depend on fresh thinking and new ways of doing things by the electricity transmission and distribution industry and its partners.

How to Leverage a Standardized Design Approach in RNG Facility Projects

Many owners and operators are developing RNG facilities for the first time. A standardized design approach can improve safety, reduce costs and shorten schedules.

The Attack Plan

Where Do Cellular Generational Standards Come From, and What Is 6G?

Cellular generational standards come from a process involving the International Telecommunications Union and 3GPP as they establish specs and standards.

Navigating Waters of the United States: Changing Definitions and Permitting Implications

EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued an amendment to the revised definition for waters of the United States, tied to the Sackett v. EPA decision.

Q&A: Drew Powers Sheds Light on Solar Construction

EPC construction manager Drew Powers addresses benefits of engineer-procure-construct execution, site selection challenges and technology implementation.

Creating Human-Centric Critical Infrastructure

Exploring the Processes and People That Power Our Communities

Building Pipelines for Carbon Sequestration Requires Long-Term Strategy

Owners and operators of CO2 pipelines can take advantage of federal funding, and a long-term business model is necessary for this burgeoning technology.

Unmanned Aerial Systems: Capturing Critical Data With Flying Technology

Flying technology offers virtually every industry far-reaching advantages with the ability to quickly capture much-needed critical data and aerial imagery. Unmanned aerial systems are evolving the approach to everything from storm resiliency to manufacturing to navigating challenging geographic...

Burns & McDonnell Names Bryan Bernardo Manager of Construction for Florida

ORLANDO, Florida — Bryan Bernardo has been promoted to regional manager for construction in Florida, where he will lead a rapidly growing team managing commercial and industrial projects for Burns & McDonnell. Bernardo has more than 35 years of experience in construction project management and...

Regional Investments Drive Growth for AEC Firm in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, celebrated a ribbon-cutting Thursday for its regional office in Whitehall Corporate Center. The ceremony and exclusive open house commemorated the rapid growth of the Charlotte...

Carbon Capture Market Is Marching Forward

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies make it possible to prevent up to 95% or more of a power plant’s carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 established a significant revenue stream that carbon capture facilities can...

Going Below Zero on the Path to a Lower-Carbon World

Among the many pathways being pursued for global decarbonization, one technology seeks to mimic the very thing forests and other vegetated areas do naturally — remove carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air.

Mitigating Manufacturing Capital Risk Through Asset Investment Planning

Methodologies within the industrial asset management landscape, including Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Asset Performance Management (APM), and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), were seen as a business imperative in the last decade as manufacturers demanded more insights and...

Q&A: Enhancing Infrastructure Equity and Empowering Underserved Communities

Funding from the IIJA and IRA can improve infrastructure in underserved communities, and asset owners and residents need to understand grant requirements.

5 Reasons to Use Business Process Analysis When Implementing a PMIS

By scrutinizing current processes and identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement, business process analysis can help align business and technical teams and optimize project management information systems (PMIS) and the processes that support them.

Delivering Today’s High-Performance Intelligent Buildings

High-performance buildings rely on sophisticated, connected controls for heating, air conditioning, energy management, lighting and other systems. Many of these control systems function in proprietary silos, with little interoperability and integration. Modernizing control systems, including open...

Very Large Floating Structures Can Help Congested Ports Meet Goods Movement and Offshore Wind Turbine Deployment Needs

Financial and environmental considerations, including shallow channels or expensive retrofitting projects, may limit a port's ability to increase throughput and functionality. A very large floating structure (VLFS) can serve this purpose by supporting the staging and integration, manufacturing and...

Inflation Reduction Act: Tax Incentives to Accelerate Fleet Electrification

Medium- and light-duty trucks are the fastest-growing fuel users and greenhouse gas producers in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Department. The Inflation Reduction Act amended a few tax incentives to accelerate adoption of electric cars, trucks and other vehicles. The provisions...

Burns & McDonnell Hosts Business Diversity Symposium, Accelerate Program Graduation to Help Foster Training, Mentorship and Strategic Partnerships

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, partnered with Evergy and Ralph G. Moore & Associates (RGMA) to provide training and mentorship to help advance small and diverse businesses that do work in our communities.

On Monday,...

Get Strategic: Voluntary Renewable Natural Gas Programs for Utilities

Renewable natural gas is gaining attention as a promising and reliable energy solution to reduce emissions and help natural gas utilities meet net zero goals by 2050. Using renewable natural gas, utilities across North America are developing various strategies to decarbonize their assets.

Pipe Stress Analysis for Pipeline Operators

Proper pipe stress analysis can help improve system integrity, preventing issues such as leaks, equipment failure, foundation stress cracking or anchor bolt failure. This preventive measure can extend equipment life and reduce costs for system operations and maintenance. Effective usage depends on...

Marco Bolk to Lead Regional Construction Group for Burns & McDonnell in Calgary

CALGARY, Alberta — Reinforcing a commitment to its Canadian clients, Burns & McDonnell is promoting Marco Bolk to lead the engineering, architecture and construction firm’s Canadian Construction Group, with Bolk based in Calgary. The firm’s Canadian operations offers full-service engineering,...

Designing the B-21 Raider’s First Home

Preparations underway will make Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota the first main operating base and training center for the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation long-range bomber.

Aerial Remote Sensing: A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Simply defined, aerial remote sensing (ARS) is the process of detecting and monitoring the physical nature of an area. Through the combined use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and LiDAR — light detection and ranging — systems paired with survey practices, ARS is able to provide fast and dense...

Update: What You Should Know About New Federal CMMC Requirements

To maintain status as U.S. Department of Defense contractors, companies must adhere to key cybersecurity controls. Upcoming changes require preparation now.

Preparing Critical Support Facilities for New RNG Plant

When EDL Energy decided to build a new landfill gas plant in northern Ohio to convert methane into renewable natural gas, it knew it would need both a new switchyard to power the facility and a connection to a nearby major gas transmission pipeline. Getting those projects completed on schedule...

Stability Challenges in Grids With Large Penetrations of Renewables

Grids across the world are increasingly faced with high penetrations of renewable energy resources. This phenomenon is being driven by policy, regulation and economics. We have conducted analysis on improving grid behavior in a test grid with near 100% renewable penetration and tested the needs of...

Burns & McDonnell Names Two New Senior Executives of Key Business Areas

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell, a $6.9 billion engineering, construction and architecture firm, announced new leadership of two of its businesses in preparation for retirement of current leaders.

Scott Strawn, PE, will serve as the general manager of the Energy Group, succeeding Rick...

Progressive Design-Build Is Accelerating Its Impact on the Transportation Industry

Transportation and public works agencies have just begun to see the true potential of engineer-procure-construct (EPC) strategies to increase cost savings and reduce project timelines.

Revolutionizing Engineering Design: Unleashing the Power of Large Language Models

Large language models (LLMs) can transform how design and engineering processes work by improving project delivery and enhancing client satisfaction.

A Holistic Approach Helps Manage Interconnection Requests Efficiently

Managing the inflow of renewable generation interconnection applications was challenging a major utility. Proper planning, research, management of the engineering and construction of required interconnection facilities and associated network upgrades streamlined the process.

Renewable Diesel Feedstocks: Considering Plant- and Animal-Based Options

Understanding the three main sources of feedstocks used in the production of renewable diesel is important to choosing an effective process technology.

Cooperative Energy’s Morrow Plant Is the Most Efficient Repowered Plant in North America

Cooperative Energy, a generation and transmission cooperative owned by 11 electric cooperative distribution members, provides safe, reliable and affordable power to approximately 437,000 homes and businesses in Mississippi. The cooperative just completed the repowering of R.D. Morrow, Sr....

Preparing Your Organization for Oilfield Electrification: Things to Watch

Oilfield electrification can reduce utility emissions and benefits from the formation of critical partnerships that support execution of complex processes.

Cloud Data Platform Deployed for Ozarks Electric Cooperative Provides New Visibility Into Customer Energy Usage

Ozarks Electric Cooperative was unable to effectively monitor and quantify the power savings resulting from a recently implemented time-of-use rate program. As a cooperative utility serving more than 70,000 homes, businesses, farms and industries in Northwest Arkansas, Ozarks needed a new data...

Burns & McDonnell Constructing 600-MW Natural Gas-Fueled Generation Plant for Basin Electric

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell recently began construction of Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s Pioneer Generation Station Phase IV, a 600-MW expansion of its existing natural gas-fueled generation facility in the Bakken region. The project will be Basin Electric’s largest single-site...

Burns & McDonnell Names Woody McOmber Leader of Transmission & Distribution Group for South Central Region

HOUSTON — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, has selected Woody McOmber to lead its Transmission & Distribution Group for the South Central Region headquartered in Houston, Texas. McOmber succeeds Allen Xi, who was recently appointed general...

Untangling Environmental Rules Can Lead to Permitting Success for Pipelines

Public sentiment and new demands for green infrastructure make permit applications for pipelines more complex. Involving a permitting team early can help.

Burns & McDonnell Expands Program Management for Energy Providers in South Central Region

HOUSTON — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, is proud to announce the appointment of Noe Saenz to leader of its program management group in Houston. The promotion will empower Burns & McDonnell to expand its program management offerings to...

Generative AI Bolsters Innovation in Construction Industry

Generative AI can potentially spur new solutions in construction, including the ability to automate design processes and improve resource allocation.

Protecting Critical U.S. Natural Gas Infrastructure

Keeping natural gas pipelines and other infrastructure secure is vital to the operation of our nation. Utilities that seek help determining the criticality of pipeline assets and operations and implement relevant security strategies are the ones that will be most prepared if an attack occurs.

Increasing Electric Distribution Reliability by Modernizing Underground Cable Systems

Electrical distribution grids are under increasing stress today as new demands emerge. From the need to accommodate distributed renewable energy sources and new smart technologies to the greater frequency of extreme weather events, grid modernization programs utilize undergrounding assets to...

Leveraging Edge Intelligence Webinar

Advancements in edge intelligence are being introduced to the power utility market in the form of next-generation advanced metering infrastructure (AMI 2.0) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These technologies may be key in addressing the dynamics caused by the growing footprint of electric...

EPA Road Map for Addressing PFAS Is Taking Shape

The regulatory landscape for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), man-made, forever chemicals found in the environment, currently consists of a patchwork of standards and regulations promulgated by individual states and proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That will change...

Burns & McDonnell Designs Facility Expansion, Contributing to the Sustainability of Southeast Colorado’s Water Supply

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — Cherokee Metropolitan District joined Burns & McDonnell and Garney Construction project team members for a ribbon-cutting to celebrate completion of a $45 million design-build wastewater facility project for the Cherokee Metropolitan District in southeast Colorado.


Burns & McDonnell Announces 2023 Principal Class Amid Continued Growth

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has promoted 49 employee-owners to the Principal Group, a senior level of leadership that recognizes outstanding performance and technical excellence with the firm.

The 2023 Principal class has contributed to continued growth at Burns & McDonnell, a 100% ...

Burns & McDonnell India Receives Distinguished Designation as a 2023-2024 Most Preferred Workplace

MUMBAI, INDIA — Burns & McDonnell India, part of Burns & McDonnell, is gaining national recognition for its workplace operations and culture. The firm recently has been recognised as a 2023-2024 Most Preferred Workplace by Team Marksmen.

With insights gleaned from a comprehensive consumer study...

Electrification’s Impacts on System Planning

Growing adoption of electric vehicles and solar photovoltaic systems is adding new wrinkles to how electrical systems are planned and operated. Beyond load growth and the increasingly fragmented nature of what needs to connect to the grid, utilities need to consider changes in load volatility,...

Understanding Underground Utility Permitting in Urban Environments

Underground permitting for electric utility projects in urban settings is complex. A permitting team engaged early and throughout is critical for project success.

Rick Mena to lead 1898 & Co. Global Expansion to Europe, Middle East and Africa

LONDON, England — Rick Mena will serve as the managing director of global markets for 1898 & Co., part of Burns & McDonnell, as he leads 1898 & Co.’s expansion into new markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Mena will be moving from the Burns & McDonnell office in Houston, Texas, to...

Q&A: The Secrets to Long-Term Successful Partnerships

Cybersecurity firm Bayen Group's strong relationship with Burns & McDonnell is part of a focus on partnering and developing capabilities of diverse companies.

Modernizing Network Management Bridges Physical and Digital Operations at Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Utilities

Modernizing network management at water utilities uses digital technology, including GIS and IoT devices, to identify concerns and avoid costly repairs.

A Primer on ‘Primacy’ for Carbon Sequestration

Louisiana will be the third state with primary enforcement authority for Class VI underground injection wells. We explain what they are and what primacy is.

Agile Leadership Enhances EPC Approach for Oil and Gas Projects

Agile leadership enhances oil and gas project delivery because managers prioritize adaptability among employees and collaboration with customers.

Collaborative Land and Engineering Teams Help Balance Public and Owner Interests for Pipeline Projects

For linear projects such as pipelines, dealing with the unexpected should be expected. The best preparation for these surprises is to partner with a team structured for close collaboration between the real estate and engineering disciplines as well as everything in between. At the end of the day,...

Q&A: Aisha Bowe Shoots for the Stars

Aisha Bowe - entrepreneur, minority business owner and future astronaut - reflects on the obstacles she's overcome and shares why she's excited for the future.

Kardokus Joins Burns & McDonnell to Lead Construction in Dallas-Fort Worth

DALLAS, Texas — Michael Kardokus has joined Burns & McDonnell as leader for the firm’s Construction Group in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Within his 17-year career, Kardokus has acquired extensive experience across various project types, including semiconductors, data centers, healthcare facilities,...

Building a Better Environment for Women in the Engineering Sector

In contrast with outdated stereotypes, the engineering sector is increasingly welcoming for women at any stage of their careers.

Leveraging Emerging Technology in Confectionery and Snack Manufacturing

Manufacturers face an imperative to fill vacated roles and boost productivity in the wake of labor shortages, even as input costs climb. With a tough labor market likely to persist, making use of emerging technologies will be vital to economizing on labor, controlling costs and building a long-term...

Burns & McDonnell Expands Program Management for Power Utilities in the Great Lakes

CHICAGO — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, is growing its program management practice for power utilities. With extensive experience providing comprehensive program management services for over a dozen utilities across the United States, this...

Utility Disruption and the Drive for Change

As the pace of electrification and grid modernization accelerates throughout the utility sector, the ability to execute strategy effectively is challenged by change fatigue. Three strategies provide the path to success.

Addressing Embodied Carbon as a Sustainability Issue

Embodied carbon on construction sites is a crucial environmental issue. Sustainable concrete processing methods are part of the solution.

Burns & McDonnell Awarded Engineer of Record for Wastewater Treatment Facility Supporting Growth in the City of Perry

PERRY, Georgia — Burns & McDonnell will be the engineer of record for a new construction manager at risk wastewater treatment facility for the City of Perry. The new plant on a 46-acre greenfield site will accommodate needs for new homes and businesses, including a planned industrial park nearby.


Burns & McDonnell Celebrates 125th Anniversary

BIRMINGHAM, England — Engineering and construction firm Burns & McDonnell celebrated its 125th anniversary last week, hosting a reception on the rooftop of the firm’s Birmingham office.

Burns & McDonnell leaders and employees were joined by the Lord Mayor of Birmingham Councillor Chaman Lal and...

The Hydrogen Solution: Decarbonizing Hard-to-Abate Sectors

As the world searches for sustainable and low carbon alternatives to traditional energy production methods, hydrogen continues to develop as a potential pathway in decarbonizing various sectors. Decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy industry, transportation, power generation and...

Q&A: Brett Seals on Protecting Assets Through Cyberattacks

Being proactive to protect assets in today’s cyber threat environment is pivotal. Many companies don’t know the value of an incident response retainer (IRR).

Reliability Drives Prioritization for Suite of Program Support Services

When facing aging infrastructure and increasing urgency to modernize its grid, Public Service Co. of New Mexico needed a comprehensive review of its assets and a plan of action for replacements and upgrades. The resulting 10-year investment program has led to a strong relationship that has fostered...

Burns & McDonnell Names Allen Xi General Manager of the Southcentral Region

HOUSTON — Allen Xi, senior vice president, has been promoted to general manager for Burns & McDonnell in Houston, Texas. In this role, Xi will lead a workforce of more than 800 professionals in the Southcentral region, who provide engineering, procurement, construction and consulting services to...

Burns & McDonnell Adds Hospital Consumer Experience Director to Healthcare Architecture Team

KANSAS CITY, Missouri ― The Healthcare Architecture team at Burns & McDonnell is proud to welcome Nan Knecht. Knecht spent nearly 25 years on the customer side, working for a healthcare system in the Kansas City region. She worked in many different capacities ranging from graphic artist to brand...

Three Key Projects Supported by Burns & McDonnell Receive National ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Three projects supported by Burns & McDonnell earned National Recognition Awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies, recognizing preeminent engineering work.

The awards, presented during the organization’s Engineering Excellence Awards Gala on June 13 in...

The Renewable Natural Gas and Hydrogen Market in North America

The energy market is quickly changing and renewable fuel projects that involve natural gas and hydrogen are rapidly being deployed across North America to help decarbonize the natural gas grid. Join Scott Martin, David Slavin, Andrew López, and Ahsan Upal as they talk about challenges within the...

Jamey Bertram Named Next Leader of Transmission & Distribution Group During Time of Rapid Growth at Burns & McDonnell

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has selected Jamey Bertram to lead the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Group, the largest business within the $7 billion firm. Bertram succeeds John Olander, who will now serve in his chief operating officer role full time, with a focus on companywide...

Leveraging Climate Incentives for Oilfield Electrification Projects

Working in collaboration with utilities, oilfield owners can leverage federal incentives designed for grid capacity to support oilfield electrification.

A Guide to Hardening Electrical Substations for Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather is a fact of life in Puerto Rico. Hardening electrical infrastructure effectively depends on designing for the right loading criteria.

Upfront Planning for Power Plant Retirement Projects

Low natural gas prices, environmental regulations and the growth of renewable energy have accelerated retirements of fossil fuel-fired power plants. As utilities decommission and demolish such plants, they must understand permitting requirements, costs and options available.

7 Questions to Consider About Hydrogen Hubs

Hydrogen is poised to become a crucial part of the decarbonization equation as countries work to reach net zero carbon emissions. To date electrification has been the primary focus for decarbonization. The increasing use of electric vehicles is a clear example of that. While there are many...

Cloning Design Provides Plug-and-Play Approach for Carbon Capture

Cloned carbon capture units featuring repeatable design and modular components deliver cost savings and process efficiencies, allowing capture of carbon dioxide.

Burns & McDonnell Launches Environmental Services to Enhance UK Service Offering

BIRMINGHAM, England — Global engineering and construction firm Burns & McDonnell has launched an Environmental Services (ENS) Group in the U.K. as it widens the range of services available in the country. The ENS team will help clients solve problems and mitigate risks around environmental planning...

Q&A: Mark Heigold on Decarbonizing Canada's SAGD Operations

As Canada advances toward a net zero carbon future, the heavy oil production region in Alberta faces challenges and opportunities. Mark Heigold shares his insights.

Oil Spill Control on Construction Sites Requires Ongoing Efforts

Construction sites that have 1,320 gallons of oil or more on-site must have a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan in place.

Recycling Batteries Sparks New Market Opportunities

In addition to federal incentives, growing electric vehicle adoption is energizing lithium-ion battery recycling solutions to conserve critical minerals.

DOE Transmission Needs Study Serves as a Call to Action

Added high-voltage transmission capacity is becoming a national priority. The DOE’s new National Transmission Needs Study starts this urgent dialogue.

New Evergy Project Portfolio Management System Delivers Single Source of Truth for Annual Capital Planning

For many years, Evergy has relied on a spreadsheet-based project development workbook (PDW) system for planning, budgeting, prioritizing and managing large capital projects. Thanks to a talented Evergy support team, the PDW had long provided exceptional functionality for this large Midwestern...

Burns & McDonnell Receives Entergy Premier Vendor Award for Safety Excellence

HOUSTON — Burns & McDonnell was honored by Entergy with a Premier Vendor Award in the area of safety excellence at a ceremony hosted May 8 in New Orleans.

“This award is a testament to our unwavering dedication to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, and the dedication...

Program Management Mentorship Crucial to Conquering Staffing Challenges

Staffing changes and turnover can create challenges for program management roles. New candidates with transferable skills require mentorship and support.

Renewable Energy Leader Joins Burns & McDonnell

TORONTO, Canada — Joanna Osawe, a leader in the renewable and energy sector, joins the Transmission & Distribution Group at Burns & McDonnell. Serving as senior business development manager, Osawe will use her 15+ years of management experience leading renewable and energy sector companies in...

Inflation Reinforces the Value of Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction services are important for design-build projects due to inflation caused by pandemic-related labor shortages and supply chain issues.

Burns & McDonnell Awarded Design Contract by Port Muskogee

NORFOLK-HAMPTON ROADS, Virginia — Port Muskogee has contracted engineering, construction and architecture firm Burns & McDonnell as design lead for the port’s waterfront and recovery resiliency project. This project will provide updated waterfront infrastructure, addressing damage previously...

Wood County Solar Project in Wisconsin Earns an Envision Platinum Award for Sustainable Infrastructure

SARATOGA, Wisconsin — The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) has awarded Envision Platinum to Alliant Energy’s Wood County Solar Project, highlighting its contributions to sustainable development and clean and renewable energy.

Located in Saratoga, Wisconsin, the Wood County Solar...

Defending a Large Power Producer Against Cyberthreats Means Anticipating the Intentional and Unintentional

The main principle guiding cybersecurity strategy development is to recognize that not every threat will be from an advanced persistent threat or other known adversary. There are many incidents that were simply the result of an unintended action. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan for a large power...

Creating Space for the Ever-Evolving Electric Utility Space

Electric utilities are adding to their traditional services — generating and delivering power — by evolving into digital enterprises that do more than protect their assets from cyberattacks. With increasing focus on electrification and decarbonization, utilities find themselves armed with copious...

Burns & McDonnell Commemorates D.C. Metro Area Office Expansion

ARLINGTON, Virginia — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, celebrated its continued growth and commitment to job creation in the Commonwealth of Virginia alongside Congressman Don Beyer during an open house and ribbon-cutting May 9 at the...

Construction Involvement in Battery Energy Storage Projects Starts Day 1

As battery energy storage projects become more streamlined with components and equipment delivered ready to install, preconstruction gains more importance.

Floating Offshore Wind Technologies Are Making Steady Progress

About two-thirds of the U.S. offshore wind (OSW) energy potential is in the air over waters too deep for the fixed-bottom systems used to secure wind turbine foundations to the ocean floor. Floating OSW technologies make it possible to capitalize on wind quality and other advantages of wind farms...

Examine Track Record Before Committing to a Lenders Environmental and Social Consultant

Environmental and social considerations are increasingly important factors for large projects. Independent consultants can assist on compliance with established standards.

Burns & McDonnell Hosts Community of Inclusion & Equity Symposium, Brings Together Diverse Businesses in California to Advance Equity in Infrastructure

BREA, California — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture, and construction firm, hosted its Community of Inclusion & Equity Symposium. The symposium, which brings together diverse businesses from municipalities, utilities, ports and more in California, discussed best...

Comprehensive Enterprise Project Management Tools Streamline Capital Project Life Cycles

Digital tools, platforms and software are increasingly necessary to provide effective management of large capital projects. EcoSys from Hexagon is a leading enterprise project performance software solution providing project managers better outcomes.

Burns & McDonnell Recognized as a U.S. Best Managed Company

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is proud to announce that for the second year in a row it has been selected as a 2023 US Best Managed Company. Sponsored by Deloitte Private and The Wall Street Journal, the program recognizes outstanding U.S. private companies and the achievements of their...

Advanced Recycling Technologies Provide Sustainable Solutions

The plastics industry is implementing advanced recycling technologies with the capability to produce new products while minimizing environmental impacts.

Burns & McDonnell Leader Named 2023 Greater Atlanta Hard Hats With Heart Chairman

ATLANTA — The American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization devoted to a world of longer, healthier lives for all, has named Justin Kanitz, project director, Burns & McDonnell as the 2023 Greater Atlanta Hard Hats with Heart chairman. The year-round initiative builds a path...

Wichita's Northwest Water Facility Project Reaches 1 Million Labor Hours Milestone

WICHITA, Kansas (May 3, 2023) — Wichita Water Partners, the joint venture team of Alberici and Burns & McDonnell, celebrated a major project milestone of 1 million labor hours completed on-site at the Northwest Water Facility. The $500 million project is the largest capital investment in Wichita’s...

5 Factors for Converting Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines to Transport Blended Hydrogen

The INGAA Foundation funded a comprehensive study of factors around transporting hydrogen in natural gas pipelines, focusing on five key areas of consideration.

The High Cost of Safety Complacency: Failing to Plan Ahead for Disruptions

Neglecting maintenance of critical equipment poses a threat to safety. Proactive maintenance anticipates potential failures and helps mitigate issues.

Renewable Energy Projects Can Deliver Economic Benefits Under the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act will boost the clean energy industry while also benefiting economically disadvantaged communities and brownfield locations.

Elevating Expectations

To transform the flying experience for passengers, the designs for airport terminals and other aviation facilities must include innovations that are sustainable and resilient. Strategies to meet demand must push aviation infrastructure to the next level, Manny Incorvaia says.

Three Disrupting Factors Are Changing the Refining Landscape

Economics have been favoring diesel over gasoline nearly year-round and refiners have been putting every last drop of heavy gasoline into distillate, unless there’s something limiting them from doing so. This is a significant change from past practice where gasoline played a more significant role...

Starting Thermal Design Early Can Be a Game Changer

A customised approach to mechanical design that supports earlier integration can reduce overall project development costs and optimise the design process.

Going Vertical with Building-Based Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Choosing the Right Battery for Utility-Scale Solar-Plus-Storage Projects

To realize the value utility-scale solar and storage offers, utilities need to define the use case, determine ancillary services and locate the optimal location. This process will help identify the right solar, battery and storage technology option to achieve maximum returns.

Bringing the Commissioning Process to Airport Special Systems

As airport security, communication, conveyance, fire/life safety, common use and other technology systems grow more complex, so do the challenges of verifying that these systems work together properly, seamlessly and as designed. Given the critical role special systems play in the Operational...

Security Services for Critical Infrastructure

Countless people depend on critical infrastructure every day for safe and reliable service. Owners and operators are prioritizing the physical security of their critical infrastructure with the ultimate objective of improving safety and resiliency.

India Pushing to Develop Green Hydrogen

With India embarking on a transition away from carbon-based energy, green hydrogen is emerging as an option being explored within the refining sector.

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks: The Benefits of an Incident Response Retainer

Cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks have increased in frequency, putting administrators of utilities and large industrial assets in a difficult position. While the rate of cyberattacks increases, there is a dearth of qualified information technology and cybersecurity professionals to...

Burns & McDonnell Moves Up to No. 7 on Annual Industry List of Top 500 Design Firms

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A record-breaking year of growth helped Burns & McDonnell maintain a strong standing among the nation’s leading design and construction firms. In 2022, the 100% employee-owned firm supported nearly 19,000 global projects and sales and revenue grew by nearly 50% to reach $6.9...

New Priorities Emerge for FAA Reauthorization Bill

The Federal Aviation Administration’s operating authority is set to expire on Sept. 30, 2023, prompting subcommittee hearings for a new reauthorization act.

Burns & McDonnell Hiring Top Talent in Larger Greenville Office to Deliver Design-Build Services

GREENVILLE, South Carolina — Burns & McDonnell has moved into a larger office in Greenville to empower growth of the team delivering integrated design-build services in the region. The Greenville office location is one of seven mid-Atlantic offices for Burns & McDonnell, which has more than 70...

Lakeland Electric Selects Burns & McDonnell to Deliver Design-Build Project in Lakeland

LAKELAND, Florida — To meet the current and future needs of Lakeland Electric’s more than 132,000 customers, the utility has selected Burns & McDonnell to design and build a new greenfield substation in Lakeland to help power the region. The firm will implement a design-build approach to keep...

Key Considerations for Securing Your Solar Energy Installation

A risk-based strategy to security planning for solar installations assists in development of a program that balances risks, rewards and costs effectively.

Aviation of the Future: Reinventing the Ever-Evolving Passenger Experience

Amid global lockdowns due to the pandemic, airlines reduced staff and grounded or retired aircraft to decrease the size of their fleets. As air travel today gradually returns to pre-pandemic levels, the industry is focused on the future. Carriers are purchasing new planes, training the next...

Process Optimization Can Solve Today’s Water Treatment Challenges

Safe drinking water is vital to public health, but many water treatment plants (WTPs) struggle to consistently deliver reliable, high-quality water that meets finished water goals. To combat aging infrastructure and failing processes, a tailored treatment approach and integrated project delivery...

How the Program Management Model Is Evolving to Address Fresh Challenges

The confluence of aging infrastructure replacement, clean energy goals and electrification is putting tremendous strain on electric utilities. Program management is helping scale their efforts efficiently by leveraging three essential components: people, processes and tools.

Burns & McDonnell Names New Charlotte Area Leader, Positioning Company for Significant Growth

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Burns & McDonnell has promoted Paul Pansing to lead its Charlotte office in North Carolina as it works to support significant growth in the region's utility, renewable energy and advanced manufacturing markets. Pansing, who previously served as the office’s manager of...

Utilities Weather Market Volatility With a Progressive EPC Approach

A progressive engineer-procure-construct (EPC) approach prioritizes collaboration between utility and AEC firm so they can share risks and reduce costs.

1898 & Co. Announces New Managing Director in Chicago Office

CHICAGO — 1898 & Co., part of Burns & McDonnell, announced the hire of Mike Rutkowski as the new managing director of the Chicago office. Rutkowski will lead a team of business, technology and cybersecurity consultants that turn business and technology insights into action for critical...

Burns & McDonnell Senior Executive Leslie Duke Named New CEO of 100% Employee-Owned Firm

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Leslie Duke has been named the new CEO of Burns & McDonnell, effective Jan. 1, 2024. In March, current Burns & McDonnell Chairman and CEO Ray Kowalik announced his retirement at the end of 2023, coming off a record-breaking year for the firm. Duke will be the eighth CEO in...

Implementing Goals for Safer Work Zones

Work zone safety is paramount. Implementing measurable goals based on informed decisions can help reduce fatalities and crashes in work zones.

Kansas City Business Journal: KC SmartPort’s 2023 industry briefing discusses energy efficiency and more

Kansas City Business Journal: Burns & McDonnell's union construction subsidiary prepares for future growth in Wisconsin

KCTV5: Kansas City’s big role in the electric revolution

Mitigating Challenges to Make the Most of Trenchless Installations

Organizations installing pipelines, conduit and electrical cables in dense urban environments are increasingly leveraging trenchless methods to minimize project impacts. While there are numerous benefits to be gained, trenchless technologies come with their own challenges and risks. Engineers...

AZCO Cuts Ribbon on Downtown Appleton Headquarters, Enters New Era of Growth

APPLETON, Wisconsin — AZCO welcomed a new era of growth for the company as it cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in downtown Appleton, the community the construction and prefabrication services company has called home for more than 70 years.

“The investment AZCO has made in our community is...

Burns & McDonnell Expands UK Presence With SSEN Transmissions’ Substations Framework

BIRMINGHAM, England — Burns & McDonnell has increased its footprint in the U.K. transmission market by joining the SSEN Transmission engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) substations framework.

Burns & McDonnell joins other selected suppliers to perform substation work providing the...

Burns & McDonnell Announces Construction Leader for Great Lakes Region

CHICAGO — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, has named Doug Pelletier to lead the Construction practice for the firm's offices in Chicago; Detroit; Madison, Wisconsin; and Lexington, Kentucky. With over 28 years of experience across multiple...

5,000 Runners Rally to Support Children’s Mercy Kansas City at Rock the Parkway Race

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — The 14th annual Burns & McDonnell Rock the Parkway Half Marathon and 5K gathered 5,000 runners to race along scenic Ward Parkway and rally around Children’s Mercy Kansas City. The race draws participants who hope to show their appreciation for staff and resources at the...

Reducing PFAS: Understanding Impacts of the Military F3 Foam Specification

FAA-regulated fuel facility operators can respond to changing PFAS standards by taking a comprehensive look at operations and creating a long-term strategy.

For Investments That Stand the Test of Time Use Scenario Planning

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication known to humankind. It can provide needed context for facts and figures and help listeners understand the options for important decisions that need to be made. In the state of Kansas, storytelling techniques helped transportation officials...

Burns & McDonnell Celebrates Rapid Growth and New Job Opportunities at Its Melbourne Office

MELBOURNE, Florida — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, was joined by the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast at a ribbon-cutting and open house event on April 4. Attendees celebrated the firm’s rapid growth in Florida and...

CS Wind Breaks Ground on Expansion at World’s Largest Wind Turbine Tower Manufacturing Plant, Plans to Create 850 New Jobs in Pueblo, Colorado

PUEBLO, Colorado — Construction is underway for an expansion to the world's largest manufacturing plant for wind turbine towers, a project designed to double production and lead to the hiring of at least 850 new employees. CS Wind executives welcomed Gov. Jared Polis for a groundbreaking Tuesday at...

WGN: Midday Fix: STEM activities using things around the house

Computer Vision and the New Frontier of Construction Projects

Computer vision applications can help construction managers maintain quality control and a consistent schedule, while facilitating safer work practices.

City of Bonner Springs Breaks Ground on Water Plant to Increase Capacity and Softened Water

BONNER SPRINGS, Kansas — Today’s groundbreaking kicks off a legacy water project for the City of Bonner Springs. The project led by joint venture team Burns & McDonnell/CAS Constructors will increase water production capacity to 2 million gallons per day to meet current and future demand from...

FERC Order 881 Sets New Standard for Transparency and Transmission Asset Utilization

FERC Order 881 creates compliance requirements designed to free up additional capacity through a dynamic method of transmission asset ratings.

EPA Proposes to Tighten Coal Plant Discharge Rules for 3 Types of Effluent

The EPA may tighten rules covering coal plant discharges of flue gas desulfurization wastewater, bottom ash transport water, and combustion residual leachate.

Victor Atkins Joins 1898 & Co. as Global Director of Industrial Cybersecurity Executive Advisory Services

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Victor Atkins, a former senior U.S. intelligence and energy official, has joined 1898 & Co., a part of Burns & McDonnell, to lead executive advisory services for industrial cybersecurity. He will engage with executive-level clients while spearheading efforts to deliver...

The Time Has Come for Refinery Integration in India

The market is ready for Indian refineries to begin integrating traditional fuel refining with alternative business models aimed at including petrochemicals.

Geospatial Planning Tools Will Be Key to Successful Broadband Deployments

Utilities, cooperatives, municipals and ISPs offering broadband in unserved and underserved regions can use geospatial planning tools to help gain grant funding.

Achieve Win-Win Funding Scenarios With Geospatial Tools

Gathering asset data in a GIS format assists utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and ISPs as they deploy broadband under federal and state grant programs.

Supporting New Gas Supply Through Existing Pipelines

Mike Falk discusses the demand for natural gas, greenhouse emissions, and the differences between just pure natural gas and a mix of natural gas and hydrogen. In this episode, you will learn about the ways the gas demand has changed over the years, by what method the gas is getting to the markets...

Permitting, Routing, and Environmental Issues

Lori Ferry and Chris Siok discuss permitting, routing and environmental issues. In this episode, you will learn how to make sure you obtain the correct permits for your project through collaboration with environmental and engineering teams early on, consider other outside environmental factors, and...

Applying the Rupture Mitigation and Valve Rule

Faye Cradit discusses the new Rupture Mitigation and Valve rule and the different challenges the oil and gas industry will face implementing it. In this episode, you will learn how the new valve rule affects multiple sections of code, the distinctions between a gas and a liquid, and how the rule...

Pipeline Projects and Supply Chain Challenges

Gary Pare discusses the effect COVID-19 has had on the pipeline industry and pipeline projects. He reflects on supply chain issues and how his company is working through those challenges. In this episode, you will learn about the challenges around global supply caused by COVID-19 and how it is...

Renewable Natural Gas

Scott Martin discusses natural gas, the different types of emissions and the process of getting RNG ready to be used as fuel. In this episode, you will learn why natural gas use is increasing, the difference between cellulosic biofuels and advanced biofuels and how to benefit from them, and how the...

MAOP Reconfirmation, the Mega Rule, and a Different View On Pipeline Integrity

Scott Glaeser discusses the impact that the Mega Rule will have on the industry for years to come, and how the capital needs for MAOP reconfirmation are almost as much as full pipeline replacements. In this episode, you will learn about the Mega Rule’s impact on gas utilities and pipelines and how...

Cooperative Energy's New Cost-Efficient Combined-Cycle Unit Is Now Operational

PURVIS, Mississippi — A combined-cycle plant which utilizes an advanced-class turbine coupled with an existing steam turbine is now available to generate 572 MW of electric power at Cooperative Energy’s R.D. Morrow, Sr. Generating Station (Plant Morrow). The 1x1 combined-cycle unit is equipped with...

Texas Stormwater Permit Updates Affect Many Active Construction Sites

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) updates to stormwater construction permit requirements change the process for many active construction sites.

Engineering News-Record: Best Energy/Industrial - Riazzi Substation

Q&A: Vishal Verma Shares the Link Between Client Success and Organization Culture

A strong company culture is crucial for effective program management. Client success can often depend on the strategic execution of projects.

Construction Firm AZCO Exceeds 10 Million Work Hours Without Lost Time Incident

APPLETON, Wisconsin — AZCO, part of the Burns & McDonnell family of companies, achieved the milestone of 10 million work hours without a lost time incident on Jan. 27, more than four years since the previous such incident. The company also reached 1 million work hours with no recordable incidents,...

4 Steps to Address the TSA Aviation Cybersecurity Emergency Amendment

A risk-based approach addresses four key requirements in the Transportation Security Administration’s emergency cybersecurity amendment for aviation.

Impact of Harmonics in a Distribution Network After Capacitor Bank Placement

Harmonic resonance occurs when the natural frequency in a power system corresponds to the frequency of the harmonic current’s source. Installing capacitor banks in a distribution system without harmonic mitigation can produce a series or parallel resonance condition. While performing integrated...

Burns & McDonnell Receives 2022 Environmental Business Journal Achievement Awards for Technology, Information Management and Remediation Projects

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Environmental Business Journal is recognizing Burns & McDonnell in three award categories at this year’s EBJ Business Achievement Awards. The publication will host the awards ceremony during its annual Environmental Industry Summit, March 22-24 in San Diego, California.


Kansas City Business Journal: Burns & McDonnell, Evergy team up to create supplier diversity training cohort for small, diverse companies

Burns & McDonnell CEO Ray Kowalik Announces Retirement After 37 Years at 100% Employee-Owned Firm

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell Chairman and CEO Ray Kowalik has announced his retirement at the end of 2023, coming off of a record-breaking year for the firm. Kowalik took the reins in 2017 and was the seventh CEO for Burns & McDonnell in the firm’s 125-year history.

In 2022, Burns &...

Power Grid International: Utilities tout supplier diversity programs

Utility Dive: Evergy and Burns & McDonnell Partner With RGMA to Launch New Supplier Diversity Business Development Program

Evergy and Burns & McDonnell Partner With RGMA to Launch New Supplier Diversity Business Development Program

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Evergy and Burns & McDonnell have partnered with Ralph G. Moore & Associates (RGMA) to launch Accelerate, a business development program with nearly 40 small and diverse business partners. The program uses a cohort model to strengthen supplier diversity processes, build...

Reimagining Refinery Processing Using Dividing Wall Column Technology

A traditional distillation system can be reimagined with dividing wall column technology (DWC), resulting in lower capital and operating expenses, a more ecologically friendly process, and a smaller physical footprint. Our proprietary DWC means the traditional four-tower fractionation design can be...

Engineering News-Record: Energy Dept. to Award up to $2.5B for Carbon Capture Projects

Calgary Herald: Burns & McDonnell expands in Calgary to meet demands of energy transition

Moving Forward With Helical Piles

The critical nature of our aging infrastructure has been at the forefront of industry conversations and concerns, increasing the awareness of durability, longevity and efficient project delivery. Helical piles create an intelligent, streamlined and solid foundation embedded deep underground that...

Burns & McDonnell Wins Engineering Excellence Award for Hawaii National Guard Facility

HONOLULU, Hawaii — The design of the new combined support maintenance shop (CSMS) supporting the Hawaii Army National Guard earned the Engineering Excellence 2023 Honor Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Hawaii (ACECH).

The $26.8 million project, designed by Burns &...

New Santa Ana: The O.C. Prentice School receives STEM grants from a local firm

Key Reasons Behind the Growing Demand for SCIFs

As SCIFs gain importance for manufacturers of classified parts, designers and builders must have a clear understanding of specific federal standards.

Maximizing the Approach, Strategy and Resources for Gas Main Replacement and Reinforcement Programs

Baltimore Gas & Electric has a portfolio of programs to modernize and improve gas system performance while limiting emissions. The largest program aims to replace all of the aged infrastructure for certain material types prone to leaking. The utility wanted to define and build out its reporting and...

Construction Safety Amid Challenges: People Matter the Most

The craft labor shortage and the Inflation Reduction Act intensify labor demand and put upward pressure on project funding. A culture of safety matters.

Burns & McDonnell Grows Sales and Revenue by Nearly 50% in 2022, Promotes Five Senior Executives, Expands Officer Group

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — After another record-breaking year for Burns & McDonnell, the 100% employee-owned engineering, construction and architecture firm is announcing several key leadership promotions to senior vice president and vice president. These individuals contributed to a year that...

Engineering News-Record: Living With LNG: Can More Gas Infrastructure and Climate Goals Coexist?

1898 & Co. Launches Managed Threat Protection & Response Services to Improve Cybersecurity Resiliency for Critical Infrastructure

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, and MIAMI (S4X23) —  In an effort to improve cybersecurity resiliency for critical infrastructure environments, 1898 & Co. is launching Managed Threat Protection & Response, a new proactive threat hunting and response capability to its existing Managed Security Services (MSS)...

Forbes: Burns & McDonnell Arm Launches Unique Cybersecurity Service For Critical Infrastructure

Using the NEPA Process to Drive Successful Transportation Project Delivery

When the Missouri Department of Transportation needed to replace a historic interstate bridge, it needed a partner with environmental assessment experience.

Mainstream Space Travel Is Looking Up

As commercial spaceflight becomes more prevalent and less expensive, significant strides are being made regarding social, business and environmental impacts. That being said, there’s quite a bit on the horizon for privatized space travel and deep space exploration.

Balancing People and Project Impacts Through Environmental Justice

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Executive Order 14008 have elevated environmental justice concerns in government and public consciousness. Integrating this approach into infrastructure projects can be confusing due to a lack of clear regulatory guidelines. By developing plans that...

How Corrosion Control Requirements Will Change Under the PHMSA Final Rule

PHMSA regulatory changes for pipelines take effect in May 2023. Here are the impacts on protective coatings, cathodic protection and internal corrosion.

Overcoming Synchronization Cyberthreats in Today’s Complex Energy Networks

With PLTE deployment and network technology advancing to accommodate new power generation, reliable and accurate synchronization is becoming vital. To make the experience seamless, utilities need to invest in equipment that can provide a real-time assessment of grid health as well as immediate...

IPFA: Making the Case for Standardised ESG Data Reporting

A Holistic Path to Treating PFAS in Water and Wastewater

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are the subject of intense discussion in the water and wastewater industries. With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) poised to issue new rules governing the management of these “forever chemicals” in coming years, many utilities are...

AABE Future of Clean Energy Summit Brings Together Diverse Businesses, Utilities and Educational Leaders at Burns & McDonnell

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — The Kansas-Missouri chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) hosted the Future of Clean Energy Summit on Thursday, Feb. 9, at Burns & McDonnell, a national engineering and construction leader in the energy sector.

The summit brought together AABE...

Overcome Challenges to Bringing Future-Proof Broadband to Multidwelling Units

Fiber offers multiple advantages for providing broadband to multidwelling units (MDUs). Developers have deployment options for new buildings and retrofits.

New Fuel Facility Leads to Decommissioning of Old Facility Safely and Efficiently

Permanently closing a facility can be a complex process, especially when hazardous materials are present, such as jet fuel. After Burns & McDonnell successfully constructed a new $50 million jet fuel storage facility at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL), the focus turned to the former...

Equus Beds Aquifer Storage and Recovery Key Component of Sustainable Resource Management

As the largest city in Kansas continued to grow, its water resources remained limited, posing a threat to the local water supply. City of Wichita officials knew the situation was unsustainable. Burns & McDonnell was hired to evaluate the situation, develop solutions, and to implement strategies and...

The Engineer: Comment - Promoting natural capital can help biodiversity and the climate

Engineering and Constructing Resilient Infrastructure to Meet Sustainability Goals

It is essential for engineers to incorporate sustainability and resiliency into infrastructure design and construction.

Going Above and Beyond to Bring Essential Resources Into Space

If humanity’s future lies among the stars, we’re going to need to bring resources with us.

Battery Energy Storage Market Predictions Are Trickier Than Ever

The disruption of market economics for commodities used in lithium-ion batteries is shaking up the flow for utility-scale battery energy storage projects.

Burns & McDonnell to Provide Comprehensive Program Management for Largest Soybean Crushing Facility in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is working with the engineering and construction team at Savage, a global provider of industrial logistics infrastructure and supply chain services, to provide a range of engineer-procure-construction management (EPCM) services for what will be the largest...

Commissioning a $1 Billion Correctional Facility for the State of Utah

Our firm served as the commissioning manager for the ground up design and construction of a 33-building correctional campus with a comprehensive array of supporting facilities and infrastructure, housing 3,600 inmates and providing more operational space for prison staff. This new campus project is...

When and Why Utilities Will Be Disclosing Their Climate-Related Risks

Utilities are preparing for SEC rule amendments affecting disclosure of climate-related risks. Those changes are to begin phasing in over the next few years.

Distribution Grid Operators Face Increasingly Complex Dynamics as Electrification Ramps Up

The adoption of photovoltaic (PV) solar and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at residential and commercial locations is a trend that has come to be broadly called electrification. This ongoing trend presents significant opportunities and threats to power utilities as PV and EV adoption...

Former KDOT Secretary Julie Lorenz Joins 1898 & Co. to Help Lead Critical Infrastructure Clients Through Transformative Times

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Former Kansas Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz has joined 1898 & Co. to help businesses, industries and governments make the most of unprecedented opportunities fueled by federal funding for addressing critical infrastructure needs.

After having led the Kansas...

Inflation Reduction Act Spurs Innovation in Oil, Gas and Chemicals Sector

The Inflation Reduction Act puts billions of dollars toward financial incentives, making the oil, gas and chemical industry a player in the clean energy economy.

Kansas City Business Journal: Former KDOT Secretary Lorenz returns to Burns & McDonnell as consultant

Burns & McDonnell Completes 250 MWac of Solar Projects for Alliant Energy in Wisconsin

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has completed engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for three Alliant Energy solar projects in Wisconsin. The projects are part of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint. These projects are now energized:

Bear Creek — 50-MWacNorth Rock — 50-MWacWood...

New Civil Engineer: How can firms address counter-inclusion in the engineering sector?

Kansas City Mayor, Aisha Bowe Join Burns & McDonnell to Name Four Diverse Businesses as 2022 Partners of the Year

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, hosted its annual Empowering Diverse Partnerships Awards, recognizing small and diverse businesses with 2022 Partner of the Year Awards for outstanding project performance and client...

Stamping With Confidence: Maintaining a Commitment to Quality

A professional engineer’s seal on drawings confirms a company’s commitment to quality; it is especially important on complex natural gas pipeline designs.

Burns & McDonnell Expands Its Construction Group in the UK

BIRMINGHAM, England — Engineering and construction firm Burns & McDonnell is expanding its construction presence in the U.K. through the creation of a dedicated Construction Group to serve the U.K. market. This builds upon the existing construction services being provided to National Grid.


Laying the Groundwork to Ramp Up Offshore Substation Production

U.S. plans for major growth in offshore wind will call for many offshore substations. The domestic market and supply chain will need to step up.

Looking Ahead for Utilities With Optimism After a Challenging Year

Despite a challenging past year, the energy and utility sectors have performed well. Opportunities for growth and improvements look strong for the near future.

A Risk-Based Approach to Security Can Maximize Your Security Budget and Mitigate Your True Risks

Many clients know they need security but don’t know where to start. The challenge is knowing how to provide enough security without overspending. There are numerous security measures to choose from including cameras, guards, metal detectors, fences and gates. Considering all of these options raises...

Burns & McDonnell Awarded Third National Grid Contract

BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — National Grid has awarded engineering-led construction firm Burns & McDonnell an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contract for the extension of a substation at Necton in Norfolk. The extension will allow offshore wind farm projects on the East Coast of England to be connected...

Addressing Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering Sector

A company that enables employees feel heard and included can build a more competitive, sustainable business, increasing resources and opportunities for all.

Solving for Cybersecurity Threats in the Rail Industry: Risk Assessment and Segmented Technology

Cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks have increased in frequency, putting railroad companies in a vulnerable position. In response, the Transportation Security Administration issued a new directive for railroad companies to enhance cybersecurity resilience using performance-based measures....

Finding New Opportunities Under a Streamlined PJM Interconnection Process

A FERC decision that OKs an expedited approval process makes it critical for renewable power developers to nail down details in interconnection studies.

Implications of Climate Risk Disclosure Rule Changes for Utilities

The SEC has proposed new climate risk disclosure rules that standardize and increase what companies must report. Utilities need to start preparing.

Burns & McDonnell Offered First HVDC Contract in the UK

BIRMINGHAM, England — Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Transmission has awarded engineering, construction and design firm Burns & McDonnell a contract for the development of technical requirements for parts of their high-voltage direct current (HVDC) projects.

The technical...

Decarbonization Goals Are Driving Burns & McDonnell Expansion in Canada

CALGARY, Alberta — Canada’s move to decarbonize its power and industrial sectors, as well as the need to backfill power supplied by retiring assets, is translating into growth for the Burns & McDonnell Canada Group. The company is expanding its longtime presence in the country with a broader...

Get Ready for New Design Standards for Solar Power Facilities

Most solar power facilities must become more resilient to damage from severe weather under a coming revision to the International Building Code.

Port Electrification Requires Resilient Infrastructure

Upgrading electrical infrastructure to support port decarbonization — fleet electrification, vessel shore power and electric vessels — requires collaboration and planning.

Smart Grid Technology Enhances Storm Hardening Efforts at Utilities

By improving asset visibility and reliability for customers, smart technologies can enhance storm hardening efforts for utilities and energy providers.

A More Progressive Approach to Design-Build

Given its multiple benefits, the design-build approach to project delivery continues to grow in popularity, rapidly replacing more traditional contracting methods. Many state and local governments allow public projects to use this integrated, single-source method that continues to evolve in...

Panels, Plants and Tractors: Integrated Energy and Agriculture Solutions

Agrivoltaics, the collocating of agriculture and solar energy assets for mutually beneficial purposes, offers a novel solution to environmental challenges.

Fast-Tracking Hypersonic Missile Projects With EPC Delivery

Engineer-procure-construct (EPC) project delivery can be the most effective solution for staying on budget and ahead of schedule for hypersonic missile facilities.

Promoting Natural Capital in Construction Helps Biodiversity and the Climate

As the U.K. implements rules for construction projects that promote a net benefit to the environment, the concept of natural capital is emerging as a tool to measure value.

The Future of Gas Generation in an Increasingly Decarbonized World

Gas-fired generation facilities provide the reliability, adaptability and dispatchability needed by the power grid, even as renewables gain market share.

Considerations for Skid-Built Fabrication Pathways on Natural Gas Projects

During the design and construction of pipeline facilities and equipment, companies can choose to stick-build or skid-build equipment. Skid-building equipment has the potential to save money by shortening construction duration and increasing the quality of the product being fabricated. The decision...

Using Process Modeling to Control Costs and Optimize Efficiencies

Process modeling helps utilities minimize cost and prioritize efficiency with real-world data. These insights help to inform treatment plans.

Burns & McDonnell and Bay Ltd. Have Teamed to Boost U.S. Offshore Substation Supply Chain

WALLINGFORD, Connecticut — To help the U.S. reach its offshore wind generation targets and address global supply chain challenges for the industry, Burns & McDonnell and Bay Ltd. are teaming up to provide U.S.-based engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of offshore substations. The...

Burns & McDonnell Awarded Independent Review Contract to Support Major Alternative Water Source Program

JOLIET, Illinois — The City of Joliet, Illinois, has contracted Burns & McDonnell to provide independent review and assessment of key documents and features of the Alternative Water Source Program (AWSP). Joliet has taken aggressive action to find an alternative water supply since 2015, when a...

Burns & McDonnell India Announces Principal Class of 2022 Amid Record Growth

MUMBAI, India — Burns & McDonnell India, a part of Burns & McDonnell, is proud to promote seven exceptional team members to the Principal Group.

Established in 2013 in Mumbai, Burns & McDonnell India has multidisciplinary capabilities across industries like oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical,...

WEC Energy Group, Burns & McDonnell, EPRI Complete World’s First-of-Its-Kind Hydrogen Power Test

WEC Energy Group (NYSE: WEC) and EPRI announced today the successful demonstration of blending hydrogen in a natural gas generator. The project is the first hydrogen power test of a utility-scale, grid-connected reciprocating engine generator in the world.

During two weeks of testing in...

Mitigating the Effects of Inflation and the Supply Chain on Solid Waste Contracting

An early start to RFP processes can help local governments overcome supply chain issues with vehicles and equipment for solid waste collection, recycling and disposal.

Elevating the Airport Experience: Consulting Services Improve Cybersecurity and Business Operations at Los Angeles World Airports

International airports require regular maintenance, facilities upgrades and a strong security apparatus. After winning the 2028 Olympics, Los Angeles is overhauling LAX to improve customer experience, cybersecurity, business operations and IT.

What California’s Zero-Emission Moves Could Mean for Fleet Operators

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandated a phased transition to zero-emission vehicles, with consequences for fleet operators of all sizes.

Technical Proficiency and Industry Knowledge Drive Advisory Council Discussions Toward Better Outcomes

After founding an advisory council of public interest groups and industry representatives, Arizona Public Service required a skilled partner with industry experience to lead meetings that improve outcomes for the public and the utility.

Addressing Airport Cybersecurity Risks as Threats Increase

Airport operators have varying solutions in place when it comes to cybersecurity. Managing risk and having an organized response plan is imperative.

Upgrades at I-35 and Gardner Road Interchange Earn City Public Improvement Award from ACEC

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Upgrades to Gardner Road at its interchange with Interstate 35 to handle increasing traffic and embrace future development have been honored with a City Public Improvement Award by the Kansas Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

The $4.7 million...

Eight Rules for Testing Hydrogen Blends at Gas-Fired Generation Facilities

The power industry is exploring strategies for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and one that is gaining attention is blending natural gas with hydrogen.

Burns & McDonnell and PLTW Grant Provides Opportunity for STEAM Program in Cicero District 99

CICERO, Illinois — Through a $260,000 grant from Burns & McDonnell, Cicero District 99 is expanding its cutting-edge STEAM curriculum with Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to students in grades kindergarten through six across 13 schools in Cicero.

For the past several years, seventh and eighth graders...

Solar Projects Are Getting Grittier and More Difficult

As solar power projects become more challenging to design and build, the culture of engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contractors can be a key success factor.

Evergy Partners With Ericsson and Burns & McDonnell to Turn On Private Network in Record Time

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Evergy (NYSE: EVRG), Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Burns & McDonnell have launched a new private LTE (PLTE) core and radio access network (RAN) to help enable grid modernization efforts at Evergy, a U.S. investor-owned utility, in record time. The project created one unified...

Integrating Technology and Security By Design

Security by Design is an innovative approach to the design process for cybersecurity that seeks to harden systems — both hardware and software — by integrating security considerations into engineering and implementation. The idea is to mitigate risk up front, focusing on preventing cybersecurity...

Project Gives New Life to Aging Airport Terminal

When San Francisco International Airport decided to redevelop one of its oldest terminals, it needed an integrated team approach to support the multibillion-dollar project. As a full-service firm, Burns & McDonnell was an integral part of the progressive design-build team and kept the six-year...

Better Options and More Considerations Come With Inflation Reduction Act

Tax changes under the Inflation Reduction Act give renewable energy developers a range of new options that could make projects more attractive and successful.

Tech Talk: Embracing New Realities

AEC firms want to make client projects successful as they design, engineer, build and maintain the planet’s critical infrastructure. Doing so efficiently requires determining just what roles technology can play as we stand on the threshold of a worldwide digital transformation.

What’s New in Nuclear? Advancing Safety and Affordability

There is a broad menu of options available to begin bringing down carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on a global scale. While many agree nuclear energy will (or should) be part of the solution, just how it is developed and deployed elicits a wide range of opinions. From cost and safety considerations...

Supporting Emerging Clean Energy Technologies Through Thoughtful Partnerships

A more sustainable energy future is achievable, but the path to get there requires investment in and promotion of emerging technologies that will help transform the global economy.

The Grant Proposal: A Story Worth Millions of Dollars

Securing grant funding can be a laborious task, but applicants can use this opportunity to collaborate with local leaders, build relationships with funding agencies and envision their ideal project.

Investing in an Energized Future

The electrical transmission and distribution industry is experiencing massive change. The need to improve our current power system is a critical component driving that evolution — and it’s requiring electric utilities to act.

We Like IKE: Modernizing Kansas Transportation

From big cities to small farm towns, everyone needs and deserves safe transportation infrastructure. The IKE Transportation Partners joint venture is advancing the delivery of various projects in support of KDOT’s 10-year modernization program.

Dividing Wall Columns Push the Boundaries for Midstream Efficiency

Sometimes innovative ideas take extraordinary amounts of time to germinate. Such is the case with dividing wall columns — an innovation that is introducing unprecedented cost efficiency, energy savings and emissions reductions to the natural gas liquids processing industry.

Refining Your Renewable Fuels Approach for Success

Producing renewable fuels is a potentially rewarding opportunity for refiners to enhance their services for profitable and lasting portfolios. From feedstock and technology selection to project delivery methods and complementary projects, several considerations can affect the feasibility of such...

Charging Forward With Clean Energy

Achieving clean energy goals is rapidly becoming a cost of doing business. Learn how industrial facilities can respond to these mounting pressures and develop a road map to implement sustainable solutions.

Mexico Business News: Decarbonization Must Be Central to Public Policy

The Digital Evolution of Materials Management

Digitalization of materials management is shaping the future of construction, improving supply chain visibility, reducing waste and raising labor productivity.

Strategies to Supercharge Electric Fleet Operations

When transitioning from internal combustion engine to electric vehicles, fleet operators should evaluate charging technologies to pick the optimal solution.

Treatability Testing Is Crucial as Refineries Push for Renewable Fuels

Comprehensive treatability testing informs how to address wastewater challenges for novel renewable fuels while maintaining control of operational and capital costs.

Dave Kinchen Named National Construction Director for Water Projects

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Dave Kinchen has been named national director of construction for Burns & McDonnell water projects. He will have overall responsibility for strategic positioning and growth of water construction projects throughout all 50 U.S. states.

Kinchen has nearly 35 years’ experience...

The Transformation Taking Place in Life Sciences Facility Development

Drug and medical technology breakthroughs, data management and integration opportunities, and a growing body of research are pushing the life sciences industry forward at an ever-faster pace. This rapid growth is impacting the facilities constructed by major pharmaceutical companies, drug discovery...

Accounting for Carbon: Biofuel Projects Require a Different Economic Model

Renewable fuel projects designed with traditional market dynamics in mind have a built-in economic disadvantage. To be cost competitive, renewable fuel plants and refinery conversion designs must look beyond the four walls of the plant. Designs that lower carbon intensity at every step from the...

Riazzi Substation Is a Model of How to Overcome Challenging Construction Conditions

In the heart of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University — along with high-tech, finance and medical industries — are growing rapidly and placing new demands on the power network operated by Duquesne Light Company (DLC). The Riazzi Substation is now adding critical...

Begin With the End in Mind When Navigating the Renewable Project Approval Queue

The entire power industry is going through an unprecedented transformation. In response, regional transmission authorities across the country are initiating a variety of steps to improve long-term planning in preparation for a host of new demands that could threaten the high transmission...

Gaining Operational Resiliency and Reliability Through the Management of Cybersecurity Threats

Critical infrastructure companies often struggle to keep their operations protected from cybersecurity attacks. Unlike other firms that focus mostly on information technology cybersecurity, 1898 & Co. is one of the first firms to support operational technology through managed threat services.

A New High-Efficiency Hangar Design for the KC-46A Tanker

Burns & McDonnell successfully designs a first-of-its-kind hangar with integrated multifunction maintenance capabilities.

Supplementing Workplace Connections Through Digital Knowledge Networks

Digital knowledge networks are a new systematic approach to capturing, preserving, delivering and analyzing relevant information for employees.

Analytics-Driven Monitoring-Based Commissioning Improves Building Delivery and Operations

Government, healthcare and other operations with multiple facilities are increasingly turning to firms that provide ongoing data-driven, monitoring-based commissioning services and use tools like Clockworks to improve building and operational efficiency.

Staying Ahead of Cyberthreats to Operational Technology Systems

Protecting operation technology (OT) systems requires different strategies than would be used to protect conventional information technology (IT) systems.

First-Class Arrival: New Delta Air Lines Terminal C

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) has undertaken an $8 billion transformation and redevelopment. The project includes a new $4 billion Delta Air Lines terminal, a world-class facility spanning 1.3 million square feet. As the airport’s largest airline, Delta embraced the development but only if project...

As Port Muskogee Recovers From Historic Flooding, the Waterway Looks to Mitigate Future Weather-Related Events While Supporting Continuous Growth

A strategic plan that focuses on current and future needs of the key inland port in Muskogee, Oklahoma, outlines flood mitigation measures and infrastructure improvements while positioning the port for future success.

Energy Global: The Changing Solar Landscape

Global Hydrogen Review: The Race to Identify the Next Generation of Maritime Fuels

Burns & McDonnell Celebrates Opening and Growth of Office in Akron, Ohio

AKRON, Ohio — Officials from the City of Akron and Summit County joined Burns & McDonnell leadership and employee-owners at a ribbon-cutting and open house to celebrate the opening of their office in Akron. Opened originally during the pandemic in late 2020, the Akron office is now well...

Solar Power World: Alliant Energy completes 150-MW Wisconsin solar project

EV Cybersecurity Measures a Major Priority With NEVI

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program provides cybersecurity guidance for electric vehicles, aiming to keep all interested parties secure.

Improve Success of Complex Highway Projects With an Underutilized Tool

The right of entry process required for highway expansion projects can be a great tool for addressing property owner concerns and drive to project success.

Conducting an Innovative PEL Study for a Major Road in Kane County, Illinois

To help identify and implement essential improvements to Randall Road between Big Timber Road and Illinois Route 72 in Kane County, Illinois, the Kane County Division of Transportation (KDOT) selected Burns & McDonnell to conduct a large-scale feasibility study. Roughly six months into the project,...

Vision Transforms Into Strong and Sustainable Capital Investment Program

When FirstEnergy needed a plan to manage an annual expenditure of over $1 billion, it leveraged a long-standing partnership with Burns & McDonnell to implement its vision — Energizing the Future — and create a manageable portfolio of improvements to meet customer needs and corporate goals.

Burns & McDonnell Builds Ameren Missouri’s Largest Solar Power Generation Plant

Ameren Missouri aims to increase clean energy production in the Greater St. Louis region with a new solar array. The project is part of a program to encourage a reduction in carbon emissions.

Balancing Cybersecurity and Production in the Oil and Gas Industry

Cyberattacks are often successful due to security lapses caused by internal shortcuts. In order to find vulnerabilities and offer remedies, 1898 & Co. analyzed the systemwide architecture and field deployments of a global energy company determined to shore up its cybersecurity.

Burns & McDonnell Announces Director of Operations for Denver and Pacific Northwest

DENVER, Colorado — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, announces its selection of Zach Herrington, PE, to serve as director of operations for the firm’s offices in Denver and the Pacific Northwest. The firm's presence in the region is growing,...

Taking the Helm and Delivering the Goods: Sustaining Port Infrastructure for Economic Development

Since its opening, more than 80 million tons of freight have moved through the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. After undertaking ownership of a second port and adopting the name Tulsa Ports, improvements were essential to reinvigorate both sites and promote economic activity throughout the region.

Attention to Detail Yields Quality Approach to Transportation Projects

Focusing on details is crucial for having a successful project outcome on transportation or any construction initiative. Taking a quality approach can help.

Optimizing Oilfield Electrification: An Integrated Approach

Reliability, emissions reduction and cost savings are some of the reasons to alter the electrical infrastructure supporting your oilfield production assets. To fully understand options, costs and implications — as well as capture maximum value for your investments — requires support from a partner...

Village of Homewood Completes Water Supply Project to Provide Sustainable Water for the Future

HOMEWOOD, Illinois — Village of Homewood leaders joined Burns & McDonnell project team members on Tuesday at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate completion of a $12.25 million design-build project to transition the community's water to a new supplier. This allows the Village to continue...

The Preconstruction Podcast: Let's Talk Water/Wastewater with Estimating & Preconstruction Manager Kevin Waddell at Burns & McDonnell

Offshore Wind Transmission: How Far Has the U.S. Come?

Strides are being made in the offshore wind transmission space, but to maximize the potential of this renewable energy source, interested parties from all relevant sectors must come together and agree on issues like oversight and how to connect offshore generation to the onshore electric grid in a...

Understanding Process and Performance Management

Surviving and thriving requires aligning your organization’s purpose with a systematic approach that uses processes, people and culture to drive success.

Delivering Design Efficiently for Gas Distribution Main Replacements

DTE Energy’s aging gas distribution infrastructure is being replaced through a multiyear main renewal program set to install approximately 200 miles of new polyethelene and cathodically protected steel mains throughout the state of Michigan annually. Strategically sequencing survey, design and...

Utility Company Accelerates DC Fast Charging Station Deployment

The need to decrease carbon emissions is accelerating the popularity of electric vehicles. A DC Fast Charging Corridor Study and the interactive tool developed as part of the analysis are being used to grow a utility’s EV charging infrastructure in a way that minimizes impact on the grid.

An Organizational Approach to Analytics

Organizations rely on data analytics to make timely decisions with confidence. However, for data to be used to achieve desired results, it must evolve from a technology led approach to a human-centric process focused on clients’ needs, desires, feedback and responses. Podcast: KTA's Safety Assessment Featuring Jessica Hutton

Combined Experience Contributes to Innovative Fish-Handling Solution

After years of development of Section 316(b) regulations under the Clean Water Act, the time had come to select and implement compliance options. At Nearman Creek Power Station, an uncommon approach was customized to achieve compliance while minimizing complications.

Building Capacity to Effectively Manage Change in a Dynamic Environment

Businesses, utilities and public agencies are facing historic change. Navigating projects, initiatives and priorities can be daunting, especially when organizations must address technological disruption and human resource demands. To effectively execute change management, an organization must build...

Queuing Up Renewable Energy Project Success

Efforts are underway throughout the U.S. to update the interconnection process to alleviate stresses on application queues and efficiently secure new energy generation systems on the grid. With modernization underway, now is the time for renewable generators looking to interconnect to start...

Unlocking Smarter Solutions for Managing the Built Environment

The built environment is increasingly dependent on sophisticated, connected controls for heating and air conditioning, energy management, lighting and many other systems. Unfortunately, many of these controls function in silos, with little interoperability and integration. A master systems...

Investing for a Better World: Making the Case for Standardised ESG Data Reporting

Standardised environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting allows lenders to incorporate environmental risks into strategic planning decisions.

Mitigating Subsurface Corrosion on Foundation Piles of Solar Installations

A variety of risks should be considered at all design stages in order to mitigate subsurface corrosion of a solar installation’s steel foundation piles.

Six Vital Questions for the Future of the UK Offshore Wind Sector

The future of the U.K.’s offshore wind sector rides on the answers to questions about interconnections, supply chains and global competition.

Why HVDC Cables Are Poised to Provide Valuable Alternatives

Increasing the use of HVDC cables in the U.S. could require facing N-1 contingency challenges, siting along railroad tracks and boosting the supply chain.

Industry-Leading Data Consolidation Streamlines Workflow

Since December 2020, Evergy, an energy utility based in Kansas City, Missouri, has been consolidating multiple legacy data sets and asset management applications on to a Maximo application platform. This initiative covers multiple fossil plants and one nuclear plant. 1898 & Co. was brought on to...

Properly Planned Decommissioning and Demolition Can Extend Life of Mining Sites

Planning can mitigate risks inherent in decommissioning mine sites, including safety concerns, unanticipated findings, schedule delays and cost overruns.

Why Effective Water Treatment Pilot Testing Requires Flexibility and Agency Collaboration

Pilot projects provide valuable proofs of concept for costly large-scale water treatment infrastructure. With design-build project delivery, construction often begins before final regulatory design approval can be secured — and a flexible approach to pilot design and execution is essential. An...

Let’s Examine the Tradeoffs Between Going Fast and Controlling Costs

Integrated engineer-procure-construct (EPC) project delivery brings balance and allows both an aggressive schedule and careful budget control.

Tara Delagarza Joins Burns & McDonnell in Austin to Help Lead Water Projects in Central Texas

Tara Delagarza joins Burns & McDonnell in Austin, Texas.

With 25 years of national experience in capital program management and engineering, Tara brings her unique interdisciplinary water and power skill set to lead our water practice in central Texas. She joins Burns & McDonnell from the City of...

Burns & McDonnell Strengthens Its Underground and Submarine Cable Services Team

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell, a global engineering and construction firm, has reorganized resources and expanded services to better meet the rapidly growing need for underground electrical cables. The new Underground & Submarine Cables team is organized within the company’s...

CFO Alissa Schuessler Appointed Newest Member of Burns & McDonnell Board of Directors During Rapid Firm Growth

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Alissa Schuessler, CFO and SVP for Burns & McDonnell, is the newest board member of the 100% employee-owned firm.

Schuessler joins CEO and Chairman Ray Kowalik and the five other current board members (Paul Fischer, Steve Gross, Renita Mollman, John Olander and Bob Reymond)...

New Hues Turning Hydrogen Rainbow Into Hydrogen Kaleidoscope

Hydrogen could be a significant zero-carbon energy resource. Production pathways can be better understood via the evolving hues of the hydrogen rainbow.

Addressing the Human Capital Side of Transformation

Water and energy utilities undergoing transformation must implement well-planned strategic people management to improve performance and achieve objectives.

Facility Control Systems Integration Unlocks Hidden Value for U.S. Marine Corps

An integrated facility-related controls system is serving as a proof of concept to deliver better situational awareness, operational efficiency, planning and budgetary forecasting.

The Case for Segment Routing in the Utility Industry

Utility networks that use label distribution protocols have proved reliable over time and capable of transporting mission-critical traffic, but those protocols also introduce operational complexity and excess network overheads. Software to better manage traffic priority and flow can alleviate some...

Sean Kenny Named Burns & McDonnell Construction Director for Industrial Projects in California

BREA, California — Sean Kenny has been named director of construction for the Burns & McDonnell California region. He will have overall responsibility for construction operations and execution of industrial projects in the transmission & distribution, oil, gas and chemicals, power generation and...

Texas Trio Battery Energy Storage Facilities Address Grid Stability in West Texas Wind Resource Area

Three battery energy storage facilities in West Texas are helping stabilize the power grid with 60 megawatt-hours (MWh) of total energy capacity that now is available to help system operators manage grid operations in one of the country’s most active wind resource areas. Dubbed the Texas Trio,...

Kansas City Business Journal: Burns & McDonnell appoints second woman to its board

A Modernized Fuel Facility Creates Resilience for Travel at San Francisco International Airport

SAN FRANCISCO, California — San Francisco International Airport (SFO) leaders joined SFO FUEL LLC airline partners and Burns & McDonnell project team members for a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the airport’s modernized jet fuel storage facility designed and built by Burns & McDonnell on behalf of the...

Staying Breach-Ready During a Cybersecurity Labor Shortage

Well-trained personnel are necessary to combat cyberattacks, but all industries are struggling amid a declining cybersecurity labor pool.

Hope Alexander, Global Manufacturing Facilities Development Leader, Joins Burns & McDonnell

CHICAGO — Leading facilities development professional Hope Alexander has joined Burns & McDonnell in Chicago to support the firm’s growing portfolio of manufacturing facility solutions and clientele nationwide. She will spearhead the development of integrated design and construction services for a...

Holistic Strategies Fuel ESG Maximization for Oilfield Electrification

Oilfield electrification can produce quick gains, but a holistic strategy and adaptable approach generates ESG value over the long term.

Volatile Market Means It’s Time to Explore Other Contracting Approaches

Open-book engineer-procure-construct (EPC) offers contracting advantages over traditional project delivery methods in today’s market volatility and uncertainty.

Transaction Advisory Identifies Project Risks That May Hinder Success

Every project has a unique set of variables that contribute to project risk. Achieving an acceptable return on investment for any project requires a thorough understanding of risks and having a well-crafted plan to address them.

Beyond the Solar Farm: Transmission and Distribution Jobs Deliver Clean Energy

The clean energy transition is inspiring a new generation of engineers. Their opportunities to contribute extend throughout the electrical infrastructure.

U.S. Rep. Sherrill Visits Burns & McDonnell to Discuss Growth and Local Infrastructure Initiatives

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey — U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) visited the Morristown, New Jersey, office of Burns & McDonnell, an engineering, architecture and construction firm, on Aug. 22 to meet with regional leadership and lead a town hall with employees of the Morristown office. During the visit,...

The Crossroads of People, Process and Culture: Helping Organizations Thrive Through Change

The time to integrate sustainability and net zero policies is now. As utilities, municipalities and industrial companies test new technologies, new business models and new hiring processes, people change management needs to be at the forefront. What does this mean for you and your organization?...

Burns & McDonnell Names Leader for Water Group in California to Support Regional Growth

BREA, California — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction company, has promoted Michael Lehrburger to regional manager of the firm’s Water Group in California.

In this role, Lehrburger will build and lead the team that provides safe, reliable and...

Engineering & Technology: Six vital questions for the UK offshore wind sector

Unlock a Connected Future at Your Airport With Private LTE

There are new possibilities everywhere in the aviation industry and connectivity is the key to unlocking them. Achieving this vision of “the possible” will require airports, airlines and the aviation industry as a whole to begin thinking differently about telecommunications systems. These networks...

When it Comes to Rail at Airports It’s All About Operations

As most industries continue to grapple with the lingering effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, namely supply chain challenges and labor shortages, finding more efficient and faster ways to transport goods is crucial. With truck drivers in short supply, industrial rail is standing out as an...

Looking to a Future of Private Air Travel

Imagine a flight where you have the chance to stretch out your legs with more than ample space to store your luggage and golf clubs in the aircraft rear. Or how about jumping on a flight with a little less planning, a lot less hassle and minimal security screening compared to what you might...

Ramping Up for Increasing Airport Electrification

Recognizing which aspects of aviation will electrify sooner could help airports optimize their infrastructure planning.

Keeping Airports Operational in Inclement Weather: A Case for Glycol Recycling

Airports depend on fuel, people and planes to remain functional, but once the temperature drops and a winter storm moves in, glycol becomes a key component for reliable operations. Glycol, used as deicing fluid, is sprayed on aircraft to remove frost, snow and ice from the wings and protect against...

NextGen Is About to Transform Aviation

The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) is the catalyst for a breathtaking array of improvements that qualify it as one of the most ambitious upgrades of critical infrastructure in U.S. history.

AZCO Announces Leadership Promotions

APPLETON, Wisconsin — Self-perform industrial construction and prefabrication solutions provider AZCO is announcing a pair of strategic promotions as the Burns & McDonnell subsidiary grows to meet the needs of industrial clients across the United States.

Will Market Volatility be a Speed Bump for Clean Energy Tech Development?

Federal incentives may boost decarbonization technologies in the face of the 2022 economic downturn, though technology developers should proceed cautiously.

People and Organizational Culture Services: State of the Workplace

The war for talent has been and continues to be a reality for organizations across industries for the past 20 years, as there is an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talented employees. Today, the great resignation continues as business leaders struggle to make sense...

Coal-to-Gas Conversion at Big Rivers Electric Corp.’s Green Generating Station Completed Ahead of Schedule

HENDERSON, Kentucky — A coal-to-gas conversion is now commercially available to generate 500 MW of electric power at the Robert D. Green Generating Station, part of the Sebree Generating Station owned and operated by Big Rivers Electric Corp.

Completion of the project means the plant produces just...

City of Siloam Springs Completes Water Treatment Facility Project to Meet Water Demand for 2040

SILOAM SPRINGS, Arkansas — The City of Siloam Springs and design-build partner Burns & McDonnell celebrated the completion of a $30 million upgrade to the City’s Water Treatment Plant with a ribbon-cutting. In the nearly three decades since Siloam Springs’ water treatment facility underwent its...

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Tony Paresa to Hawaii Leadership

HONOLULU, Hawaii — Tony Paresa has been promoted to lead Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, in Hawaii as the next Pacific branch operations manager. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Paresa joined Burns & McDonnell after fulfilling a...

Burns & McDonnell Appoints New Leadership in Canada

CALGARY, Alberta — Darcy Wagner has been promoted to lead Burns & McDonnell in Canada. With a career spanning more than 20 years directing major capital project execution and operations in the energy industry, Wagner brings invaluable experience to his leadership role for the firm in Canada. As...

Navigating New Standards for PFAS Forever Chemical Compounds

Municipalities and water utilities must perform due diligence when evaluating responses to revised EPA drinking water health advisories for PFAS compounds.

Protecting Water and Wastewater Utilities With Critical Cybersecurity

Guarding system vulnerabilities and planning for cyberthreats is vital for water and wastewater utilities. Innovations prioritize protection of the water supply.

Q&A: Construction Teaming Powers Diverse Hiring Achievements

Burns & McDonnell is working with SaskPower and Indigenous and other local partners to build the Great Plains Power Station, an combined-cycle facility.

Burns & McDonnell Awarded EPC Contract for 30-MW Battery Energy Storage System for RWE Renewables

HOUSTON, Texas — Burns & McDonnell has been selected to provide engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for project Texas Waves II, a 30-MW/ 30-MWh lithium-ion stand-alone battery energy storage system (BESS) in Scurry County, Texas.

This battery system will make a meaningful contribution to grid...

TSA Revises Cybersecurity Directive for U.S. Pipelines

A ransomware cyberattack prompted the TSA to enact additional cybersecurity measures to protect oil and gas companies from similar attacks in the future.

Q&A: Lauren Bertram Reflects on Hiring the ‘Culture Add’ Versus the ‘Culture Fit’

Leon Harden interviews Lauren Bertram about how companies should focus on how a candidate could add to an existing culture with a diverse perspective.

Design-Build Project Secures Clean, Affordable Water Supply for Village of Homewood

An Illinois community applied a progressive design-build approach to bring its water system online fast, supporting reliable water services at a stable rate.

Constructing Tomorrow: Sustainability and Resilience in Civil Engineering

Incorporating sustainable and resilient design into building practices is a focus of civil engineers. However, there are different interpretations of the concepts and gaps in how to effectively incorporate these strategies and additional data needed to help make sustainability and resilient...

Finding Funding: Writing a Grant Proposal for Commercial/Industrial Industries

For those who aren’t well-versed in grant funding development, grant writing can be a challenge. Following several key steps for any grant development venture is crucial for putting an organization in a position to receive funding.

Key Steps to Prepare for Transportation Funding Opportunities

Cities, counties and communities hoping to secure federal funding for projects should take early steps to identify crucial infrastructure needs and upgrades.

The Wall Street Journal: Power Companies Enter Peak Hurricane Season Lacking Enough Transformers

Boosting Capacity Through Efficient Project Delivery

When Beaches Energy Services needed to replace an old autotransformer at a suburban substation facing growing demand, it chose to hire a partner with broad engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contract experience to expedite the results.

Return Periods and Cost Considerations

Return periods are a tool that the transmission line engineer can use to turn up or down the reliability of a line design. When should a higher return period be selected? How do you design a line for a higher return period? What are the cost implications of doing so? This presentation will provide...

Burns & McDonnell Names New Principals Leadership Class Amid Record-Breaking Growth

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has promoted 35 employee-owners across the U.S. to the Principal Group after their contribution to a record year of sales and growth in 2021 for the 100% employee-owned engineering, construction and architecture firm.

Last year, Burns & McDonnell supported...

With Plans to Double in Size in Charlotte, Burns & McDonnell Moves to New Location to Better Serve the Region

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — TheCharlotte officeof Burns & McDonnell has relocated toWhitehall Corporate Center, a larger space that can accommodate the staff required to support major infrastructure expansion in the region and meet the needs of a growing customer base in a variety of industries.

Burns & McDonnell Announces Director of Operations for Mid-Atlantic to Support Regional Growth

CHESAPEAKE, Virginia — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, announces its selection of John Bothof to serve as director of operations for the Mid-Atlantic region. The firm’s presence is growing in the region and its expansion will facilitate...

Burns & McDonnell Maintains Key No. 1 Spots and Strong Standing in ENR 2022 Sourcebook Rankings

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Continued support of critical infrastructure and strong economic growth helped Burns & McDonnell achieve a strong standing in the 2022Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazineannual rankings of consulting engineering services.

The 100% employee-owned, engineering,...

6 Tips for Building National EV Charging Corridors People Will Use

Planning electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure should consider legislation, user experience, and coordination between government agencies and utilities.

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Laura Toporowski to Lead Program Management Projects Across Southwest

PHOENIX, Arizona — With a history of project success,Laura Toporowskihas been promoted to department manager for the regional Construction Group at Burns & McDonnell in Phoenix, Arizona. In this role, she and her team will focus on driving growth and leading successful program management projects...

A Comprehensive Approach to Project Siting

Finding the optimal site for your project is integral to overall success. But the task of finding that location can seem daunting when facing the multiple steps it takes to determine if a site will be suitable. An experienced partner understands this process and can help you find an ideal site.

Burns & McDonnell Awarded Second Substation Contract With National Grid

BIRMINGHAM, England — National Grid has awarded engineering-led construction firmBurns & McDonnellan engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contract for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of an extension to National Grid’s 275-kVsubstationin Oldbury, West Midlands.

This project, which...

Growing in Business Together

Meeting a percentage spend goal for diverse businesses is not enough. Sustainable growth requires tangible long-term business opportunities that benefit all.

Perspectives on Utility Transformation

Utilities face challenges ranging from physical security threats to digital transformation. Finding efficiencies and optimizing performance is key.

Burns & McDonnell Selected as SP Energy Networks Supplier

BIRMINGHAM, England — Engineering-led construction firmBurns & McDonnellhas been selected by SP Energy Networks to join a new framework for engineering design services in Scotland.

Suppliers on the framework will design new connections for SP Energy Networks’ transmission system, as well as...

X-energy Selects Constructors for Design and Deployment of Xe-100 Advanced Reactor Fleet in US

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — X-energy today announced a significant step toward the creation of a unique energy delivery model with the selection of Zachry and the combined team of Burns & McDonnell and Day & Zimmermann as constructors to collaborate and work with the company on the next phases of...

Improving Natural Gas Distribution Systems to Ease Pressure Risks

Providing a continuous supply of gas to residences and industries is the main objective of gas utilities. An overpressure event can jeopardize safety, damage the infrastructure and interrupt supply. Understanding regulatory requirements and enhancing safety can reinforce the system and reduce risk.

Complete Street Design Improves Livability and Connectivity

With continued economic and residential growth, Leawood, Kansas, needed to improve its roads. Pursuing a complete street design transformed a minor arterial road into a bright, open environment that supports multimodal transportation.

Autonomous Vehicles: The Disconnect Between Traffic Engineers and Private Sector

Private companies and traffic engineers have opposing goals for autonomous vehicles (AVs). Safety and profit will need to work together.

Burns & McDonnell and EVS Inc. Launch Alliance to Provide Electrical Transmission and Distribution Services

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, Minnesota — Burns & McDonnell has entered into an alliance with engineering firmEVS Inc., a certified minority business enterprise (MBE), to begin jointly providingelectrical transmission and distributionengineering services.

“We promote an inclusive approach across the...

What’s Next With the Infrastructure Law?

Since the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed late last year, more than 4,300 projects — affecting all 50 states and representing $110 billion in funding — have been announced. In the coming months, thousands more projects will be awarded. What does this mean for you and...

Designing for Procurement Can Help Alleviate Supply Chain Headaches

As supply chain disruptions continue to strain timely delivery of utility infrastructure projects, designing for procurement is becoming a vital strategy.

1898 & Co. ESG Consulting for Transparency in Complex Transactions

Environmental stewardship, social impact and climate change are among the most significant issues of our time. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) evaluations will support lenders and investors — helping them understand these complex issues — while increasing transparency and accountability...

Unlocking Site Selection Success

For many projects, the perfect site can feel just beyond reach. The process of finding your ideal location may seem daunting at first, but working with an experienced site selection team to do all the heavy lifting — from sifting through sites to learning about unique site features and determining...

Taking the Pressure Off Planning for Capital Investments

When major operational changes require large capital investments, the unknowns of the outcomes can weigh heavily on an organization. Pre-capital consulting is crucial to delivering a successful project, especially for companies that have multiple departments with diverse responsibilities or...

Juan Gomez Tagle Accepts New Program Management Role for Burns & McDonnell in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Juan Gomez Tagle has joined the Mexico City–based team at Burns & McDonnell to lead development and implementation of the office’sprogram managementefforts. With the recent growth of the firm’sMexico Cityoffice, including the location’s exciting new addition of its...

Simplifying Program Management for Large-Scale Capital Projects

Comprehensive data and dashboards through program management can help ease some of the challenges electric utilities face with large capital programs.

Delivering Complex Projects With Agile Project Management

With its step-by-step methodology, waterfall project management remains the preferred delivery model for projects with an end result clearly established from the beginning. But for complex projects with evolving or ambiguous requirements, agile project management — with agility and flexibility...

Early EPC Project Integration Helps Utility Owners Meet Grid Demands

Early integration of project teams through engineer-procure-construct (EPC) delivery has benefits, from improving constructability to conserving resources.

Using Established Nuclear Processes to Meet Hydrogen Demands

New or existing nuclear power facilities may be the key to meeting the demand for hydrogen gas as a net zero fuel source.

Projects for Next Generation Renewables

Resources for utility-scale renewable energy generation have been successfully integrated into the grid for quite some time. However, the intermittent nature of renewable energy assets pose some challenges as utilities, government agencies and private developers aim to achieve a Net Zero Grid. When...

Battery Energy Storage Augmentation: Key Project Considerations

There are variables to consider before deciding if periodic augmentation is the right move for owners of battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Business Intelligence Project Delivers Road Map for Data-Driven Insights at Port of Portland

A business intelligence road map developed for the Port of Portland is helping guide the port authority’s transformation into a data-driven organization that will enable future budget, financial and operational planning decision-making.

Burns & McDonnell Announces Key Hire to Strengthen, Grow Commissioning Services Throughout the Northeast

WALLINGFORD, Connecticut — Strengthening itscommissioningofferings to help clients meet key facility performance objectives, Burns & McDonnell has hiredKrunal Patelto lead the company’s Northeast commissioning team. Patel will be based out of the firm’sBostonoffice and will serve all...

Delivering Expanded Cargo Capacity for O’Hare International Airport

With phases I and II of the Northeast Cargo Development complete, the Chicago Department of Aviation and Aeroterm began planning the project’s next piece. Our team was retained to design the airfield and landside infrastructure for phase III, optimizing the remaining space to provide a 20% increase...

Powering Future Manufacturing With Decarbonized Industrial Operations

Industrial manufacturers are exploring how to decarbonize assets and processes, a key step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainability.

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District Launches Mission to Improve Water Quality

Through Project Clear, a Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) initiative, MSD has plans to alleviate wastewater concerns and improve water quality for the entire St. Louis region. The Gravois Trunk Sanitary Storage Facility project supports this initiative by incorporating a variety of water...

New Bulk Fuel Storage Facility at STL Doubles Jet Fuel Capacity

As the number of air travelers grows, airlines are adding more planes, flights and destinations, thus increasing the need for additional jet fuel. STL Fuel Company LLC, a consortium of airlines, contracted with Burns & McDonnell to provide design-build services for a new $50 million bulk jet fuel...

Act Opens Pathways to Operate Federal Facilities More Efficiently

Monitoring-based commissioning and energy management information systems are part of the solution for federal facilities to meet requirements of the Energy Act of 2020.

Burns & McDonnell Launches Integrated Construction Group in the Twin Cities

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Burns & McDonnell recently announced the launch of an integrated construction group at itsMinneapolis-St. Paul office. The team of construction professionals joins the more than 130 engineers and architects at the office who deliver turnkey project solutions that include...

Major Manufacturer Reaping Multiple Benefits From Data Conversion to Enterprise GIS

One of the largest manufacturing companies in North America has gained greatly improved safety, efficiency and quality for facility operations, thanks to a major migration of vital operations data into an Enterprise GIS system hosted in the cloud.

Big Investments at the Space Coast Propel Expansion for Burns & McDonnell

MELBOURNE, Florida — Supporting momentum generated by innovative aerospace, defense and space projects along with historical launches along Florida’s Space Coast, Burns & McDonnell is opening a new office in Melbourne, Florida.

The new 2,800-square-foot space at 6767 North Wickham Road, Suite 106,...

The Reinvention of Transmission Line Design

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital twins are transforming the manufacturing and automotive industries. They could also dramatically improve transmission line design. By integrating historical data with emerging computer science and information technologies, utilities...

Water Infrastructure Webinar

This webinar will provide water utilities with the latest updates on the funding opportunities found in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation (BIL). Our discussion will focus on state revolving funds (SRFs) programs, as more than 80% of water-related funding will be delivered through these...

Making Underground Transmission and Distribution a Reality With All-In Project Delivery

The construction complexities of underground transmission or distribution can be streamlined with an all-in engineer-procure-construct (EPC) project approach.

The Clean Path Forward: What It Will Take to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy

As the overall demand for energy increases around the globe, so does the need to generate energy from renewable sources. Solar, wind and hydropower — combined with nuclear and other low-carbon sources of power generation — will continue to evolve, stabilizing energy costs, creating job...

Forbes: Burns & McDonnell Navigates Passage Between Electric Revolution And Supply Chain Crisis

Memphis Light, Gas and Water Partners With Burns & McDonnell for a Multiyear Distribution Automation Program

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Memphis Light, Gas and Water (MLGW) is partnering with engineering, construction and architecture firm Burns & McDonnell in planning a five-year, $132 million state-of-the-artdistribution automationprogram. The work is designed to improve overall service reliability of the...

Creating Career Confidence Through Mentorship

The power of mentorship cannot be overlooked when it comes to creating opportunities and interest in the engineering profession.

PowerGrid International: Wisconsin Public Services uses predictive analysis to guide grid modernization

Let’s Move Away From Uncertainty and Toward Actionable Insights

As systems and controls become increasingly digitized, campuses have an opportunity to mine legacy data from disparate systems to form actionable insights.

Programmatic Approach Can Deliver Cost Certainty for Utilities

Private broadband wireless networks provide better control options and are increasingly the solution utilities look to. However, telecommunications build-outs are often logistically and geographically complex. These challenges are forcing a new look at long-held assumptions on how best to deliver...

New Fuel Facility Supports Current, Future Airline Needs at TUS

As air travel demands shifted over the years, the jet fuel storage facility at Tucson International Airport (TUS) became outdated and struggled to meet the airport’s needs. Burns & McDonnell quickly delivered a new fuel storage and delivery facility by self-performing the construction and quickly...

Greener Skies Could Be on the Horizon

As airlines explore approaches to decarbonize the aviation industry, sustainable aviation fuel has emerged as a leading sky-friendly solution.

Renewables’ Ripple Effect on the Grid

Managing a massive influx of widely distributed decarbonized energy sources, large and small, will involve rethinking — and reworking — much of our electrical infrastructure.

An Electric Journey: The Transmission and Distribution of Renewable Energy

Renewable power is transforming the energy landscape, but the journey from energy generation to consumption doesn’t stop once solar panels and wind turbines are installed. These renewable energy technologies must be connected to transmission and distribution systems, and utilities need backup...

Wyoming Hyperscale Launches Construction of World’s First Sustainable Hyperscale Data Center Ecosystem

ASPEN, Wyoming — As the data center services market is projected to grow by more than 50% by 2026,Wyoming Hyperscale White Boxis leading the way globally to drive down the environmental impact ofBig Tech within hyperscale applications. The company’s Aspen Mountain Hyperscale Data Center campus —...

Boldly Pursuing Energy Opportunities With Offshore Wind

Flying out over the ocean, you might catch a glimpse of a renewable energy solution that is poised to turn the power industry on its head, create thousands of jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Offshore wind farms — turbines generating energy taken from the force of the wind out at sea — can...

Strong Currents: Lithium-Ion Dominance Is Making Life Difficult for Other Energy Storage Technologies

Until recently, utilities may have had difficulty imagining a day when massive installations of batteries would be the main energy storage resource needed for grid stability. It’s not so difficult anymore.

Raising a Field of Solar Panels

Utilities can leverage a fully integrated EPC approach and community engagement efforts to foster a safe and reliable transition toward renewable energy.

Bringing Sustainability On-Site

The quest for sustainable solutions is changing design and construction norms emerging throughout the EPC process. But how sustainable engineer-procure-construct (EPC) manifests itself on any given project can vary widely, depending on the owner’s interests, budget and goals.

Burns & McDonnell India Ranks No. 56 on the 2022 Best Companies to Work For List

MUMBAI, India — Burns & McDonnell India, part of Burns & McDonnell, is gaining national recognition for its workplace operations and culture. Coming in at No. 56, the firm has now made India’s Best Companies to Work For list for the last six years in a row.

To earn this recognition, Burns &...

An Outlook for the Chemicals Industry

Decarbonization goals, the war in Ukraine and lithium production are themes driving the chemicals industry now and into the future.

Cyber Resilience Spurs Reassurance for Renewables

The fast transition to renewables is leaving energy providers vulnerable to cyberattacks. Learn how the industry is responding and doing what it can to shore up grid reliability.

Comprehensive Software Solution Streamlines Transmission System Modeling for LG&E and KU

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities (LG&E and KU) must annually gather data on updated load forecasts, generation resources, current transmission system information and planned transmission system projects within a 10-year planning horizon in order to build a digital model of the...

Burns & McDonnell Expands Into Scotland to Support Energy Transition

BIRMINGHAM, England — Global engineering-led construction firmBurns & McDonnellhas established an office and team in Scotland, continuing to expand its U.K. footprint.

The firm, which has operated in the U.S. for over 120 years, will provide engineering and construction services to electricity...

Scrubbing CO2 From Ambient Air Through Direct Air Capture Technology

Grants and financial incentives are available for direct air capture (DAC) projects and storage technology to help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air.

A Tool for Modernizing the Grid

Patience has long been a virtue of those interested in connecting their distributed energy resources (DER) to the grid. Approval for these projects has been slow, with utilities lacking ways to identify feasibility and costs for interconnections. Hosting capacity analyses can solve for these...

T&D World: SDSIC: Improving the Way Substations Are Designed Through Connections and Collaboration

Focus on Optimizing Existing Solar Installations During a Market Pause

During an uncertain time in the solar market, a high-level performance audit can help companies understand and optimize performance of existing solar sites.

Public Utilities Fortnightly: Maximizing Opportunities for Diverse Subcontractors and Suppliers

Overcoming Project Challenges With Integrated QA/QC Services

A thorough, focused and integrated quality assurance and quality control program (QA/QC) can keep a project on schedule and on budget.

T&D World: We Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Talk About Diversity

Meeting Expectations With On-Site Airport Fuel Storage

As travel numbers rise, airports are assessing fuel storage capacity needed to maintain operations and support growth. Adequate on-site fuel storage is key.

4 Factors Will Steer the Journey to Fleet Electrification

Electrification of large fleets of vehicles will contribute greatly to global decarbonization, but the journey comes with four distinct challenges.

Implementing Creative Solutions for Wind Waste Management

As operators need to refurbish parts of their wind generation facilities, challenges in waste management have quickly emerged for the renewable market.

Now More Than Ever, Critical Infrastructure Must Be Cybersecure

The pace of digital change is opening new windows for cyberattacks on critical industries; vigilance is warranted now more than ever.

Solar Construction Innovations Are Driven by Collaborative EPC Framework

Collaborative opportunities under an EPC contracting framework inspire custom technology applications driving efficiencies in solar construction projects.

Thinking Beyond the Stadium: The Future of District Development

Technology, accessibility and diversity of people and entertainment options are transforming sports- and entertainment-centered districts.

Using Plants for Sustainable, Effective Remediation of Groundwater and Soil

Metal contamination in soil and groundwater has resulted from a variety of industrial activities. Traditional remediation approaches, such as pump-and-treat or soil excavation, can be energy-, cost-, and carbon-intensive. Phytoremediation can offer a sustainable alternative to these approaches by...

Understanding Procurement Specifications When Purchasing Pipeline Materials

Pipeline design and construction projects are unique and complex, whether the project is underground, aerial or offshore; a single crossing replacement or an entirely new pipeline; 500 miles or 500 feet. To successfully procure the materials needed for a new pipeline system, engineering...

Burns & McDonnell Marks Rapid Growth, Creates Job Opportunities at Its Atlanta Office

ATLANTA, Georgia — Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst and members of the city of Brookhaven and the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce joined Burns & McDonnell leadership and employee-owners at a ribbon-cutting and open house event to celebrate the expansion of the firm’sAtlanta office.

Since opening its...

Enhancing Design-Build Projects by Incorporating an Optimization and Refinement Period

The scope of a traditional design-build project can change even before ground is broken. On these projects, an optimization and refinement period — an interval of time when the owner and project team collaborate on project details before locking in the price — can make all the difference.

Why Design-Build Is Vital to Managing Commercial Aviation Growth

Capital improvement efforts are soaring in commercial aviation. Design-build delivery makes them more efficient and easier to manage.

Fast-Track Design Offers a Clean Start for Production of New Product

Managing risk in new product production is key to a profitable outcome. When a personal care products manufacturer wanted to introduce a new body wash to its portfolio, it needed a new manufacturing process to operate within an existing and predetermined production space, all while meeting an...

Designing Utility Systems to Augment 5G Build-Out

Cellular networks — especially networks operating on 5G technology — are poised to directly and indirectly transform utilities. With their infrastructure and vast device ecosystem, private 4G and 5G technologies can do more than provide a robust and secure communications network for utility...

H2Oh No: Clean Hydrogen’s Water Challenges

Hydrogen is important for decarbonizing the power industry, but water scarcity threatens project development. Identifying water sources early is key.

Progressive-Design Build: A Tool for Our Times

Rising costs, disrupted supply chains and a constricted labor market will pose challenges to the many construction projects now coming to market. Using a progressive design-build approach, owners can mitigate costs and minimize risks by reducing upfront cost and time investment, while fostering...

Kohler Co. and Burns & McDonnell Complete 546,000-Square-Foot Distribution Warehouse at Kohler’s Huntsville Campus

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama —Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath products, and Burns & McDonnell have completed construction of a 546,000-square-foot warehouse at Kohler’s Huntsville campus. Spanning 28 acres, the major capital investment project will increase production and shipping capacity...

How to Manage Risks While Executing Underground Transmission and Distribution Projects

A strategic approach for underground electrical transmission and distribution lines can mitigate or reduce risk and support on-time, on-budget completion.

The Case for Digitalizing Ports

Data is playing an increasingly critical role in seaport and maritime operations. By including technology — one key area being data management — in their master planning processes, port operators can find ways to address logistical bottlenecks and improve operational efficiencies, achieving...

Fault Detection and Diagnostics Project for Federal Contractor Supports Energy Efficiency Efforts

With federal facilities facing stringent energy efficiency mandates, technology for advanced monitoring and diagnostics can provide much-needed visibility into whether equipment is operating outside of normal ranges — a solution that can help lower energy and operations costs.

The Paybacks of Carefully Planned Security Technology Implementation

When done right, enhanced electronic security can lead to increased operational efficiencies and reduced insurance premiums. This explains the surge in investment in advanced electronic security systems. Yet, adopting the technologies that provide security and operational benefits can be...

Downtown Skyscraper Shines Bright Again Following Modernization

Holistic building renovation strategies that use simple, cost-effective materials with durability and timelessness in mind can add a sense of beauty and new life to a dated space, changing how it is perceived, which was the case for an iconic building in Kansas City.

Automating Pharmaceutical Inspections for Efficient Delivery

By automating previously manual pharmaceutical inspections, the life sciences industry takes a step toward maintaining safe and reliable production.

Facility Renovation Improves Processes for Production and People

Reimagining constrained space leads to increased plant capacity, improved production processes and overall better manufacturing efficiency for Tyson Foods in the Midwest.

Advancing Order Fulfillment With Automated Solutions

The Jasco Products omnichannel distribution facility in Oklahoma City fulfills and distributes over 100,000 consumer product orders each day. To improve fulfillment operations, speed and order accuracy, Jasco turned to Burns & McDonnell to develop, design and build its new automated material...

Buckeye Partners, L.P. Selects Burns & McDonnell to Build 164-MW Solar Project

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is supportingBuckeye Partners, L.P.(Buckeye) as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for a new 164-MW solar energy project. The project — located in Hill County, Texas, between Waco and Dallas — is part of Buckeye’s energy...

Burns & McDonnell Recognized as U.S. Best Managed Company

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is proud to announce it has been selected as a2022 US Best Managed Company. Sponsored by Deloitte Private andThe Wall Street Journal, the program recognizes outstanding U.S. private companies and the achievements of their management teams.

The 2022...

Kansas City Business Journal: Burns & McDonnell CEO shares hiring, growth plans for 2022

Holistic Planning Drives Strategic Stormwater Solutions

Stormwater can damage structures and pollute streams. Examining the entire watershed addresses upstream challenges before they create downstream issues.

Burns & McDonnell Delivers on the First Beddown for the B-21 Raider

Through planning, design and construction services, Burns & McDonnell established the framework for successful B-21 project delivery, vital to U.S. national security.

Mental Health Awareness Is Vitally Important on Construction Sites

Construction workers have challenging work lives. It’s important for others to check on them to see how they’re doing. Resources are available to help.

Examining Meshed Interconnections and Their Impact on Offshore Wind Design

Moving from radial interconnections of individual offshore wind turbines to a model with clusters of these facilities linked in a mesh is an idea whose time is rapidly approaching. The reliability and flexibility benefits will result in additional costs and complexity to develop “mesh-ready”...

Construction Safety: This Is Why We Do What We Do

The work of AEC professionals is about safety, first and foremost. This was exemplified at a solar construction site when a crew member had a heart attack.

The Case for Strategic Program Management for Airport Concessions

When constructing a new terminal, airports are laser-focused on one goal: achieving a fully operational facility by the date of their first scheduled flight. That includes all the concessionaires that line terminal corridors and pre-security spaces. A behind-the-scenes look at an airport’s key...

Burns & McDonnell Moves Up to No. 8 on Annual Industry List of Top 500 Design Firms

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A record-breaking year of growth helped Burns & McDonnell maintain a strong standing among the nation’s leading design and construction firms. In 2021, Burns & McDonnell reached $5.7 billion in sales, supported nearly 17,000 projects and grew by nearly 650 employees.


Proposed Hazardous Substance Regulation Could Pose Major Impact to Facilities

The EPA’s latest proposed regulation could pose a major impact to facilities storing hazardous substances. Facility owners may soon need to take action.

What Minnesota’s New PFAS Monitoring Plan Means for Environmental Cleanup Sites

By identifying how PFAS monitoring could affect their operations now, organizations may be able to reduce the impact of upcoming federal PFAS regulations.

Navigating Band 8 Specifications in the U.S.

Marketplace confusion makes it critical to focus on key specifications when evaluating long-term evolution (LTE) devices to work on a Band 8 LTE network.

5 Steps to Achieving a True Safety-First Culture

For safety and health to gain emphasis, everyone in the organization must be engaged. Here are factors critical to creating a safety-first culture.

AssetLens Food and Consumer Products Industry Usage: Informing More-Effective Strategic Decisions

Millions of dollars of strategic capital investment decisions are evaluated by your organization every year. A turnkey, purpose-built software solution gives you the insights needed to make those decisions efficiently and accurately. Your stakeholders require fast, effective choices that meet...

Powering Up Mines With Solar and Storage

Many mining companies have started decarbonization efforts with solar. Solar-plus-storage is also being explored to increase on-site renewable energy.

Untapped Hydro Capacity Can Advance Clean Energy Goals

Retrofitting some of the 87,000 U.S. dams and impoundments that do not currently have hydroelectric equipment could add another 60 gigawatts of clean power.

A Closer Look at Minnesota’s PFAS Monitoring Plan

Minnesota’s PFAS Monitoring Plan provides a road map for documenting PFAS in air, wastewater, solid/hazardous waste and industrial stormwater.

End-of-Life Planning for Offshore Wind Farms Cannot Wait

What goes up must eventually come down. That is true for onshore and offshore wind farms alike. As owners undertake new offshore projects, they can learn much about end-of-life planning from their onshore counterparts in the U.S. and abroad. Lesson No. 1: The best time to consider decommissioning...

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann Joins Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at New Burns & McDonnell Office in Oak Ridge

OAK RIDGE, Tennessee — To support new and ongoing projects in the region, Burns & McDonnell opened a new, permanent office in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture, construction, environmental and consulting firm plans to add 20 employees at this office, including...

Burns & McDonnell Selects Tammy Martin as Business Diversity Program Director

KANSAS CITY, Missouri —Tammy Martinhas joinedBurns & McDonnellas the firm’s business diversity program director. With nearly 24 years of experience in supply chain and supplier management, Martin will work closely with executive leaders and business diversity teams globally throughout the 100%...

Burns & McDonnell Relaunches Its International Award-Winning Quarterly Magazine With High-Tech Touches

KANSAS CITY, Missouri —BenchMark, a Burns & McDonnell magazine featuring projects, trends and insights in engineering and construction, is back as a digital-only publication after pausing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It consists of stories, interviews, videos and more featuring some of the...

Benefits of Design-Build

Design-build is a project delivery approach that integrates design and construction to create a single point of accountability, reducing schedule and cost and producing higher-quality results in less time than traditional methods. It also facilitates collaboration among the project’s stakeholders...

Burns & McDonnell Completes Construction of 65-MWdc Solar Project for Vistra

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell recently completed construction of a 65-MWdc/50-MWac solar project at Vistra’s Brightside Solar Facility in Live Oak County, Texas. The project peaked with over 250 craft construction professionals on-site and was completed with zero safety recordables or...

Keep Your Eyes on How Minnesota Is Addressing PFAS Monitoring

State is among the first to develop plans. Its program signals the intention to require a wide range of facilities to document use of PFAS-containing materials.

Recycling, Reusing or Refurbishing First Generation Solar Panels

As operators look to refresh parts of their solar energy generation facilities, challenges in waste management have emerged for the renewable market.

Burns & McDonnell Responds to Global Life Sciences Boom With Industry-Leading Additions to Growing National Team

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is adding significant new veteran talent to its team that supports thelife sciencesindustry. The global design-build firm has added four professionals with more than 95 years of combined experience spanning the pharmaceutical, biotech, animal health,...

Identifying Moderate Consequence Areas for Pipeline Safety

Recent changes to gas pipeline regulations push toward improving pipeline safety, dramatically changing the way operators handle critical data assets.

Geology-Based Design Results in Remediation Cost Avoidance

A groundwater remediation system at Eglin Air Force Base was not meeting performance based remediation objectives. Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy (ESS) — an innovative geology focused approach for mapping subsurface conditions and contaminant distribution — refocused the remedy, improved...

Moosa Creek Restoration Aids Native Wildlife Species via Habitat Expansion

Burns & McDonnell is transforming a former golf course near San Diego into a natural wildlife habitat to support environmental and safety improvements at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Camp Pendleton.

Burns & McDonnell Selects Vice President Dan Korinek as General Manager of Denver and Pacific Northwest Offices, Announces Additional Leadership Promotions

DENVER — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, announces its selection of vice presidentDan Korinekas general manager for the firm’s offices in Denver, Colorado; Vancouver, Washington; and Portland, Oregon. The firm also promoted other...

5,000 Athletes Rock the Parkway to Raise Funds for Children’s Mercy Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — More than 5,000 athletes laced up their running shoes to participate in the 13th annualBurns & McDonnell Rock the ParkwayHalf Marathon and 5K. Athletes raced along scenic Ward Parkway to supportChildren’s MercyKansas City, designated byBurns & McDonnellandKC Running...

New Demands Ramp Up Urgency for Distribution Grid Modernization

As more distributed generation is connected to the grid — especially solar power and new demands —emerge, a holistic planning approach is urgently needed.

Energy: Nuclear and renewables to spearhead UK energy security

ENR Midwest: Burns & McDonnell Thrives Even During Pandemic Times, Leads Initial Top Design Firms List

Raytown Students Inspire $1 Million Robotics Exhibit at Science City, Earn Grand Prize in Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Organizers of Kansas City’s most exciting K-12 competition for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) presented students from the Raytown Challenge Gifted Program with the grand prize in theBurns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains. The 43-student team’s proposal for...

New Bulk Fuel Storage Facility Equips Tucson International Airport for Future Travel Needs

TUCSON, Arizona — Tucson International Airport (TUS) leaders joined airline partners, local officials and Burns & McDonnell project team members for a ribbon-cutting and celebration at the airport’s new 500,000-gallon bulk jetfuel storage facility. The $28.8 million facility was designed and built...

Breaking Down Energy Incentives in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

There are now billions of dollars in new federal funding available for energy storage, renewables and other forms of low-carbon power generation. From long-duration, utility-scale battery storage, carbon capture utilization and storage and hydrogen to long-standing clean power solutions like hydro...

Ref-Chem, a Burns & McDonnell Company, Earns National Safety Pinnacle Award

Understanding the Data Behind Pandemic Speeding and Fatalities

The pandemic saw a rise in fatal motor vehicle crashes and tickets issued for excessive speeding. New data findings and conclusions explore the reasons.

4 Steps to Efficiently Upgrade Control Systems at Power Plants

Control system upgrades can extend the productive lives of the coal-fired plants that produce more than half of India’s power. These steps are a how-to.

Opening the Door to Sustainability

For TruStile Doors, finding a more beneficial use for more than 7,200 tons of sawdust byproduct created each year through manufacturing meant integrating a solution into design of its new facility — effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 37,000 tons per year.

Resilience Is the Golden Ticket for Chocolate and Confectionery Producers

Adapting rapidly to consumer preferences, demonstrating resistance to disruptions in the supply chain and available labor market and continuously improving processes and equipment are critical for chocolate and confectionery producers in an industry that is constantly changing.

Building Resilient, Self-Healing Grids Starts With Careful Analysis of Feeder Layouts and Load Distribution

Electric utilities are facing a grim horizon of rapidly aging distribution system assets at a time when extreme weather events and natural disasters are increasing in frequency. Though smart protection devices and other advanced technologies can give utilities the means to upgrade and better...

Effective Traffic Maintenance Saves Lives While Improving Efficiencies

A thoughtful maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) plan uses public engagement, signage, logistics and finances to promote a safe and consistent driving environment.

Anticipated New Phase In U.S. Manufacturing

With the COVID-19 crisis, global insecurities have never been more apparent and are leading to a push to onshore pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Limiting PFAS: Pursuing Clean Drinking Water for Safer Communities

At the heart of the drinking water industry is the need to deliver safe, clean and reliable drinking water to communities. Consumers should not have to think twice about what’s coming out of their tap. For some, however, the reality is unsettling.

Modularizing the Electrical Substation

In this live webinar, you will hear about new Burns & McDonnell design approaches for modular substations. Conventional, permanent substations require significant field construction time and have limited flexibility to scale with load and generation growth, resulting in a restricted ability to...

Revolutionizing Automated Warehousing: A Turnkey Approach to ASRS + Building Delivery

The desire for reduced labor costs, improved accuracy and supply chain safeguards is pushing distribution centers and manufacturing facilities forward into the golden age of advanced automation. Extensive data analysis, careful application to relevant business operations and facility integration is...

The Road to Recovery: Vital Impacts of the Infrastructure Package

Sustaining and boosting growth in the U.S. means implementing clean, smart, efficient infrastructure that keeps people and industry moving. That's just what this new infrastructure law will do, and transportation is at the heart of such significant investment and change.

How GIS Can Help Utilities and Municipalities Respond to Changes in the EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule

The EPA revised its Lead and Copper Rule for municipal agencies and water utilities. Due to this rule change, all systems must develop a lead service line inventory or demonstrate the absence of lead service lines by Oct. 16, 2024. In this webinar, we discussed how utilities and municipal agencies...

How Water Utilities Can Use GIS Tools to Comply With Lead and Copper Rule

With the compliance clock ticking, water utilities facing deadlines for remediation of lead service lines should understand how GIS tools can ease the burden.

Taking Action in Creating a Circular Economy of Plastics

Regulation is needed to jump-start sustainable change and encourage businesses to dive into advanced, effective and actionable plastic recycling options.

Make It Happen: How to Secure Federal Funding

For decades, business leaders, engineers, economists and community leaders have advocated for more infrastructure spending. Deteriorating infrastructure is deleterious to public health and economic prosperity. In fact, the American Society for Civil Engineers gave the U.S. a “C-” in its 2021 report...

Accelerating on the Road to Electrification

The movement to reduce carbon emissions is giving a speed boost to efforts to electrify transportation. Building the appropriate electrical infrastructure to support this dramatic transition will depend on understanding the reality of new operational models.

Ref-Chem: Leadership Promotions Boost Offerings in Multiple Heavy Industrial Construction Markets

Scoping Out Solutions for Supply Chain and Labor Challenges

Sometimes challenges contain the seeds of their own solutions. Bogged-down supply chains and persistent shortages of skilled labor are familiar complications throughout many industries, but efforts to address them are also driving more efficiencies in project planning and execution.

Solid as a Rock: Streamlined Permitting Efforts Are Crucial for Carbon Storage Success

Carbon capture, utilization and storage show strong potential to help reduce carbon emissions globally. Successful deployment of one of the newest tools in the net zero emissions toolbox — carbon capture and storage — will depend on understanding a complex permitting process and aligning efforts to...

Burns & McDonnell Announces Alliance With IEC, a Minority-Owned Electrical Construction Firm

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell andInfinite Energy Construction (IEC), an electrical contractor and certified minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), have entered an alliance to begin jointly providingelectrical transmission and distributionengineering services.

IEC Engineering, a...

Building a Data Platform for Operational Analytics

Virginia-based Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) needed a data platform to enable self-service operational analytics and support a data-driven culture. The solution developed by 1898 & Co. involved ingesting key operations data sources such as meter data, substation operations, distribution...

Show Me the Money: Where Infrastructure Funding Will Go

If you’ve sat in traffic along the nation’s highways, considered purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), relied on clean drinking water or used the internet to work remotely, you will likely benefit from the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law.

Highlighting Hydrogen for the Future of Decarbonization

Taking steps toward reducing carbon footprints and increasing sustainability requires careful planning, integration and innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. As organizations look to diversify their energy portfolios, a clear objective endures: delivering reliable, affordable...

Shelly Brown Named to Lead IT for Burns & McDonnell as Current IT VP Rich Miller Retires

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has selectedShelly Brownas the new managing director of IT for the 100% employee-owned firm.

In her nearly eight years with Burns & McDonnell, Brown has led or supported many of the firm’s advancing business critical platforms to better serve clients,...

Alternating Current Interference Mitigation Techniques for High-Voltage Transmission Line Operators

Collaboration with pipeline and railway operators can help electric utilities build efficient, robust systems along shared rights-of-way that reduce the potential damage high-voltage alternating current transmission lines can cause to paralleling infrastructure.

Pipeline & Gas Journal: Protecting Pipelines from Effects of Alternating Current

Jennifer Willenbrock Joins 1898 & Co. as Director of Transaction Advisory for UK, Europe and Middle East

LONDON, England — Jennifer Willenbrock has joined 1898 & Co., part of Burns & McDonnell, as its new director of strategy & transaction advisory services in the U.K. In this role, she will lead the startup and expansion of a consultancy practice focused on due diligence and lenders’ advisory...

UTC Journal: Connectivity Is Critical to Enabling Infrastructure Act Investments

Electrical Contractor: What's So Smart About Substations? Built-in controls and automation enhance grid reliability and two-way power flow

Geotechnical Engineers: Foundation Problem Solvers

A construction project has many layers, but a solid foundation begins with the investigation and analysis completed by a geotechnical engineering team.

Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage and Management Systems Provide Opportunities to Optimize Renewables

Employing thermal energy storage (TES) technologies can improve flexibility when auxiliary power associated with energy storage is utilized. This can optimize battery performance, resulting in longer life cycles.

Employee Ownership and the Great Realization

Among the wide variety of factors for job seekers to consider in a new role, employee ownership is one incentive that may stand out from the rest.

Keeping Water Treatment Operations Safe from Cyberthreats

Every municipal utility has a primary objective: to deliver safe, reliable services to the community. Achieving this objective requires designers and operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities to address a broad range of microbial, physical and chemical risk factors. Cybersecurity...

Answering the Call for a Business Culture–Enhancing Workspace

Alta Resources needed a new contact center for its growing team of office services professionals. It desired a building with amenities that would help attract and retain personnel. A design-build project delivered a facility that reflects and encourages its vibrant culture.

Office to Lab Conversions: A Greener Approach

With many employers and workplaces still navigating how to pivot in the face of the rise of remote working, commercial property owners and landlords are looking to a new solution to use vacant office space. The potential to accommodate life science uses is one solution being explored.

Burns & McDonnell Awarded EPC Contract for Two New LNG Peak Shaving Facilities in Southeastern Wisconsin

KANSAS CITY, Missouri —We Energieshas contracted Burns & McDonnell to provide engineer-procure-construct (EPC) services for two liquefied natural gas (LNG) peaking facilities in southeastern Wisconsin, nearIxoniaandBluff Creek. The facilities are needed to support long-term growth in the...

Speeding the Pace of Cleanup

Over many years, grain fumigant solvents leaked from a tank at an active grain elevator into the underlying soil and groundwater. Remediation would be complicated not only by the nature and extent of the contamination, but also by the site’s difficult-to-access location. Thanks to a multipronged,...

Let’s Reenergize Nuclear Power

Advanced reactor technologies will enable the nuclear power needed to help address grid challenges arising from the transition to renewable energy.

Trail Design Supports Historic Preservation and Sustainable Reuse

In 2016, Jackson County, Missouri, purchased 17.7 miles of the abandoned Rock Island Rail Corridor. The county wanted to develop a shared-use path system that would connect to regional trail systems and preserve right-of-way for future transit use. Our team provided environmental and engineering...

Burns & McDonnell Receives Awards for Protection and Restoration Projects and Litter Analysis

KANSAS CITY, Missouri —Environmental Business Journal is recognizing Burns & McDonnell in three award categories at this year’s EBJ Business Achievement Awards. The publication will host its awards banquet on Wednesday, March 16, during the Environmental Industry Summit XX in San Diego, California.

Demolition Projects Improve Safety Near Railroad Facilities

Decommissioning and demolishing old buildings near railroad tracks can improve safety and deliver positive environmental outcomes.

Burns & McDonnell Successfully Energizes Boone to Ward Hollow Transmission Line in West Virginia to Bring Reliable Power to Area Residents, Businesses

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell in partnership withAmerican Electric Power(AEP) successfully completed a four-year-long project to retire and rebuild an area transmission system, improving reliability between Boone and Kanawha counties in West Virginia.

The Boone to Ward Hollow...

Progressive Design-Build Optimizes Water Facility With No Operational Disruptions

The water treatment facility in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, underwent significant improvements to satisfy the needs of a growing population and address challenges brought on by aging infrastructure. From the onset of the $31 million progressive design-build project, design and construction were...

AssetLens Utility Usage: Holistic System Analysis With Project Identification and Justification

Value-driven transmission and distribution asset management requires informed decision-making. Holistic system analytics and robust algorithms must be designed to empower those decisions.

Delta Air Lines Terminal Renovation Looks Ahead to Traffic Future

Addressing traffic and roadway infrastructure challenges to support the Delta Air Lines terminal at LaGuardia Airport began with a clear understanding of how to meet passengers’ travel needs, especially during peak hours, without sacrificing speed or service.

Engineering Port and Maritime Facility Resiliency to Weather the Storm

The design of ports and maritime facilities must accommodate the growing intensity and frequency of extreme weather that could wreak havoc on infrastructure.

Burns & McDonnell Supporting WEC Energy Group, EPRI and Wärtsilä With Hydrogen Blending Pilot at Existing Natural Gas Engine Plant

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is supporting WEC Energy Group to test hydrogen as a fuel source at one of its reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) power facilities as part of a pilot program with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The demonstration project will test...

Pathways for Renewable Natural Gas

As Canadian energy providers transition toward a low-carbon future, renewable natural gas (RNG) is expected to play a significant role. RNG is a carbon neutral fuel with wide ranging uses including electricity production, heating homes and businesses, and powering public transit fleets.This webinar...

Kansas City Business Journal: Burns & McDonnell has best year in history with $5.7B in sales

High-Tech and Sustainability Measures at New Facility Help Frozen Food Producer Meet Growing Demand

A seasoned food producer needed to add production capacity to meet increasing demand for its products. The company is maximizing cutting-edge technology, including advanced automation, at its new 400,000-square-foot facility on an existing campus in Kansas.

Collaboration and Planning Drive Success for Construction Projects

By defining key project elements and engaging multiple parties early, construction managers can deliver projects in a steady and predictable manner.

Inclusion Drives ARDOT’s First Design-Build Transportation Project

ARDOT engaged diverse suppliers to help meet disadvantaged business enterprise participation goals for the state’s first design-build transportation project.

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Five Senior Executives, Expands Officer Group After Best Year in Firm History Reaching $5.7 Billion in Sales

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell announces several key leadership promotions to president, senior vice president and vice president after another record year of sales for the 100% employee-owned engineering, construction and architecture firm. These individuals contributed to a year that...

Feeling Connected Through STEM

When it comes to building STEM talent, representation is critical. Learn how staff architect Leigha Sledge encourages young people to consider STEM careers.

Smart Preparation Will Be Critical Amid Surge in HVDC Development

Demand for HVDC transmission over the next decade will push suppliers to the limit. Developers need experienced partners who know the right questions to ask.

Q&A: Hannibal B. Johnson Reflects on How Narrative Shapes Civility

Leon Harden interviews Hannibal B. Johnson about the Tulsa Race Massacre, improving business outcomes through diversity, and building bridges with grace.

Elevating Teams From the Basketball Court to the Boardroom

Kimberly Moore, president of KDM Engineering, shares her experience as the founder of a STEM education nonprofit and the president of a small business.

Implications of the EPA’s Proposed CCR Rule Decisions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brought new clarity to its rules for coal combustion residuals (CCR) in written responses to applicants requesting deadline extensions for closing their unlined CCR surface impoundments. Here are some ways the EPA’s proposed CCR rule decisions could...

Increasing Reliability for Federal Government High-Performance Computing Operation

Challenging issues were resolved for a mission-critical California project, thanks to extensive experience with the U.S. Department of Energy, in-depth knowledge of HVAC and electrical transmission and distribution systems, and familiarity with computing facilities.

Comprehensive ArcGIS Upgrade Enables New Efficiencies for Large Utility

For many utilities, technology tools like ArcGIS can present new options for updating and managing drawings and documentation. This solution proved optimal for a utility on the West Coast in integrating thousands of inconsistent drawings and related materials into a new documentation suite backed...

5 Trends Now Shaping the Electrification Landscape

From more public charging stations to new power delivery innovations, the electrification landscape is undergoing a profound shift.

Jeff Smith to Lead Oil, Gas and Chemical Sector at Burns & McDonnell Calgary Office

CALGARY, Alberta — Reinforcing a commitment to its Canadian clients, Burns & McDonnell is promotingJeff Smithto lead the engineering, architecture and construction firm’sOil, Gas & Chemical Groupat itsCalgary, Alberta, regional office. The Calgary office offers full-service engineering,...

Reimagining the Electric Grid

The world’s electrical needs are evolving — the electric distribution grid must evolve with them. Entergy is using a bold new holistic planning process to jump-start this transformation.

Burns & McDonnell Wins Engineering Excellence Award for Viaduct Modernization Project

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A project that navigated unique weather and global challenges to modernize a critical transportation system has won an Engineering Excellence Award from the Kansas Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

The Lewis & Clark Viaduct is one of several...

Digital Transformation Drives Efficiency in Manufacturing Enterprises

Smart manufacturing investments can maintain a competitive edge in many industries. Such practices can yield deeper insights into production efficiency, equipment reliability and asset performance and health.

Innovative Software Solution Streamlines Cost Estimating for Entergy

As distribution system upgrades surge, utilities need a more accurate efficient, and transparent way to scope and estimate these projects. A digital cost estimating and project scoping application built for Entergy transformed a cumbersome and inefficient process into a streamlined, data-driven...

Burns & McDonnell Chosen as Prime Contractor for Design of High Explosive Synthesis, Formulation, and Production Facility

AMARILLO, Texas — The U.S. Department of Energy has chosen Burns & McDonnell to design another critical facility for the nation’s nuclear weapons program.

The new High Explosive Synthesis, Formulation, and Production (HESFP) Facility, at the Pantex Plant in Texas, carries a total project cost of...

Burns & McDonnell Expands Philadelphia Area Operations, Strengthening Design-Build Capabilities on the East Coast

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — Burns & McDonnell is growing its East Coast presence with the expansion of its Philadelphia office. The growth in Pennsylvania is part of the 100% employee-owned global engineering, architecture, construction, environmental and consulting firm’s plan to continue...

How Hydro Modernization Supports Canadian Renewable Energy Objectives

Keeping aging hydro facilities operational is critical to providing ongoing reliable renewable power as a counterbalance to intermittent renewables.

The Feedstock Conundrum for Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Refiners are expanding their interests beyond renewable diesel into the sustainable aviation fuel marketplace. While feedstock availability continues to be a concern, another pathway has opened that may provide some temporary relief.

Burns & McDonnell Welcomes Cyrill Weems as Director of Infrastructure in Detroit

DETROIT, Michigan — With more than 20 years of experience,Cyrill Weemshas joined Burns & McDonnell to lead and support infrastructure development in Michigan. Bringing with him an extensive background in transportation and water, Weems will be key to the firm’s continued success and service...

EPA’s Proposed CCR Decisions Launch Ripple Effect in Coal Ash Industry

EPA has issued its first written comments on the coal combustion residuals rule since it was issued in 2015. The 30-day comment period for utilities is in force.

Pass-Through Businesses: What Are They and Are They Legitimate?

Beginning in the late 1960s, public and private programs were created to increase utilization of diverse businesses and help level the competitive playing field. Since then, however, there have been “entrepreneurs” that have taken advantage of these programs by creating businesses that appear to be...

Intuitive Machines

To manage space travel successfully, aerospace firms need a unique combination of sophisticated amenities, from 3D printing capabilities to metal fabrication and lunar lander assembly spaces.

Let’s Get to the Right Outcomes by Measuring Processes, Not People

Organizations need a new measurement paradigm that focuses on measuring process improvements and motivates people to take ownership of those results.

Regain Sponsor Focus by Measuring What Matters in Your Change Initiatives

Though elements of change programs often are intangible, they still must be measurable if they are to be meaningful to an organization.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Design Automation

The use of AI and other advanced technologies will become more urgent as industries consider the complexities of next-generation infrastructure.

Preparing the Power Industry for USPS Fleet Electrification

Growth in e-commerce has pushed parcel delivery companies to consider the potential of using alternate fuels to power fleet vehicles. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is making plans to replace more than half of its 160,000 aging vehicles with alternately fueled vehicles by 2026. Should the USPS...

Getting the Most From EV Infrastructure Investments: A Programmatic Design-Build Approach

For most transit agencies and fleet operators, the biggest impediment to fleet electrification is a lack of available charging infrastructure. But making informed decisions is challenging in the ever-changing electrification market. The programmatic approach to project delivery clarifies the path,...

Burns & McDonnell Issued Patent for Use of Dividing Wall Columns in the Natural Gas Liquids Industry

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for an innovative dividing wall column (DWC) designed for the natural gas liquids industry. This state-of-the-artdividing wall column technologymeans the traditional four-tower fractionation...

Three Innovative Reactor and Fuel Design Pathways Can Restart Nuclear Power

Advanced reactor technologies offer the potential to transform the nuclear power industry, providing safe, carbon-free electricity that addresses the plethora of challenges arising from decarbonization of power grids worldwide and energy security. Three quickly advancing options deserve careful...

AZCO: Firm Bolsters Prefabrication Services With Key Promotion

APPLETON, Wisconsin — AZCO, part of the Burns & McDonnell family of companies, is strengthening its nationwide services by promoting Eric Bestul to director of prefabrication operations.

There Is a Dark Side to KPIs That Could Be Slowing Your Change Efforts

Though the relationship between KPIs and performance reviews is uncomfortable, accountability can be compatible with improving organizational performance.

Lowering Costs and Improving Efficiency With 2D Stormwater Modeling

Advances in 2D modeling technology are making a splash in enabling communities to develop targeted, economical flood mitigation measures.

Imagining an Electric World

The electrified future is coming. For many industries and communities, being prepared for the changes can mean the difference between success and failure. Creating a road map for how to absorb the changes economically and culturally can help.

Flash Fulfillment Solution Leads to More Efficient E-Commerce Processing

As the e-commerce market continues to grow, flexible fulfillment solutions are needed to improve the order-filling process, reduce labor costs and improve space utilization.

New Research Facility to Bolster Advancements in Precision Medicine

The University of Missouri is going boldly into the future of medical research with the Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building. The signature research facility is designed to enhance the academic experience, while attracting world-renowned researchers and industry partners.

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Industry Leader to Serve Upper Midwest Aviation and Federal Clients

MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, Minnesota — Burns & McDonnell is strengthening its services in the Upper Midwest in areas including aviation support and construction by promotingMark Riversto regional manager for the firm’sAviation&Federal GroupinMinneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.

He will be taking...

Technology and Logistics Planning Create Opportunities for Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is facing four issues that impact retention and supply chains: parking, detention times, electrification and port expansions.

Data-Driven Asset Management Can Transform Ports Into Smart Ports

Ports and harbors are under pressure to modernize infrastructure and assets to facilitate smoother movement of goods and ease supply chain bottlenecks. From ports along the coasts to inland intermodal terminals, data-driven asset management solutions are proving to be an answer.

Exploring the Future Role of Hydrogen in a Decarbonized Power Industry

As hydrogen reemerges as a key technology for electric power, utilities can consider its ability to reduce emissions and enable carbon-free dispatchable generation.

Gateway at a Crossroads: Reconstructing a Century-Old Thoroughfare

In one of its largest construction projects, the Kansas Department of Transportation relied on innovation, collaboration and a commitment to community partnerships to revitalize a historic river crossing.

Storage Is Key to Unlocking Potential of Green Hydrogen

Storage is key to unlocking the potential of green hydrogen, a carbon-free energy source derived from one of the most abundant chemical elements on Earth.

The Helical Pile Foundation’s Time Has Come

When choosing substation foundations, utilities have traditionally favored concrete piers for their strength and durability. But with the volume and pace of new construction picking up, more are seeking faster, less labor-intensive ways to install a deep foundation. Helical piles may deliver...

Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Existing Infrastructure

As the aviation industry explores sustainable alternatives to Jet A or Jet A1 grade kerosene fuel, sustainable fuel is emerging as a potential substitute. Even though it is considered a simple drop-in fuel, airports may need to upgrade fueling systems.

Understanding the Long-Term Impacts of Electric Vehicle Charging

The number of electric vehicles on U.S. roads will increase rapidly over the next 20 years, requiring utilities to accurately forecast the effects charging will have on long-term utility peak demand. New forecasting methods that measure EV coincident peak demand can be used to accommodate this...

Innovative Retrofits to Existing Plants Can Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

With growing populations and increasingly rigorous regulations, owners and operators of water and wastewater treatment plants are working to keep pace. But space and budget concerns often provide significant challenges, leading to a rise in retrofitting and rehabilitation. Technology, innovative...

Electrifying Public Transportation With an Industry Leader

As the first transit agency in the United States to bring a fast-charge electric bus into service, Foothill Transit has long held a leadership position in electrified transportation. Now it has taken the next step — developing a comprehensive master plan to transition its natural gas fueled bus...

Advanced Technology Provides Cost and Schedule Savings for Large Food Producer’s Expansion

A confidential client needed to expand its existing food production facility by 50,000 square feet to satisfy increased market demand. Laser-scanning technology and 3D modeling aided the process engineering effort and significantly reduced the project schedule.

Designing an Innovative Retrofit to Meet Tightened Discharge Limits

When a Colorado water/wastewater utility had to reduce its total dissolved solids, it chose design-build delivery and a first-of-its-kind treatment process to save time and money while meeting strict compliance standards.

Recommendations for Overcoming the Limitations of Capacity Tests of Utility-Scale Photovoltaics Projects

The gathering of sufficient valid data points to meet photovoltaic project capacity test procedures can present major challenges. Mitigation strategies are available to overcome these challenges. These include using wider irradiances ranges, higher resolution data, and stowing tracked arrays.

Design-Build Turns an Emergency Repair Into a Long-Term Benefit

When one of the two wastewater tanks in Harrisonville, Missouri, suddenly failed, the city found itself in need of an emergency repair. By using our team’s design-build project delivery model, the city was able to repair the failed tank to even better than it was before — while staying on time and...

Electrifying the Nation’s Mass Transit Bus Fleets

Transit authorities are facing new and exciting challenges on the path to electric bus fleets: new infrastructure, technology and operational considerations. To overcome these challenges, transit authorities may need new partners to help develop a comprehensive electrification road map.

Burns & McDonnell Completes Construction of Three West Texas Energy Storage Projects Delivering 60 MWh of Capacity

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell has completed construction of three 10-MW/20-MWh lithium-ion batteryenergy storagesystems (BESS) in West Texas. The three project sites were constructed, commissioned and put into operation in just five months, delivering the project on schedule amid a...

Sustainability Practices Provide Future-Focused Solutions

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria and transparency of these criteria are driving significant regulatory change and influencing business and investment decisions in all sectors and industries, from local governments and manufacturers to transportation and utilities.

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Justin Sherman to Lead Its San Diego Branch Office

SAN DIEGO, California — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction firm, has promotedJustin Shermanto serve as branch manager for itsSan Diegooffice. He is responsible for overseeing the management of daily operations and business development for...

Balancing Cost vs. Reward in Carbon Capture Streams

Global interest in decarbonization is rising across industries, corporations and countries, driven in part by the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to limit global warming below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. As an increasing number...

The Importance of Security Orchestration in the Utility Space

Electric grids are modernizing to support microgrids, smart city devices, automation and grid operations, and integration of distributed energy resources (DERs). In this dynamic environment, utilities face new cybersecurity challenges.Utilities are combating everchanging cybersecurity threats with...

Burns & McDonnell India Announces New Leadership

MUMBAI, India — Burns & McDonnell India, a full-service engineering, architecture, construction, environmental and consulting solutions firm, has namedAnjan Khandelwalas chief financial officer (CFO) andParul Gopalas chief administrative officer (CAO). Khandelwal has extensive experience in...

Burns & McDonnell Is a Key Partner in Securing WIFIA Loan for Critical City of Wichita Public Works and Utilities Project

WICHITA, Kansas. — The City of Wichita was recently selected to apply for financing through the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) and receive a loan of up to $181.1 million from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The financing will support new biological nutrient...

Redefining the Petrochemicals Industry With a Crude Oil-to-Chemicals Approach

Competitive market conditions mean organizations may want to consider crude oil-to-chemicals technology over traditional routes for petrochemical processing.

Proactive Wastewater Master Planning Reveals Attainable Improvements for Small Communities

All communities, regardless of size and financial resources, eventually face wastewater collection system trials and tribulations. Reactive remedies can temporarily plug the gaps in wastewater collection and treatment processes, but proactive approaches can avoid scenarios in which systems are...

T&D World: BEC, Burns & McDonnell Partner to Deliver Energy Analytics Platform to Utilities

IEEE Smart Grid: CPS Energy Recloser Program Builds a Smart Grid For San Antonio

Taking Charge of Growing Demand for EV Infrastructure

When a utility client launched a pilot program to install and maintain electric vehicle charging stations for a variety of nonresidential customers, interest was high. Processing dozens of applications and a quickly growing backlog required a streamlined approach.

Helical Piles Improve Cost, Schedule and Durability of Substantial Industrial Projects

Helical piles have secured their spot as one of the most resilient, cost-effective foundation choices. When incorporated into an integrated delivery approach, in-house prefabrication and installation of these structural foundations provide even more value, adding to their wide-ranging benefits.

Natural Gas Usage Evolves to Meet the Demands of a Net Zero Future

Natural gas will see continued demand and important use cases, using existing transmission and distribution assets, as we move toward a net zero economy.

Manage Facilities More Efficiently Through the Industrial Internet of Things

Investment in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can provide the means to correlate supply and demand with plant capabilities at various locations. Additionally, it can improve inventory planning, optimize the scheduling of field services and enable a quick response to upcoming market...

Addressing Wastewater in the Renewable Diesel Sector

Understanding the unique challenges of wastewater generated from renewable diesel production is critical to avoid unexpected issues during a renewable diesel refining transition project.

Power Grid International: New in ’22 - Five trends in transportation electrification

Burns & McDonnell Joins Internationally Recognized Group Focused on Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell is proud to announce its partnership in thePlains CO2Reduction (PCOR) Partnership Initiative, led by theUniversity of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC).

“Burns & McDonnell is excited to join the PCOR Partnership. The focus on...

Project Maturity Assessments: Chasing the Scoring

Projects go through critical stages of maturity as they are developed, and each step is instrumental to the project’s completion. A project maturity assessment and score can provide senior stakeholders an analysis of internal processes to identify and correct any significant risks as the project is...

AZCO: Construction Industry Veteran Earle Cianchette Named New AZCO CEO

APPLETON, Wisconsin — AZCO, part of the Burns & McDonnell family of companies, has selected Earle Cianchette as the next CEO of the national industrial construction and prefabrication firm. Cianchette succeeds Brett Williams, who has been named president of the Construction/Design-Build Group at...

Analytics Yield Clearer Picture of System Losses for Electric Cooperative

A data platform built for Rappahannock Electric Cooperative delivers system analytics and greater insight into what is causing system electricity losses.

Advancing PFAS Mitigation Through New Funding Opportunities

The presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water is driving new funding opportunities for utilities. Now is the time for water utilities to develop plans for PFAS monitoring and treatment.

Navigating the Waters of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

There’s excitement over what’s to come with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, but approval is just the start for the water and wastewater industry.

Port Authorities Can Prepare for Federal Funding Opportunities

The federal infrastructure act provides ports and maritime facilities with a unique funding opportunity to modernize transportation operations.

Kansas City Business Journal: Partnership with Chicago firm expands Burns & Mac’s electrical services

Maximizing Federal Support Dollars for Transportation Projects

Examine strategies transportation project owners can use to improve chances of getting projects funded through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Upgrading Fuel Facilities on a Tight Timeline

When Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) Fuel proceeded to improve efficiencies and reduce environmental concerns for its sites, fast work was needed to modernize its bulk fuel facility to allow operations to remain active.

Mitigating High-Voltage Induction Hazards Along Railroad Tracks

New transmission lines often follow existing railroad rights-of-way, but this poses risks of voltage induction. Explore the hazards and mitigation options.

Managing an Array of Targeted Grid Improvement Projects

Georgia Power is investing in projects across the state to improve the electrical grid’s reliability and resiliency. The first phase includes upgrades to 1,700 miles of power lines — and all the permitting, stakeholder management and implementation support that comes with it.

Connectivity Is Critical to Enabling Infrastructure Act Investments

The bipartisan infrastructure act funds expansion and upgrades to the electric grid. Telecommunications are critical to getting the most out of investments.

Burns & McDonnell to Deliver Charging Infrastructure for Calgary Electric Bus Pilot Project

CALGARY, Alberta — The City of Calgary has selected Burns & McDonnell, a global engineering, architecture and construction firm with a local office in Calgary, to provide charging infrastructure design and construction for Calgary Transit’selectric bus pilot project.

Burns & McDonnell was selected...

Burns & McDonnell Boosts Renewable Power Capabilities in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Burns & McDonnell, a leading engineering and construction firm, is expanding its presence inPuerto Ricowith the addition of Rafael Pagan, director of project development, to its local team. His addition will boost the firm’s support forrenewable power generationand...

The 411 on Leadership Podcast: Success, Failure & Lessons Learned in 2021 - Lesson of Adaptability

Healthcare Industry Veterans Join Burns & McDonnell

KANSAS CITY, Missouri —  Burns & McDonnell is expanding itshealthcareteam with the addition of four industry veterans, poised to lead and support hospital and healthcare system projects across the U.S. Jennifer Bahan, Steve Berko, Eric Perry and Todd Wicker collectively bring more than 120 years...

EPC Projects Deliver Flexibility Needed by Mining Industry

Alternate project delivery contracting such as engineer-procure-construct (EPC) can offer solutions to the unpredictability of mining sector capital projects.

Commissioning Enhances the Resiliency of Airport Building Enclosures

Amid the hard work to build an effective and efficient airport building enclosure, tapping a commissioning team early can create lasting resilience.

Comprehensive Remediation Transforms Manufactured Gas Plant Site for Future Development

After a manufactured gas plant located in a mixed commercial, industrial and residential neighborhood closed, the site owner needed remedial design support. Site characterization and remedial planning were important steps to reduce impacts on the soil, groundwater and community.

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Chris McCall to Lead Transmission & Distribution Group in California

BREA, California — Burns & McDonnell, a 100% employee-owned engineering, architecture and construction company, promotedChris McCallto lead the Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Group in California. He is responsible for leading and growing a team of 76 employees who provide safe, reliable and...

Burns & McDonnell and 1898 & Co. Adds Two Employee-Owners to Leadership Team in the Southeast

ATLANTA, Georgia —Ali ElnaamaniandLori Joneshave been promoted within the Burns & McDonnell family of companies’ regional office inAtlanta. Elnaamani leads the regional team for 1898 & Co., and Jones leads the regional Global Facilities Group for Burns & McDonnell.

Elnaamani has more than 14...

Moosejaw Today: Donation made to Salvation Army ‘Adopt A Family’ program

Utility Fiber Build Capital Programs Gain Multiple Benefits from Data Dashboards

Regionwide fiber-optic network installations typically require multiple years to complete. Integrated digital dashboards are becoming essential tools to manage the complexity of large programs composed of many unique projects.

Burns & McDonnell, KDM Engineering Announce Substation Alliance

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Burns & McDonnell andKDM Engineeringhave announced an alliance as KDM Engineering looks to launch expanded services to theelectrical substation market. Burns & McDonnell is an engineering, construction and architecture company with thousands of multidisciplinary...

Former Chicago Manufactured Gas Plant Site Remediated With Phased Approach

When a utility client sought to reduce its overall operational footprint on a former MGP site, it first needed to remediate its 14 acres. A phased approach kept operations running smoothly from decommissioning and demolition to remediation and construction.

Permitting Considerations for Sites with Joshua Trees in California

The California Fish and Game Commission is considering whether to list the western Joshua tree as a threatened species, which could impact development.

Burns & McDonnell Hires Aerospace and Water Industry Leaders, Bolstering Florida Operations

ORLANDO, Florida — Burns & McDonnell has hiredRichard PrussandJustin Sobolto expand the 100% employee-owned firm's teams that support the aerospace, defense, space, manufacturing, commercial, water and wastewater industries.

Pruss, PE, will serve as a regional global facilities manager,...

Judges Surprise Student Finalists in Kansas City’s Largest STEM Competition

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Crews from Burns & McDonnell and Science City boarded “battle buses” and drove to schools across the Greater Kansas City area to surprise students and teachers with exciting news — that they have been selected among the top 20 finalist teams in theBurns & McDonnell Battle...

Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactors Emerge as Leading Decarbonization Option

A demonstration pebble bed nuclear power plant being built by X-energy in Washington state could become a game changer for the power industry.

Burns & McDonnell and Librestream Partner to Implement Collaboration Platform Supporting Critical Infrastructure Workforces

Burns & McDonnell Expands New York City Office, Strengthening Its Design-Build Capabilities in the Northeast

NEW YORK, New York — Burns & McDonnell is growing its Northeast operations with the expansion of its New York City presence and the addition of three industry leaders, building upon decades of success managing and delivering projects for clients in the region.

At 9,000-square feet, the new office...

Five Energy Storage Pathways Show Promising Future

Energy storage options are gaining ground due to their potential to address energy storage, reliability and resiliency issues amid the decarbonization push.

Planning Considerations for an HVDC Transmission Project

A number of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) projects are being contemplated to boost interconnectivity across Canada. These interconnections between regions and even countries are needed more than ever as more renewable energy sources are added to the grid to offset retirements of coal-fueled...

Hydropower Deserves Role in Clean Energy Future

Hydropower is getting renewed attention from policymakers as a clean energy source at a time when these critical assets face the need for upgrades.

Evaluating the Impacts of Electric Vehicles on Utility Distribution Systems

Consumers and transportation companies are embracing the electric vehicle transformation, but electric utilities across the U.S. will need to prepare for increased demand. To avoid costly upgrades and mitigate the downstream effects of increased energy consumption, utilities should implement...

Burns & McDonnell Promotes Chitra Foster to Lead and Expand Water Group in Dallas-Fort Worth Region

DALLAS-FORT WORTH — As Burns & McDonnell works to support the significant growth of municipal, industrial and construction markets across the Southern U.S., the firm has promotedChitra Fosterto lead itsWater Groupin theDallas-Fort Worthregion. Foster, who previously served as a senior project...

BBP Media: Burns & McDonnell Awarded £14 Million National Grid Substations Contract

5 Ways Civil Engineers Can Act to Protect the Climate

Civil engineers have frontline opportunities to influence project designs in ways that help protect the climate. These are five practical steps to take.

United Way Builds DE&I Into Fabric of Organizational Culture

United Way of Greater Kansas City is building diversity, equity and inclusion into its hiring practices, company culture and community outreach efforts.

Digital Tools Manage Underground Risks for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Prioritizing the rehabilitation and replacement of aging infrastructure is becoming easier with the support of digital tool sets that help define success.

Professional Development Elevates Trajectory for Subcontractor

Vernal Stewart attended a program at the Tuck School of Business focused on minority-owned business development, supported by a Burns & McDonnell scholarship.

Optimize Your Electrical Distribution Asset Replacement Schedules

As distribution systems age and failures become more likely, utilities must explore strategic asset replacement strategies for maximum impact at minimal cost.

Solar Project Oversight Addresses Climate Challenges

Utility-scale solar energy projects are being connected to the grid throughout North America. However, geographical considerations require different approaches for design and construction. A 23-MWac solar installation near Suffield, Alberta, illustrates some of the challenges and solutions required...

New Civil Engineer: Five ways for civil engineers to act on climate change

Honoring Veterans of WWII: Women of the 6888th

The Buffalo Soldier Commemorative Area, at Fort Leavenworth, honors Black veterans. Burns & McDonnell partnered with the area’s visionary to honor the impact of an all-Black Women’s Army Corps during WWII.

Q&A: Cliff Cate Reflects on How Relationships Expand Diverse Workforces

Cliff Cate worked for a disadvantaged business previously. He now helps us join forces with minority-owned businesses on water infrastructure solutions.

Four Factors Impacting Water Management in Industrial Operations

When trying to boost water efficiency, industrial water users should consider regulatory compliance, aging infrastructure, economic growth and ESG factors.

Aligning Communication Between Multiple Parties on Complex Projects

Most complex oil, gas and chemical projects require an array of stakeholders, contractors and site personnel for the decision-making process. Intentional interface management supports effective communication among all involved parties, thereby reducing errors, rework and overall project costs.

As-Needed Energy Services to Drive Sustainable Port Operations

The San Diego Unified Port District has embraced a leadership role in establishing operations that reduce emissions and improve air quality. To help determine the right projects to further this mission, the District turned to our team for a multiyear, as-needed energy services contract.

Operational and Cost Benefits of Early Commissioning

Engaging commissioning and startup staff early in the project life cycle and detail design helps to minimize potential startup and operational risks. A comprehensive turnover, commissioning and startup plan sees to it that all aspects of a facility, power plant, refinery or electrical substation...